May 122022

You guys! We’ve been having the BEST weather lately. Lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. The windows are open and I’m enjoying the whiffs and watching the wildlife.

Ernie looking out the window

You know it’s spring…because the geese are back…with their babies!

Two geese with their two goslings

A lot of people don’t like the geese because they’re messy and noisy, but not me. I love to watch them…especially the babies. This actually is a small goose family. I’ve seen some where there are 7 or 8 babies! Or goslings as they are called…but you guys knew that, right?

Two goslings up close

They look so goofy when they walk through the grass.

And as for all the noise the geese make…

Ernie snoozing by the window

Well, that’s never stopped me from taking a snooze. I sure hope this nice weather sticks around.


  25 Responses to “You Know It’s Spring”

  1. Ernie, it’s good that you aren’t in direct contact with those Canada Geese; they can be spicy!

  2. We don’t have geese but we do have a mother robin nesting. Soon I will have babies here.

  3. Boy mom says we have plenty of them. Not at the house tho.

  4. Mee-yow wow what a kewl Goose furamilee you have there Ernie!!
    Wee hahve seen 6- 10 godlingss inn sum furamilless…can you emagin tryin to keep THAT many safe???
    Havin a cuppell must bee MUCH easier!
    An you look wunderfull snoozin on a nice Spring day!! Wee have Spring here two!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an (((hugggggiess)))BellaSita Mum

  5. That’s mighty good BirdTV!!

  6. dood…..noe joke on de number oh kidz…..codz trooth… two famileez pazzed bye me window yesturr day N ther waz bout 20 kidz…..wear de food gurl werkz…they had one !!

  7. You do have some GREAT views Ernie………duck babies are wobbly and awkward but they are kinda cute!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  8. You have a good view, Ernie. We have a lot of geese here. They arrived one winter, probably 20 years ago and most of them decided to stay all year round. They do a fly over every night at dusk on their way down to the marshes.

  9. Great views and I’ll bet those geese are entertaining indeed, Ernie! We’ve had sunny spring-like weather too, and lots of bird TV. Much better than the previous cool and stormy weather!

  10. Lots of critters to watch and we love the geese too. The goslings are most adorable.

    Have a fabulous day and enjoy spring. ♥

  11. It was 89 here today!!! Way to hot for this early. Mudpie is loving her doors and windows though. Adorable little family!

  12. Cute babies, but I will take fall over spring. XO

  13. All that fun entertainment sure wore you out Ernie. You sure have nice views!

  14. What fun! You sure have the life, Ernie!

  15. Oh, we love to gander at geese, too! Especially babies. And we can turn down our hearing aid, haha.

  16. That’s real cute, Ernie. I get sleepy on any kind of bird sounds too 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ♥

  17. I love the view you have, Ernie and it looks like you have a perfect place to look out the window.

  18. I have never seen geese, Mister Ernie! They look like fun. We have also had nice weather so I have been out in the run and at the open kitchen window.

    Benny (and Tama too!)

  19. What fun having geese iv,e never ever seen a goose before and the little one i bet they,re so gorgous. Wow your own private animal tv and it,s real. hope your keeping well ernie i,m 16 now guess a senior. hugs and Purrs Spike.xx

  20. Those babies are so cute! I hope your nice weather sticks around too!

  21. I recently saw a goose family with a huge lot of progeny! Way more than eight.

    They are fun to watch, and the =adults are so fiercely protective of their young ones.

    Enjoy the spring which sure feels more like summer to us:)

  22. How fun that you have geese families to watch!

  23. We have them in several areas right around us, too. I’m right there with you on the noise thing, Ern. We have what sounds like a massive pack of dogs somewhere over in the woods across the road from us and when they get going- whether it’s dinnertime or a gunshot or something- they make quite the ruckus about which I couldn’t give less of a damn. Happy weekend, my furriend!

  24. It’s been really nice here, too, Ernie! We saw a goose family on Friday, too. We love those little goslings. 🙂

  25. Looking at outdoors through the window is always interesting, isn’t it, Ernie? Purrs and hugs!

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