Aug 252008

So I closed my eyes and when I opened them…

That’s ManCat Power!!!


In honor of “Not The Mama Monday,” the Island Cats say: 

Thanks, Mo, for all your efforts to help kitties — rescuing, fostering, fundraising (to name a few) — and all you do for the Cat Blogosphere!


  9 Responses to “ManCat Power!! Monday”

  1. Wow! Where did all that loot come from?
    yup, Mo is Da Man.

  2. Wow, Ernie! What a HAUL!!!!!

    And Hurray for Not the Mama!

  3. That’s lotsa toys!!

    We want to thank you for coming by and wishing our foster cat, Shay well. Sadly he had to go to The Bridge yesterday at the ER vet. She was a very sweet lady. We are so sad he had to suffer extra days, but know he is running free now.
    Thank you again…
    ~ Timothy

  4. Ernie, can you teach me how to conjure up toys like that, please please please? A mancat can NEVER have too many toys!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  5. Whoa! You do have some very strong powers!

  6. That is serious ManCat power!

  7. Whoa Ernie, can you teach me how to do that please? I need some more mouses.

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Ernie,you are pawsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a Mancat you are!!!!!(teach me)
    Mo is really cool too !!! 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Hey! That was so cool! How’d you do that?

    Luf, Us

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