Mar 132022

Hey guys. Thanks for all the Gotcha Day wishes. I know I’m a pretty lucky cat to have been gotted in such a good home.

I don’t exactly have a selfie for you today, but I want to show you guys a visitor that’s been coming around here lately.

Ernie looking out the window

Check him out…

Eagle sitting in tree

An eagle! I love seeing eagles…they’re such majestic birds!

Now I know this isn’t the best photo…the mom took it from inside the house with her cheap camera using the zoom lens. This eagle was sitting way up high in a big tree about a hundred yards away.

He sat there for quite a while…probably looking for fish in the river with those eagle eyes of his.

And then…he flew away.

Eagle flying away

Bye, Mr. Eagle! I hope to see you again soon.

Did you guys like seeing the eagle? You did…but you still wanna see a selfie?

Close up of Ernie

Okay…here’s a quick one I took after the eagle flew away.

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  32 Responses to “Easy E’s Eagle Eye Selfie”

  1. That was a nice photo of the eagle. He must have wanted to take a selfie too. Your selfie is much more handsome though.

  2. Pawsome picture of the eagle!!!
    He was pretty cool, but I like your selfie better!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Mom and my entore family are Raptor fans and to see an Eagle..oh MY! What happiness we would have here at my house!
    You look so distinguished and handsome Ernie. What a great selfie.

  4. The eagle is a handsome guy – and so are you, Ernie!

  5. The Eagle was pawsome to see. You did a great selfie too.

  6. Mom bean says the eagles are very pawsome birds. But did you know that they will eat kitties and small woofies some times? I’m glad you were indoors watching from a safe place Ernie.

  7. He takes a nice selfie, but I am happy to see a selfie of you. XO

  8. Wow, how cool that the eagle stopped by for a visit at your place, Ernie! He’s almost as handsome as you. Almost. 🙂

  9. we have hawks that circle over our preserve areas looking fur prey

  10. Nice of Mr. Eagle to come by so you could watch him wasn’t it Ernie. We once in a great while see an Eagle here…..mostly we see turkey vultures (ugly), and hawks. Good job on the selfie though – we always love to see you.

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. WOW, those are RARE!!!!! WOW, we would go nuts if we had one of those around. Well, papa would, he loves big birds.

  12. Raptors like this Bald Eagle will sit high up in the tree, looking down on anything that might make a yummy snack.
    Especially if there are babies in the nest!
    Good thing you were observing from inside, Ernie!
    Love seeing your beautiful eyes, handsome.

  13. Happy belated gotcha day! Hope it was paw some. thanks for sharing the wonderful eagle!

  14. I think the eagle turned his head as his contribution to selfie sunday

  15. I love your selfie beatiful Ernie. An eagle! Wow, that is awesome – thanks for sharing him with us, I just love eagles.

  16. Wow, great capture of the eagle! But of course my favorite is the selfie of you, Ernie!

  17. ERNIE ERNIE!!!!!! You has an EAGEL!!!!!!!! Luuuuuuuuuuuuucky man cat!
    Reememburr when mee was frendss with Carson Perrygrin Falcon??
    Man mee missess him alot!!!!
    BellaSita an mee watch Eagelss on Eagel camss from Decorah, Iowa an Catalina Island, California…pawsum birdiess!!!
    An meowin ’bout pawsum: yore selfie iss purrely pawsum mee frend!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

  18. We don’t have eagles here, raptors yes but nothing so amazing. WOW, it looks amazing (as does your selfie!).

  19. He’s so majestic! Love your selfie too 🙂

  20. Super cool on the eagle Ernie. We get lots of birds here but no eagles.

  21. Wow, what an exciting visitor to have.

  22. Nice selfie, Ernie! But I was really impressed that you got visited by an eagle! They don’t come out my way, although we sure get our share of hawks.

  23. Those are great pics!

    Happy Gotcha Day!

  24. dood…yur selfeez awesum buddy…ewe haz grate veew out yur window…treez a plentee…lookz like sum waterz we iz see in over that a way ~~~~~ nice bloo sky……

    seemz like we iz for gettin sum thin ~~~

    oh well; happee week a head 🙂 ♥♥ 😉

  25. WOW, that is some Golden Eagle TV Ernie, amazing!

  26. Wow that was cool. Both the eagle and your selfie.

  27. I liked seeing the eagle Ernie and your selfie!

  28. Ernie, you are so lucky to have seen the eagle and then letting us see it too!

  29. Firstly Ern, me and dad are such heels for missing your 16th Gotcha Day, so Happy Belated 16th to you! That eagle is beyond awesome. What a grand and magnificent thing to see.

  30. Of course we always want to see a selfie. Your eyes are so gorgeous.

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