Apr 032022

You guys! Guess what?? There’s mice in our garage! Yeah…the other day the mom went to put something in the recycle bin that’s kept in the garage and when she looked in it, there was a mouse inside of it! It kinda scared the crap out of her. And she said the mouse was probably scared too because it jump out of the bin and ran away. And if you know anything about recycle bins, you know that the sides are kinda high for a mouse to scale. So he musta been scared.

Now they say if there’s one mouse…there’s gotta be more! I told the mom I would be happy to go in the garage and take care of them. But she didn’t think that was a good idea. Spoil sport.

Ernie sitting with a toy mouse

Y’know…maybe one of those mice will make its way inside…and I can take a selfie with it instead of this stupid fake one. After I play with it first of course.

Ernie…you better hope none of those mice come in the house.

See what I said…she’s a spoil sport.

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  34 Responses to “Easy E’s Selfie with a Mouse”

  1. I bet you could get rid of the mouse problem if your mom let you out in the garage!

  2. Yeah, after getting some mouse damage in their car mom and dad aren’t big fans of ’em, either. They were recently awoken in the middle of the night by tapping/dragging noises up in the attic. the next morning dad went up there and found one stuck in a glue trap that it must’ve been dragging around. Dad also pulled down his boss’s attic stairs in their garage the other day and out dropped a dried-up little mouse carcass.

  3. Ernie…mom freaks when she sees a mouse. Can’t STAND them. Even the little field mice who are pretty and look like a Disney illustration with ther buff colored undersides and pale brown coats…cute, but stil a mouse. All of us cats who have lived here have taken great care of them for mom. You probably remember wne I brought one still trying to get out, into the bed about midnight. Mom just had a horrible time wth THAT .

  4. Epic selfie Ernie! And oh dear for the meeces in the garage, I think we’ve got a bit of a colony at BBHQ under the carport too!

  5. I see a mouse every day. It moves all around, a lot. Right next to mine Mommy’s keyboard. But it is not fuzzy. Sometimes I chase it but she does not like that cause it messes up my blog posts …

  6. Well, if the mice just came in by themselves, it would not be your fault, Ernie. And then, you could save Mom from it and be a hero!

  7. I am sure you’d take care of that mouse in no time Ernie. If it thought it was scared when it saw your mom bean, I bet it would be even more scared of you!

  8. Ernie, I recall a mouse running across the floor in the house that I grew up in; it made me jump on the couch!
    So, I understand how your mom reacted.

  9. I like that word “play”, Ernie…heh heh.

  10. If those mice are smart, they’ll stay well away from inside the house – MOL!

  11. We are sure you would do a great job at helping clear the mice out!

  12. ERNIE ERNIE ERNIE!!!! You have THE SAME Mousie mee has…well it was ackshully ‘angel’ Aunty NYLABLUE”SS Mousie named ‘Binky’ (like our frend Binky THE Cat!!
    Does yore stuffie Mousie have a name???
    An EEEKKKKK reel Mousiess can carry dee-seesess so iss bettur you NOT go aftur them. Let THE Hu’manss take care of thingss 😉
    Trust mee!
    Did youss’ get more snow last nite? Wee did!! **sighss**
    You due look splendid inn yore selfie today…….
    ***paw kissess*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

  13. We do our best to protect our families from vicious introoders like mice and bugs and stuff but they don’t seem to want us to actually CATCH something. It’s in our DNA (or is it FBI or CIA or something with three letters!!) to go after MICE especially. But NO – they’re off limits. Your stuffed mouse is better than nothing though. Go ahead. Take a chunk out of it – it will make you feel better Ernie!

    Hugs, Teddy

  14. We had rats a few years ago! I found a couple for my human to catch. That was when her ex-boyfriend lived here, and he spent a couple of months live trapping them and driving them far, far away. TBH, that probably bought the relationship another couple of years, MOL!

  15. I bet the little guy was scared! We have a problem with mice in the basement and always have a live trap ready to go.

  16. I bet it is in the garage and not in the house because it knows you are in the house.

  17. Mice! We have those IN our den sometimes…we have caught some in broad daylight with PB baited traps…though that was no fun for Pipo & Minko…

    Lets hope you don’t have to show off your mousing skills anytime soon Ernie…yup, *she* is a spoilsport too. LOL!

  18. Mice are fast and can really jump, but I would bet you are faster, Ernie. Hopefully mice will know not to enter since you are there!

  19. Yikes, that would have scared our Mom too. Sadly, Moms seem to spoil our fun when it comes to critters.

  20. I know you’d do a good job of keeping mice away Ernie.

  21. It’s probably best to stick with the mouse you have Ernie!

  22. We had mice when we lived in London. Then we adopted Peanut and, suddenly, all the mice disappeared! Funny that eh?

  23. Mommas are always running our fun.

  24. Mum says that as long as they are not INSIDE, the house she is cool with mice. We see them outside by the fevver feeders getting eats.

  25. It is nice of you to volunteer to do some mouse hunting… alias and Norma are obsessed with their toy mice… i bet they’d love to get their paws on a real one too.

  26. I think you should be allowed to inspect the garage at least. You might find the others.

  27. dood….if that mouz waz in de bin… him had ta bee my tee mouz….cape N all……we gotta wunder two how him getted In de bin !! may bee dad put him in ther aza… SIR PRIZE….for mom 😉 ♥

  28. I would also be a spoil sport. Mousies? No thank you!

  29. Ernie, we know how you feel. Our mom found evidence of mice in our garage a few years back. She never saw one but *we* would have found them! She figured out where they were getting in and sealed off their little tunnel, so we guess she’s a spoilsport too!

  30. Mice are cute when they’re stuffed with catnip, but when they are live, they’re pests. Hopefully you can keep your recycle bin empty and your mice will find a new snack bar outside.

  31. I hope you catch it one day, Ernie, you need a snack now and then 😀 I had one too the other weet…MOL… Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ♥

  32. What a shame she spoiled your fun, Ernie!

  33. Very cute selfie. I am sure you could rid the house of mice. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Sammy. XO

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