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Apr 072022

Hey guys! How’s this week going for all of you? It’s been going good around here…except that Spring sure is taking its sweet ol’ time getting here. One day it’s a little warmer but the next it’s cold again. Sheesh. If I wanted a roller coaster ride, I’d go to an amusement park. Not that they’d let me on the ride since I’m a cat and all that.

I’ve got some more random photos for you…just stuff that’s been going on while I wait for Spring to come and stay.

Ernie in his heated cat bed

I was hanging out in my heated bed. Hopefully soon I won’t need to use it as much.

Ernie chillaxing on the chair

Chillaxing on my chair. This is one of my favorite napping spots.

Ernie looking out the window

The mom caught me sitting like this while looking out the window. The funny thing is…Zoey liked to sit this same way while she looked out the window too. Could I be channeling her spirit?

Ernie in his scratcher in the sun

In my scratcher…enjoying some rare afternoon sunshine. Someone get me some sunglasses!

And last of all…I’ve told you all about all the critters that visit us. Well, guess who dropped by again this past week?

big turkey in the yard

Mr. Turkey! He was spreading his tail and strutting his stuff. Mrs. Turkey accompanied him but we didn’t get a photo of her. She was too busy trying to get away from the Mister who was chasing her across the yard. Y’know…someone needs to tell them Thanksgiving is a long way away.

I hope you all enjoyed this edition of random stuff!


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  1. Ernie, the weather has been like a yoyo recently!
    Reminds me that I need a pair of boots to wear when walking around on muddly trails and in the yard.
    Cat would have to lick mud off their paws…ewww!

  2. Great photos Ernie.

  3. Well Ernie I find your “Random Stuff” fascinating…..! We can’t seem to keep Spring either – we still have freezes and sleet – the poor trees and bushes and stuff are wondering “HEY WHAT’S GOING ON HERE???”. Mr. Turkey looks like he’s pretty full of himself – maybe he was chasing Mrs. Turkey for hanky panky purposes and she was like “no sireeeee buster!”. As for you, I do think it’s possible that Zoey visits you – and that you help her peek out of her favorite window. Nice of you to do that Ernie!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Spring weather is crazy that is for sure. You sure look amazing in your photos this week and I loved seeing Mr. Turkey. Have a wonderful Thursday Ernie.

  5. We have been getting the same weather as you, but as long as it is sunny I can use the sun room. Sometimes I have to cover up though ‘cuz it’s a bit chilly.

    Great photos!

  6. Ernie…I loved the random photos. MOARE!

  7. dood…..YUR fotoz bee grate 🙂 ….N speekin oh 984 PAWZ up; that scratherz like de best….it lookz like wood iz round de sidez….??? can ewe scratch on it all sew ??? !!! ♥♥

  8. Oh, priceless photos and LOVE that scratcher box. Also Mr Turkey chasing …er…Ms Turkey, no? You are such a treat, Ernie.

  9. We enjoyed seeing you hanging about around the house doing your daily routines.

  10. Great photos! Your one in the window reminded us of how Noelle sometimes sits on the end of the bed.

  11. Looks like you have a lot of comfy spots. XO

  12. You look good on your red chair.

  13. Mew mew mew Mistur Tom Turkey was busy tryin to WOO a future Missus Ernie!!
    Silly Birdie…….
    All yore fotoss are gorgeeus inn all youre fotoss.
    Mee lovess yore foto inn scratcher baskin inn sunshine. An BellaSita Mum giggilled over yore half sittin an standin foto!! ‘angel’ Unkell Purrince Siddhartah Henry used to due that apparentlee….
    Same weather here. Mee DID get to sit out fore a while yesterday an today! Still a bit brisk tho’…
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

  14. Great photos! Spring has been slow coming here too, but next week is supposed to get into the 60s!

  15. WOW, that is lots going on and yes, keep off of that roller coaster Ernie, they can be scary!

  16. You’ve got relaxing down to a science, Ernie!

  17. Nice tour of your activity, Ernie! Even we are having a cold snap for the next few days!

  18. What awesome Bird TV, Ernie! We are having summer here right now, and it’s back to (Southern California) winter next week. What gives?

  19. There is talk of the S word on Saturday…sheesh, this winter needs to stop battling with Springtime.

    All this rain does help our new grass seeds though…

    We see lots of turkeys strutting around in the fields where petcretary walks past…and sometimes in the rural yards where they don’t have fences, they flock around the bird feeders.

  20. We’re also looking forward to the warm weather sticking around.

  21. You sure do get around the house, Ernie! Nice of Mr. Turkey to drop by too.

  22. The weather is yo-yoing out here too.

  23. Those are great photos, Ernie. I especially like the looking out the window photo.

  24. love the turkey photos!!! And we agree–spring is indeed taking its sweet time–a few days ago everyone was wearing shorts and now it’s snowing again!!!

  25. The weather’s been p and down here, too, Ernie. C’mon, Spring!

    We especially loved the photo of you channeling your inner Zoey. XO

  26. Hi, Ernie! We enjoyed seeing all the random photos and your thoughts about spring are spot on..we’re so sick of the ups and downs of the temps, sun one minute, gone the next..You’re right, it’s like a roller coaster!!
    ~ Tom, Bridget and Penny xx
    PeeEss – Keep your distance from that big ole turkey, my man.
    Those things are fierce!

  27. The same weather here, Ernie, it seems like April isn’t only fooling the 1st of her days 😀 Oh, I’m sure Angel Zoey is guiding you, that handstand looks so easy 😀 Extra warm Pawkisses

  28. Great to see you again Ernie and you’re looking as handsome as ever.x

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