A New Cat Mat?

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Mar 292022

You guys! Check this out. The mom bought this new mat. She said it’s a bath mat. But I have taken it over and declared it as my new CAT MAT! It’s soft and comfy and I enjoy napping on it.

Ernie sitting on bath mat

There’s only one problem. It’s wet sometimes…usually after the mom takes a shower…so my furs end up getting wet, too. She told me I would just have to wait until it dries before lying on it.

What the fluff?!? I thought she was supposed to know cats. Obviously she doesn’t because us cats don’t WAIT for ANYTHING! So I told her she better keep her big wet feet off of my cat mat.

How ’bout you guys? Have you ever taken over something that belonged to your human?


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  1. Bear and Latte both love(d) bath mats! Especially when that mat gives a first-row seat to Mom’s activities!

  2. Oh yes…the bath mat too!

  3. That looks like a nice plush cat mat. Tell your mom to put a towel on it when she is standing on it to keep it dry for you.

  4. Ernie, the cats have taken over many of my coats and sweaters!
    You see, I’m wearing said item, then a kitty looks at me with those sweet peepers, and I drape the coat/sweater over a chair to make them comfy.
    I never get my coat/sweater back again….

  5. She needs to buy a second mat just for you that always is dry.

  6. She made need to get a second mat!

  7. Hey Ernie – that looks like a nice soft spot to take a snoozer. Surely your Mom could either walk around that mat or put her towel down on top of the mat or SOMETHING so it doesn’t get all wet and icky from her feets?????? I would suggest she get another one SPECIALLY FOR YOU but we all know how that would turn out…..you’d still nap on both of them am I right??????

    Hugs, Teddy

  8. Mew mew mew ALL THE time Ernie! That is how mee got burgundy BIG blanket fore meeself…..BellaStia Mum washed it an folded it innto a nice square…too big to fit inn closet (it iss Queen sized) so shee put it on rite side of bed at bottom an shee has NOT used it all Winter….iss mine all mine!!!!
    An mee took over her Cervvycall Pillow an go INN IT like a Sleepin Bag!!! An mee has SAME color mat inn mee condo…it was apposta bee ‘her’ bath mat….that lasted bout 87 minuttess!!!!
    You look lovely on YORE mew mat Ernie!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

  9. Oh, Ernie, anyone with his/her/its eyes open can clearly see that the mat is a CATMAT! Don’t let anyone push you off, but you may get damp staying there. Maybe a little raincoat when someone showers.

  10. Here’s what I’ve learned about kitties. The entire house and everything in it is theirs. That’s what I know. I’m guessing mom will find something else to put her wet feet on. It’s how we roll.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  11. oh hahah our Lucy takes over our bed sometimes while we are in it! She uses us a her pillows! Have a wonderful day!

  12. We do repurpose things for our own use and pleasure.

  13. Yes, I have taken over something belonging to the human around here. Her plants! I looooove the spider plants she recently brought home. She says I’m lucky because it isn’t poisonous and I can chomp on it all I like..!!

  14. You are too funny.

  15. That looks pretty comfy Ernie! I’ve taken over what she thinks of as her chair, her bed and her couch. MOL!

  16. dood….noe way…tell yur mom ta go getz her own mat N leeve yurz a lone~~~~ 🙂 ♥

  17. Oooh Ernie! Us cats just yell at mum in the bath!! Then go and lie on the warm bed!!!

  18. It looks realy great to your body

  19. We love those special mats too Ernie, dry not wet though!

  20. We think she needs to get a second one for herself!

  21. When I shower or take a bath I always lay a bath towel down on the floor, and Mudpie always lays down on it. And if she has to use the litter box at the same time…you guessed it, she tries to cover it up with the litter box! MOL

  22. Go for it, Ernie! I think your chances of claiming the bath mat are excellent!

  23. Obviously your mom needs to get her OWN mat!

  24. Tell her to stop getting your new cat mat wet, Ernie. How rude!

  25. Ernie we have a gray mat very similar to that. I do love stepping onto it after a shower.
    As for kitties taking over things that are their humans…..Angel Madi was 100% certain everything in the house was her…which she graciously let us use.
    Hugs Cecilia

  26. Raven loved the bathmat, so it doesn’t surprise us that you like yours too. Yours looks nice a squishy but not so soft that you sink into it. Purrfect.

  27. That IS a nice matt Ernie.
    If your mum won’t share, then she needs to get one for you !
    Purrs, Julie

  28. I, Benji have taken the bath mat in my jaws and moved it outside…and put my mark on it…that is to say, I ripped it to shreds! I guess that was a no win kind of takeover, LOL!

    Maybe your Mom should get you your own mat so it can stay dry and comfy.

  29. Dad’s big maroon chair. ’nuff said. That looks just like mom and dad’s bathmat. It’s that memory foam kind of thing. Doesn’t interest me in the least, especially knowing dad’s big stinky feet are alwasy on it.

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