Easy E Sunday

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Jun 142009


 I deaded it…

(You know what’s coming…so don’t look if you get squeemish!)


Mom’s just happy that I didn’t eat it…
but I’m thinking about it!!

(pee ess…it was a centipede…)


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  1. Is that a wasp, Ernie? I don’t think it would be a good idea to eat it — so try to resist that urge. Now flies or mosquitoes — not so bad. Mama better clean up that deaded thing fast!

  2. It looks like a Mole Cricket, but we could not embiggen the photo! Great job, Ern!

  3. Whatever that is (cricket?) we’re sure your Mom is glad you deaded it! We could use your bug deading skills around here, Ernie!

  4. Ernie the mighty hunter! Franklin tried to catch a wasp last night – luckily the humans got it first! And we could also use your skills because the cats here are really bad at actually catching the bugs most of the time.

  5. We like to make those go dead too! But we never eat them.

  6. That’s what we’re made for, huh Ernie! They should be happy when we kill these critters for them. How would they like them climbing into their bed? Good job!
    your pal,
    Bruce the cat:)

  7. But if you deaded it, isn’t it your right to eat it too!? Crunchie goodness!

  8. Good job, Ernie! Our Mommy doesn’t so much mind if we eat the bugs we kill, she just doesn’t want to *see* us eat them…or for us to come lick her arm or something right afterwards… LOL

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew
    Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and Pixie, and Their Mommy

  9. Applauds! What a great hunter you are!!!

  10. Yes, we think that it has been deaded.

  11. Glad you don’t eat! We’re also happy for that =)

    Jas & Gi

  12. I don’t kill ’em either. I rip off bug legs and insect wings, but I never eat ’em. For some reason THAT disturbs my People… sheesh.

  13. Sometimes when you eats them you can frow up.

  14. Oh, gosh! I’m glad you didn’t eat it! I must tell you that as my beans were away for a couple of days I took care of the bug hunting job here but…
    …I ate the darn bug!
    And it made me feel sooooooo sick! I’m still in bed all day long to recover!
    Purrs and love
    Luna (from Brazil)

  15. WE are glad that you did not eat it too Ernie! Theys can make you sicked.. though I know how bad the temptation is! hehe

  16. We had to look away!!

  17. It is a good job you didn’t eat it. I think it might have riggled and jiggled inside you.

    Hugs GJ xx

  18. Way to go, Ernie!

  19. Good work dedding it Ernie, but I would haf to eat it.

  20. I don’t catch anything anymore. I”m too slow to even catch bugs and Mom pretty much keeps the house bug free. Sometimes we get big spiders in the basement, but while I used to like aggravating them, it no longer interests me. Guess I’m just slowing down too much these days.

    I still like to sit in the window and watch all the birds in the morning, though.

  21. We usually play wif it until it’z in pieces and pieces and der isn’t much fur momma ta clean up. Youz did good, and are da mighty hunter!

  22. Good job! We’re glad you didn’t eat it!!

    Thanks for stopping by Cousin Trooper’s House Trashing Party!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  23. WOW! You’ve got good deading skills!

  24. We don’t eat bugs, too often!

  25. Ernie, it can’t be denied that you are a mighty hunter. Your ancestors would be proud!

  26. A centipeede? I thought it was spider–not enough legs tho…. 🙂

  27. Great job, Ernie! Did you eat it?

    Thankyou for your Gotcha Day wishes:)

  28. My human’s before cat used to eat them then used to puke them all up again – so probably best not to eat it. FAZ

  29. You did a good job hunting it! Alfie always eats up everything he hunts (usually flys, chuggies, stuff like dat).

    Milo xx

    I do too! ‘Cos I’m a BIG scarey hunter!

    Alfie xx

  30. You are a mighty hunter Ernie!

  31. Great job!

  32. I ALMOST caught a millipede, but they is really fast! I will next time!


  33. Way to go Ernie! What a good bug hunter you are!

  34. Wow, Ernie!! Your bug deading skills are most impressive!!

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