Jun 122022

You guys! Sorry to have gone MIA this past week…but let me tell you what kinda week it was. It was a No Good Week! It started out on Monday with me getting dragged to the vet to get my teeth checked and cleaned…they call it a “dental.” Sure enough a couple more of my teeths were causing problems and had to come out. Not only did they steal my teeths…can you see what they did to my leg there? They stole some of my furs, too!

Ernie looking tired in his hammick

While I was recovering from that ordeal, some strangers came to our house to fix this pump thingy that’s in the basement. Well you all know how much I hate having strangers in my house. Thank cod they weren’t here long.

The mom’s camera on her iPhone stopped working which is good for me because it means she can’t take pictures of me…but bad for her because she can’t take pictures of me. She used her old regular camera to help take my selfie. But that camera doesn’t work well anymore either. And so this selfie kinda stinks if you ask me.

Then the other day I started having problems with my back again. It’s really hurting and I’m finding it hard to walk. So I have to continue taking the pain meds that I was taking after my dental AND I’m on restricted activities. No jumping or doing stairs. Sheesh. It’s tough getting old, y’know???

I’m sure glad that week is over.

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  37 Responses to “Easy E’s No Good Week with a Selfie”

  1. Oh, gosh, we’re sorry you had such a rough week. 🙁

    We’re sending lots of healing purrs, Ernie, and we hope you’re much better soon. ♥

  2. Oh dear, oh dear, Ernie!
    Such upheaval and unhappiness for you.
    If those were bad teefs, then it’s good that they are gone.
    Here’s hoping the meds make you forget your creaky back.

  3. Gosh Ernie – when it rains it pours (relative to problems not the weather). Dentals are bad enough but when they steal your fur too? And your back is acting up again? Just take those pain meds and enjoy the extra snoozes I say….and most of all, Mom and I send a big fat healing hug your way!

    Love, Teddy

  4. Sorry you and your mum had such an icky week. Hang in there, we are all getting older. Things make noise that didn’t used to!

  5. That is a crazy week, for sure, Ernie. We are so sorry your back is hurting, and hope you feel better real soon. XO

  6. Sorry you had such a bad week, Ernie. You are right, getting old is no fun!

  7. da back startz hurting because of stress, poor ernie, da mum hadz a crappy week too. but yoo still look gud

  8. Dang Ernie, I’m so sorry to hear about your back problems. I know it’s tough but just try to relax and take plenty of naps, give it time to heal. Gentle hugs from all of us.

  9. OMC Ernie!!!! Wee were about to email you an yore Meowmy to find out if you were Okay!!
    DAm……DARN that iss sum ordeel you went thru havin teethss reemoved! Yore so furry brave.
    Meowmy wee still not have a cammyra…iss not easy without a propurr cammyra rite??
    An Ernie you look sweet an sleepy…yore ALLWAYSS hansum…..
    Pleese feel bettur soon deer frend….
    Wish mee LUCK! Tomorrow MEE GOES TO THE VETMAN!
    POTP an gentell ~~~head rubss~~~ BellaDhama an gentle (((huss)) BellaSita Mum

  10. Poor Ernie! What a no good week fursure! We’re sending lots of purrs your way, rest up and feel better soon sweet Kitty.

  11. I’m sorry you had a bad week, Ernie. I hope this week is much better.

  12. Oh my, what a week…. for both of us. Hopefully both your gums and your back are feeling better soon. I think your selfie is lovely, despite using an older camera. Take care, my friends.

  13. Mr. Ernie, it sounds like you could do with the services of an osteopath or acupuncturist!

    Your vets really like dentals over there! I am sure you had to go through one again.

    Purrs from your biggest fan,

    • Benny, years ago I did get acupuncture but the vet that did it moved away now. The mom is going to check with another vet that does it and see if she can get me an appointment. As far as dentals, I was having problems chewing and it really was necessary for me to have it. ~Ernie

  14. That was a rough week for sure, Ernie! I’m sorry to hear about your back and I hope you feel better soon. I think your selfie is cute!

  15. OMC what a nightmare! I sure hope you feel better soon, sweetie…and that the pump thingy is fixed too! Those are pretty important gadgets and cause a mess when they go wacky!

  16. Ernie, we sure know about getting older…we hope you feel better and have a better week !

  17. That’s awful Ernie! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  18. Aww, what a rough week you had. Hope your back will start to feel better really soon, Ernie.POTP for you.

  19. Oh Ernie I feel like you and I are in the same boat because I don’t walk so well either and my teeth are a mess so could you tell me if it was awful having your teeth cleaned? I will letyou know what the vet tells me this week about walking problems. And I hope you got a good rest and your teeth don’t hurt anymore and your mama’s camera starts working better an iPhone starts working better in the workmen are gone from your house and you get some peace and quiet!!!

  20. Poor Ernie. The Tooth Fairy will send you some presents right away. XO

  21. Ernie, that sounds like an absolutely awful week. Thank cod it’s behind you. Listen, do you ever wonder what happens to all those cat teeth that suddenly go missing? I worry about that.


  22. Ernie, that has been a bad bad week and I am going that this next coming up tomorrow onward is so much better.

  23. Hope next week are better!

  24. What a rough week… hope this next one goes better. Theo sends his sympathy… he agrees it sucks to get old.

  25. Mummy agrees – getting old sucks!
    We hope your back is getting better.
    And as far as We are concerned, no photo of you could ever really be stinky!

  26. Awww Ernie not so good going to the vet yes getting older is not much fun. hugs and purrs.xx

  27. Ernie bless your itty bitty kitty heart that was a week to forget.
    I hope and purr your back feels better soon.
    Hugs cecilia

  28. dood…we iz troo lee sorree ya hada noe good ee kinda week
    N we hope thiz onez like way mor better….sendin st francis’ blessingz
    two ewe dood…bee happee, bee well, stayz that way ❤️❤️

  29. I hate strangers coming into the house too. And so does Mum!

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well.

    Sending purrs and healing vibes xx

  30. Dang, what was a hard week! And here we thought “processing” pics was hard… You deserve a lot of treats… And so does yer mom. Breyers chocolate chip ice cream comes to mind…

  31. Awwww dude, we’re sending oodles of hugs, that dental thing is no fun at all. Pandora has to get a check up next month, as she has gum issues.

  32. Ernie, we are sorry you had such a rough week. We hope you’ll be on the mend soon though. I think taking it easy means breakfast in bed for the next week!

  33. Ernie, I’ve gone MIA, too. Just too much going on with the housekeeper and all, but I did want to visit and hope you get some pain relief. Having a week that’s not so good, either, doesn’t help!
    Let us know how you’re doing and what your mom comes up with to help your back pain. Purrs ~ Tom

  34. I am late as its been a worse than weather week but I’m here now. I’m just sorry it was a bad week for you. Back pain is no fun so I hope you are able to rest a bit. * gentle hug *

  35. Ernie, we hope you get better very soon. Thanks for visiting Sasha’s blog. We love having you as our friend. Sasha is nine but we can’t see how old you are when we look on the phone at your details. Lynettea tells me she will need a good session on the computer to look properly at my friends’ blogs. Look after your back. It sounds as if you are having a miserable time. Wishing you quick recovery. Sasha

  36. Aw, Ernie, that’s a lot to deal with. We sure hope you are feeling better soon. ♥

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