Jun 162009

Everyone wants to know…
What’s That Wally Doing?

Special Purrthday Edition!!!

Hey!!  It’s my 6th Purrthday!!!


(thanks for the cool picture, Zoolatry!)

 Have some cake!!


 Dive into the nip!!!


 And for your viewing pleasure,
my mom put together a slide show of
some photos of me from the past 6 years…

 So sit back and enjoy the show!!



  80 Responses to “WTWD – It’s PARTY TIME!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Wally! Those are some adorable photos!

    I hope your birthday is wonderful.

  2. Hi Wally. Hope you haf a furry happy birfday.
    I’s bringed you some catnip ice cream, it’s yummy.
    You’s haffing a wonnerful party.
    Love & Purrs,

  3. Happy Birthday to you Wally! Hope you have a great day! I really like that slide show! Your so cute!

  4. Happy Birthday, Wally! What an absolutely SQUEEEEworthy kitten you were! And very patient in your party hat, too:) Have the loveliest of days:)

  5. Happy Birthday Wally! We’re here to party, party, party! We love cake, and nip and the slide show is fantastic! You were the most gorjuss itty bitty kitten and now you are an equally adorable mancat.
    Have a great day big boy. Let’s get this party started!

  6. You look GREAT! From that tiny little fur fluff to your handsome grownup gorgeous tigerish self. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday Wally! I love a good party.

  8. Happy 6th Purrthday!! Those pics of you has a little kitteh so cute! You grew into handsome cat too! *nosetaps* Thanks for da pawty, luvs cake!

  9. Hip hip hurray! Happiest 6th birthday, dear Wally! Have an extra special day! What a coincidence that there’s a parcel on it’s way to you all since last Thursday… ; )
    Love, purrs and noselicks, Siena & Chilli

  10. Happy Birthday Wally! What a cute kitten you were (SO tiny) and now look at you, a mighty ginger mancat! I brought you this, hope you like them…
    *sets down a box full of live moths*
    They’re freshly collected from our garden. Enjoy your day and have lotsa fun!


  11. Happy purrfday Wally, we hope you have a wonderful day. We like your slideshow. The photos of you climbing the screen and on your cat tree made us laugh!
    Flynn: OMC!!! I just saw that huge pile of nip!!! Got to go and dive right in there right now!!
    Eric: Oh dear, that will be Flynn out for the count for the rest of the day. I’ll just go and have some of that delicious cake if I may. Oh, I nearly forgot, we brought you a boxful of live mousies to enjoy.

  12. Happy Happy Birthday Wally!
    Have a great day!

  13. Happy Birthday, Wally! Your photo montage was great!

  14. Happy Birthday Wally!! Love the slideshow:) It’s tula monstah’s birthday today too! You can visit me to see. I have links to her cousin Norwood – cuz he baked her a cake, the birthday girl, Tula, and since I just found out it’s your birthday today too, I put a link to your site too! Hope you have a great day!
    your friend,

  15. Happy 6th Purrfday Wally! We luf the picture of you on the screen door!

    Luf, Us

  16. Happy 6th Purrthday, Wally!!!
    We really enjoyed your slideshow. Our favorite pics was the one of you haning from the screened door and stretched out on the bed! Pawsome!

    We hope your special day is filled with love, treats and lots of scritches!

  17. Happy Birthday, Wally! We’re really glad to have met you!

  18. Happy Purrthday Wally!!!! I loved the slideshow! I never knew that you were so famous!! I hope you have a great day and get lots of hugs and treats!

  19. Happy birthday my beloved Walli!
    For you only fabulous things !Be always happy in your catlife!
    I loved your slide show! Amazing pictures and your mommy mad a wonderful work with it!
    purrs and love
    your friend

  20. Happy Purrfday wally!! OH MY COD. Lookit all the NIPPITY NIP NIP NIP

  21. Happy Birthday Wally! We enjoyed the slide show, especially when you were a kitten!

  22. Happy Birthday to the Wally! I saw on Bruce’s blog that we have the same birfday. Wroo WRoo.. hope you get to do all the fun kitty things like, scratchies on stuff, devouring cake, and enjoying some cat nip:)

    Big stretches & licks,

  23. Happy Purr-thday to YOU! Looks yike youz momma made the day very, very special because she ♥s you so very much!

  24. Happy Purrthday Wally! Dat’s a grate slide show! Mmmmmmmm NIP! Fanks!
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  25. Happy happy birthday, Wally!! We brought some more nip for you, and a few toys. Thanks for the party! 🙂 Oh, and that’s a great slide show!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew
    Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and Pixie, and Their Mommy

  26. Wow Wally — that’ some tub of nip! Happy 6th Purrthday my dear boy! The 3-Ds are enjoying your cake right now, and getting into the nip shortly after that.

    You partay on down, little dude!

  27. HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY WALLY!!!! Neither rain, hail or floods could keep us from our furends party! We keep getting one storm after another and lower Bucks has flooding plus some of our valley areas up here too. This is the third week and we have only seen the sun a few times for short periods. Well, partying with you will be fun….YEAH!!!!! =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  28. PARTY!!!! I come bearing ham!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!

  29. Happy Puurthday. Wow! This is a great pawty. Your mom sure went to a lot of time and effort.

  30. A furry happy purrday to you Wally and many MANY more!


  31. Happy Birthday Wally!! It looks like you are having a great party! Hope you have many many more!

  32. We wish you a very Happy Birthday, dear furriend! Thank you for the cake, it’s delicious:)


    Love the slide show. That baby picture is just so special..

    Hugs GJxxx

  34. Happy Birthday, Wally! That drive-in video was lots of fun! We loved Wee little Wally a lot! hahaha!

  35. Happy Purrthday Wally!!!!! Those are some great pictures of you! Meowm especially likes your stripedy tail.

  36. Happy Birthday Wally! We enjoyed the cake and nip! The video is great! Hope you have a wonderful party!

  37. we knows what wally is doin’ TODAY! he’s hafin’ a great time, an’ so are we! thanks, wally, fur givin’ us a chance to share the happiness an’ goodies . . . now we haf video effydense that you haf allus been a cutie-pie. many happy returns, in health an’ joy!

  38. Happy 6th Birthday! We loved the slide show! Mom laughed at the one of you on the screen! (How come she didn’t laugh when Allie did that to our screen???)

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  39. Happy Berfday, Wally! That’s an awesum pile of nip! I want to roll arownd in it!

  40. Happy Sixth Birthday Wally! Thank your mom for the slide show of you! By the way, that nip looks mighty good.
    Your friends,
    Shilgiah, Tommy, Hope and their Human Mom

  41. Happy Birthday, Wally! I hope you have an extra-special day. The drive-in movie was real fun. I noticed in one of the photos that you have a really long tail!

  42. Happy Birthday Wally!
    Great slide! So cute ^^

    Jas & Gi

  43. Happy 6th Birthday, Wally 😀 What a cutie you were as a kitten, and what a handsome and in charge mancat you’ve grown up to be!

  44. Happy happy birthday. Wally!
    I sat through the entire slideshow and loved it! You are too adorable.
    And that is a lotttt of nip! Be careful you don’t get addicted!

  45. Happy birthday, Wally! You’ve had a great 6 years — may you have many more!

  46. Hi Wally!
    Happy Purrthday to you! I love the slide show -it shows off your stripes and I must say you have a great stare. You cats seem pretty cool. Can I join your pack? Your crew? Your kittie fun?


  47. Happy Birthday, Wally! Hope you are having a great day. The slideshow was awesome.

  48. We’re back for another round of nip and Mom wanted to watch the slideshow again when she wasn’t at work…Happy Birthday again, Wally!

  49. Hi Wally, I’m here! I brought everyone with me, so I hope there is still some cake and nip left for us. My mom is still laughing at the slide show picture of you hanging off the screen door!!!

    Hope you have been having a wonderful day! Happy 6th Birthday!

    xoxo Cory

  50. 1. You are cute.
    2. You are sexy.
    3. You are smart.
    4. You are colorful.
    5. You are lovable.
    6. You are six-wonderful-years-old! Happy Day, Wally!

  51. Happy Purrthday Wally and a squillion more!

  52. Happy Purrthday Wally! We really enjoyed the show! Especially the baby picture with your little tail sticking up and the one of you on the screen door. Many more dude!

  53. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 6th Birthday Wally and many, many, many moooooooore!!! We loved the Slideshow your Mom made!!

    Thanks for the cake and the nip!! It was delicious!!
    Your FL furiends,

  54. Happy Birthday, Wally! That was an awesome slide show. We love your baby pictures.

  55. Happy Birthday, Wally! Your mommy did a nice job on the slide show. I like your cat tree picture with your butt way up on top!

  56. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Wally!!
    I wish you always happy and healthy!

  57. Happy Purrthday Wally, yoo sure is KYOOT!!

  58. Hey Wally,

    Wishing you a great birthday!


  59. Happy Birthday Wally!!!

  60. Happy Birthday Wally!! Hope you have a great year.

  61. Happy Purrthday, Wally! We hope you hadded a wunnerful day.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao and alla the Ballicai!

  62. Wally,
    We hope that you have had a wonderful birthday. Turning 6 is special , and it looks like you have had one special celebration. The photos are so sweet.

  63. Wally!! Happy HAPPY Birfday Buddie!!! wow you was the teeniest little dude! Momma is all drooling and stuffs heheh
    I am so happy to be here at your party and hope that I can celebrate many mnay more withs you!
    Have the bestest day :)))

  64. Hi Wally, sorry we’re so late…hope you had a great birthday!

  65. Oh no, we missed your party, but we enjoyed your slide show. You were a cute little guy!

    We’re sending belated purrthday wishes. 6 is a good age to be.

    The Crew


    Sam says Thanks for the sympathy!!

  67. Happy Purrthday, Wally!
    We are sorry we are late for the party. But we are here now, so can we PLAY?!

    Abby & Stygia

    PS. We love your slide show

  68. Happy, Happy Birthday Wally!
    The nip looks wonderful, the cake looks tasty!
    Hope you are having a super great day.
    ~ Miss Emily and The Bunch

  69. Gratulations Wally ^____^
    Have fun today 🙂

    hug from
    Kareltje =^.^=

  70. Happy Birthday, Wally.
    Sorry we are too late……wow so much nip…
    Hope you had a great day!

  71. Happy Birthday, Wally! That was the muy coolest side show!

  72. Ah doggone, I missed a great party. Sounds like you had a great Birthday Wallie. Loved the drive in movie. Great pictures.


  73. Happy Birthday, Wally!!! I LOVE the slide show! How COOL is that!! Tommy says back in her days of Jurassic Park, she usta watch movies like that! How GREAT that was…cat nip for all!! Happy Birthday!


  74. Happy belated birthday Wally!!!! We hope you had a wonderful day – thakn you for the nip and the cake! The slideshow was beautiful – and you did look like our Luna when you were a kitten! Who knows – maybe she’ll look like you when she is a bit older.
    Thank you for coming to Bora Bora for Karl and Ruis’ first anniversary! They sure appreciated that!
    Mrs. OZ

  75. Happy Purrthday – a belated one!!! You were such a cute kitten – love the slide show!!!

  76. Happy 6th Birthday Wally – from all of us.

  77. Holy Catnip PILE!!! Happy birthday indeed!! We hope you have a great one full of stinky goodness. 🙂

  78. Wally, we are so sorry we missed your birthday. We hope you had a great one!

  79. Wally, I am so sorry we missed your birthday! My mom, just has so much going on, bad stuff. Hope you had a great party and is there any nip left for me to dive into too?

  80. Sorry we missed your purthday, Wally. (We only get to visit about once a week due to Momma’s schedule.)

    It looks like you had a spectacular day and we all loved the slide show.

    Here’s wishing you a year filled with naps, lots of play time, adventures and laughter and love! And, of course, lots of treats!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

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