Nov 062022

You guys! I’m taking advantage of the extra hour we got today thanks to the end of Daylight Saving Time for this year. You guys remembered to turn your clocks back, didn’t you?

Ernie curled up on chair sleeping

After the week I’ve had, I deserve an extra hour of sleep. I am feeling better though still not 100% yet…so keep those purrs coming. I really appreciate it.

But before I drift off to dreamland…

Close up of Ernie

Here’s my selfie for today. I bet you guys thought I forgot to take one. Now how could I ever forget?

Okay…it’s time to get back to my snooze.

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  28 Responses to “Easy E’s Sleepy Selfie”

  1. That is a nice selfie. I hope you are soon feeling 100%, Ernie. Our clocks changed last week and I can’t get used to the dark evenings again!

    • Glad you are feeling better, Ernie! We’ll be even happier when you are back in top shape! Those are handsome selfies.

  2. We’re continuing to send you purrs and healing energy, Ernie. Great job on your selfie in spite of not feeling 100% yet.

  3. Glad you were able to sleep in, Ernie, That’s a handsome selfie.

    We are purring and praying for you, and hope you are A-OK real soon. XO

  4. We’re glad you’re feeling better after your hospital adventure, Ernie ! We send you tons of healing purrs. Purrs

  5. TRIPELL POTP to mee sweet man cat Ernie!!!
    Pleese tell Miss S to check her outside mailbox this week…..mee rote a card to you…..fore reel!!
    An yore Selfie iss purrfection~~just like you deerest Ernie 🙂
    ~~~~head rubss~~~~BellaDharma~~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

  6. We are purring for you, Ernie.
    AND some humans are going to take advantage of the extra hour to nap, just like a kitty cat.

  7. We let our Lady sleep in 30 minutes, but it was early. She said this is suppose to be the last fall back. That is interesting!

  8. Yes, sweetie you need extra rest and healing time … go for it!

  9. Oh, Ernie, we sure hope and pawray that soon you’ll feel much better.

    Nice sleepy selfie:)

  10. Well Ernie I think I’ll keep on sending POTP because – hey – a guy can never have too much POTP right? Hope you’re back to 100% (or even 110%!) soon my friend.

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. We’re glad you are feeling better. You did a great job with your selfie.

  12. Love you Ernie. Really I do. So does Mom.

  13. I love that extra hour. Very cute selfie. XO

  14. Ernie, we are glad you feel better – but we will continue to send purrayers and POTP your way.

  15. Glad you’re getting your sleep Ernie. Hope you’re better soon.

  16. We turned our clocks back and it’s dark way too early. Purrs and prayers from all of us Ernie, I hope the all better finds you soon.

  17. you do indeed deserve a nap Ernie! Hope you’re doing well!

  18. Hi Ernie, buddy, long time no see. We are very bad furriends since we don’t visit regularly. Hope you are feeling better buddy. Tell your humans, our servants say hi.

  19. Sweet dreams, cutie! Continued purrs…

  20. Oh, Ernie, we are sending you the strongest vibes for good health that we can find ANYWHERE. We love you so much and your family is so special and we want you WELL. But snoozing is healing…we kitties know that well.

  21. We love your selfie. And getting more sleep is good for healing!

  22. We are glad you are feeling better, Ernie. Your furs look beautifully shiny and sleek!

    The Chans

  23. Sending you big hugs, Ernie!

  24. You are one gorgeous kitty Ernie! We sure love the extra snooze time, but the kitties are not very understanding of their feeding time being extended – MOL!

  25. Keep getting better Ernie.

  26. Ernie, we can tell you are not feeling tip top. Your eyes don’t have your usual sparkle. We are happy that you at least felt well enough to join us and all you other friends on the hop. We continue to send purrs and POTP. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

  27. Yes the clock thing is just a memory now. We cats here time our wakeup for when the furnace turns on.

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