Feb 102022

Hi guys. Y’know…the Winter Olympics are going on right now in Beijing, China. The mom has been watching a lot of the events. Are any of you humans watching, too?

Ernie lying in a sun puddle

Now I may not be able to ski or skate or snowboard or aerial jump like some of those Olympic athletes. But there’s ONE thing that I do really really well.

Ernie snoozing in a sun puddle

Snoozing in the sun. And let me tell you…if THAT was an Olympic event, I know I’d be a contender for the gold medal for sure.


  29 Responses to “Going for the Gold”

  1. Yes, you are a definite medal contender. I have been watching the Olympics too, but there seem to be an awful lot of disqualifications.

  2. Ernie you’d have the GOLD locked up buddy if snoozing in the sun was an event!

    Hugs, Teddy (Probable Silver Medalist)

  3. I have no doubt that you would take home the gold, Ernie.

  4. You would get the gold Ernie.

  5. Ernie, you could win a gold medal just for handsomeness!
    The Hubby is watching the Olympics; me not so much.

  6. Hi Ernie! You’d definitely be taking gold for that!

    The biped has been catching a bit of the Olympics in recaps, but that’s it. She’s not as interested as she normally would be; too many political and human rights issues around the host country have left her “cold” this time.

  7. Me too, Ernie. We ought to go back to having OUR cat olympics here in the CB!

  8. We agree, sun puddle naps should be an Olympic event!!! Mom is only watching the skating.

  9. Oh, Ernie, you would be such a star, but I think you might have a few kitties next to you on the gold medal podium. And yes we are watching Kamila Varieva who is the best skater mama has EVER seen in her lifetime. And that’s a long time, haha.

  10. You would win the gold Ernie! We have been watching, LOVED it when Shaun White made his comeback in qualifying the other night, and looking forward to watching him tonight.

  11. The “gold” in your furry furs already makes you a winner!

  12. No we’re not watching because we can only watch Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  13. An mee wuud award you Ernie THE GOLD fore sure!!!!
    BellaSita Mum iss sorta pawliticall an reefusess to watch….butt mee thinkss shee mite brake down an watch at sum point 😉
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma

  14. Ernie and might I say you would rock the Feline Olympic world winning a number of Gold Medals you sun puddling and snoozing event!
    Hugs Cecilia

  15. indeed dood !!!

    we give ewe 984 PAWZ UP outta a poss a bull 10
    🙂 ☺☺♥♥

  16. You would get the Gold for the US Ernie and Canada would get the silver with my participation.

  17. Sunsoaking should be an Olympic Sport for sure, Ernie!

  18. Soak it up! Mudpie would be a gold medal winner, too 🙂

  19. Gold it is Ernie, you win pal!!!

  20. You win. I don’t watch anything with sports.

  21. Kitties over here would also all get Golds for Snoozing in the sun!!

  22. You could definitely take the gold, Ernie! Mom watched a little of men’s skating last night but she was basically channel flipping when she stopped for a bit. Hey, we have that same fix-it book! Thank cod there’s no cat section in it.

  23. My human has seen none of the winter olympics, except for one YouTube video of that US ice skating guy! She has been busy and that’s why she’s missed so much.

  24. We’ve been watching a bit. Pearl will be a contender in the summer Olympics for high jump!

  25. Just think of what we cats could do with Team napping.

  26. Not viewing “winter” olympics done entirely on fake snow. Should have gone to Norway. Sorry sleeping in the sun does not make for a gripping olympic event, though you could try sleeping on “fake” snow! The ratings might go up!

  27. …and Ernie takes the gold!!

  28. You could snooze right on the gold medal podium, Ernie. If it was in the sun, of course!

  29. You’re our nomber one, Ernie, look how golden you are 😀 Extra Pawkiss ♥

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