Jan 092022

Hey guys. Today’s selfie is coming straight to you from inside my new favorite bag. You remember my bag, right? It was one of the presents in my Secret Paws package.

Ernie inside a paper bag

I LOVE my bag…I love hiding inside it and lying on top of it. I’m kinda surprised the mom has left it out for me this long. Usually she puts stuff like this away because she says it clutters up the house. But she sees how much I love it. Especially around 2 in the morning after the dad has fallen asleep on the couch while watching TV. I wake him up every time with all the noise I make. Y’know…bags may not be very quiet when you play with them. But they sure are a lot of fun.

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  38 Responses to “Easy E’s Selfie in the Bag”

  1. That is a very nice looking bag, Ernie.

  2. Hey Ernie Benernie (hee hee!), looks like you’re having a blast in that bag. Dad got a chuckle out of you waking up the dad with your bag antics, though I bet he’d feel a little different if it was him being awakened in the middle of the night with crinkly bagsounds.

  3. Bags are WONDERFUL! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  4. That’s a super fun bag!!!

  5. Ernie, that bag of yours looks so great. No wonder you’re enjoying it so much!

  6. That’s a great bag Ernie! You’re just helping your Dad bean get to bed, good work.

  7. Hey, Ernie, you’ve bagged that one! Now you can hit the sac, haha.

  8. I am so very impressed that your bag is still in one piece, you are one very cool cat Ernie!

  9. it takes master skills to fit into small spaces and paper bags without breaking them, Ernie you did a great job!

  10. Rite on Ernie!!! Mee as a snazzy allbeeit messed up Catmess bag BellaSita Mum gave mee. Shee letss mee have a bag all yeer ’round. Mee likess bag bettur than box! What ’bout you??
    An Ernie you look mitey hansum inn yore Bag selfie!!!
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

  11. We could “ditto” everything here. I have so much brown wrapping paper (Mom is now calling me her “paper tiger”) and it’s my go-to-stuff. I am in love with it, to jump on, hide under, drag around. Best thing ever. I don’t know why she puts it in the coat closet at night …

  12. Glad you’re having so much fun Ernie!

  13. Enjoy your bag. Mum left me one box from all the Christ-mouse ones. it was the only one I paid attention too.

  14. How sweet of you to wake your dad so he knows it is time for bed. 🙂

  15. The noise the bag makes is half the fun!

  16. That bag looks like a lot of fun ! Nice selfie, Ernie ! Purrs

  17. They also make for cute photos.

  18. That is an awesome bag, Ernie!

  19. Bags are a lot of fun! We agree 100%

  20. That does look like an extra special bag.

  21. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! That is a cool bag Ernie and you look great in there!!
    Purrs, Julie

  22. Hi Sweetie. I missed seeing you over here My mom wasn’t well and she didn’t help me much but here I AM! And there you and your bag are!

  23. I’m glad you’re having such a blast with your new bag Ernie, that sure was a nice pressie! You look great in there too Ernie!

  24. I had a feeling you would love those bags, Ernie! I’m so happy!!!

  25. Ernie! Your paper bag selfie made Mom laugh out loud! Queen Nellie was a bag lover and she remembers that 2 AM cat attacking paper bag sound. Seeing you in yours, I’ve put in an order to see if Mom can find me one!

  26. Ernie you Mom is a keeper!! BUT YOU KNEW THAT I”M SURE
    Hugs Cecilia

  27. Thank you for your kind words and visiting me after I ran off to the bridge. Our friendship goes way back. Though I did not blog this last year you were near in my heart.

    Have fun with your sack.

  28. Ernie, it’s always great at any time of day to have fun with your bag. This is such a great selfie of you. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a fun-filled week ahead.

  29. Great bag, Ernie!

    Tama and Benny

  30. great bag. theo has taken to scratching at the cardboard when he’s inside a box. i can relate to your dad. it’s a wonderful way to be woken up.

  31. dood !!! gram paw dude loved hiz bags two…..him used ta getz a new one each time de gurl wented two de stor…bak in de day bee for plaztik….bak in de day when de… wheel…. waz just a dreem 😉 ♥♥

  32. Ernie, we are so glad you get to keep your bag for a while longer! We normally keep things like that until it is recycle collection week.

  33. Great selfie, Ernie. Bags are one of Lexy’s favorite things!

  34. We think your mom is way cool, Ernie! *Our* mom never thinks about putting out a bag for us.

  35. Just wanted to stop by and say Thank You for your kind words about Max. He’s been gone a week now and things just aren’t the same anymore around our home. But I know he’s with his sister, Amber, again and no longer in pain and that helps a lot.


  36. Ah, yes, Angel Minko was a bag kitty…he would get so excited in them they would be shredded up pretty quickly!

    You look good in that selfie, all bagged up, LOL!

  37. Ernie, I love a good bag myself, but unfortunately I never get a bag without it being stinked up wif boy smells. *Sorry!* So I have a nice tent that I claim for my own. So far no boys have stinked it up. Purrs, Dori

  38. Aww Ernie, your mom knows what you love, that’s why the baggie is still there♥ More Pawkisses…can you still handle them 😉 ♥

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