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Feb 032022

Hey guys. Today I’ve got some more random photos for you…just a little bit of this and that for your viewing pleasure.

Ernie lying in a sunpuddle

This was me the other day…all stretched out in a big sunpuddle. Good thing I took advantage of all that sun…because there’s none today. In fact, we got A LOT of snow! Yep, Ol’ Man Winter finally decided to dump some of the white stuff on us.

Ernie in his bed on the chair

Me hanging out in my bed on the chair.

Ernie in his Cat Ball

And when I decided I had enough of that bed, I hid out in my Cat Ball. It’s always nice to having napping spot options.

Photo of Ernie's backside

Hey! Why did this picture get posted?? It’s NOT my best side!

And last of all…

Coyotes on the river

The mom took this photo last week. There were 2 coyotes running down the frozen river. She was lucky to get this photo…they were really fast! Y’know…we have lots of coyotes here on the island. Most of the time I hear them and don’t see them…so seeing these 2 was a rare occurrence.

I hope you enjoyed these random photos!


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  1. Ernie, at least for us farther North, the storm didn’t drop as much snow as predicted, and for that we are thankful!

  2. I always enjoy your photos!

  3. It’s nice to have napping options!! We have coyotes here too.

  4. Looks like you’ve living large. Good for you. I’m sure your mom sees to that.

    Cool on seeing the coyotes. I love to hear them sing.

    Have a purrfect day. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

  5. It looks like you know how to handle a snow day properly Ernie! Those coyotes are amazing, hooray for your Mom getting their photo!

  6. Those were fun photos Ernie, you’ve got some good napping spots! Oh no, not coyotes! We don’t like them since they ate some of our feral family.

  7. Nice photos of you. I can do without coyotes though, they are scary.

  8. Good photos Ernie. We have coyotes here in the city. They live in the ravines, but can be seen walking through neighborhoods. Unfortunately some people leave food out for them and they’re not afraid of anything now.

  9. We like random. Don’t want to mess with coyotes!

  10. It must be very cold with the river frozen like that. Good shot of the coyotes by your mom.

  11. Ernie, I swear, I could do some serious flirting with you! You handsome thing you.

  12. Wow. Coyotes. We don’t have those. But I have had to watch fierce possums ripping the fruit off my quince tree. My human says their long claws would tear me to pieces, so I can’t go out.

  13. Cool photos, Ernie!

  14. We got 12+ inches of snow here…it is pretty…but we sure have a hard time running the fence patrols!
    Petcretary wishes it would stay off the roads and sidewalks and driveways…yup…as if!
    Everything was shut down here on Wednesday and some roads were still now plowed on Thursday.

    Uncommon here, but we sometimes see coyotes in the fields around our house, GGreat cpature of the two on your river.

    We loved seeing you in all your pics, Ernie.

  15. Ernie it’s nice to have “nap options” – different spots – different views…….the view of the coyotes sends a bit of a shiver up the spine though – we’ve HEARD they are around here but never seen one. Foxes are what we see most of. Stay cozy Ernie !

    Hugs, Teddy

  16. Always fun to see what you’re up to during the day … random or planned …

  17. Wow, random acts of really interesting stuff, Ernie. And I hope you’re not out with those coyotes. Mam lived in a canyon in LA where there were coyotes and they were very partial to little kitties…..yuk. LOVE all your basking baskets.

  18. Mee-yow grate random fotoss Ernie!! Glad you founfd a sunpuddle…nun here…wee DUE have 3 feet of snow tho’! BBRRRR!!!
    An yore over THE shoulder foto iss furry attractive…..yore one hansum man cat 😉
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

  19. That was a whole lot of handsome randomness, Ernie! We have a coyote that passes through our backyard sometimes, but just one.

  20. Those are GREAT photos! I particularly like the first two!

    Benny )your biggest fan!)

  21. Your pictures are all very nice, Ernie, I especially like the picture in the big chair. That would make a great picture on the wall ♥ Those coyotes sound very scary, but they look very interesting. Safe Pawkisses 🙂 ♥

  22. Anyways nice to see pics of you, Ernie!

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