Jan 022022

Hey guys! How’s the new year treating you so far? Even though we’re only a couple of days in, I hope everything is going good.

See this silly hat? The mom wanted me to wear it for my first selfie of the new year.

Ernie with Happy New Year hat

I said no but she kept insisting and trying to make me wear it.

Ernie up close not wearing a hat

Guess who won?

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I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop without that silly hat. To join the hop or to see other fun selfies, click HERE.


  30 Responses to “Easy E’s First Selfie of 2022”

  1. Well, it’s clear who won, Ernie (mol).

    Happy Mew Year.

  2. Beautiful selfie! Your Mom lives in hope Ernie, I gave up on ‘hatting’ my kitties a good while back.

  3. Maybe save the hat and try wearing it next year–or not!

  4. Happy New Year!
    You’d look simply adorable in that hat, Ernie!

  5. Glad you won, but you would have looked adorable in the hat. XO

  6. LOL!!
    Ernie, its OK, petcretary wore that same hat at her work yesterday!! So you can go hatless, OK?!

    Great selfie!

  7. Mew mew mew you won Ernie! Cute hat! Butt you not need a hat to make you hansum….yore hansum all on yore own….
    Happy Mew Yeer!!! HURRAH!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

  8. I can understand you not wanting the hat, but you would have looked adorable Ernie.

  9. Honestly Ernie? I agree with Corinne, you may not have wanted to hear it but maaan you would have looked handsome!

    Happy New Year to you and Mom.

  10. I admire your determination, Ernie.

  11. You are the winner, Ernie!

  12. The kitty always win! You would’ve been adorable in it though.

  13. I knew you’d win Ernie, excellent selfie!

  14. Moms are funny like that…..the sillier they want to make us look, the better (so they think). Anyway, my Mom hasn’t tried that little trick with me – yet – I’m sure it’s just a matter of time!

    Hugs, Teddy

  15. Hey Ernie, did you get the hat tax anyway? No hats were worn here either. We hope that you and your Peeps had a terrific New Years! Here’s to another year full of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories with unforgettable friends! Life is an adventure that’s full of wonderful destinations. Wishing you many beautiful memories made in 2022.

  16. Of course YOU won, Ernie. Nice selfie! XO

  17. Of course, you won, you are a cat!

    Happy New Year!

  18. Hah! Good for you , dear Ernie. I wouldn’t put that hat on a slug. Or hamster, for that matter. We kitties must stick together!

  19. Hey, we hear ya, Ernie! Happy New Year!

  20. Great job, Ernie! I think I’m going to follow your example in the future!


  21. Our mom’s think we are SO adorable wearing a hat!!!

  22. You look stunning on your own. And the hat is cute by itself, too. Happy New Year.

  23. Please reconsider. I think you’d look dapper in that hat.

  24. I have that hat! And I have worn it.

  25. dood….a happee mew yeer two ewe all, even yur unused hat 😉 ♥♥ heerz ta trout oh plentee ♥♥

  26. I have purrfected a stink eye look when my momma comes anywhere close to me with the idea of putting me in a costume, much less a silly hat. Nuh uh. Us kittehs have much more dignity than our hoomons, sad to say. Happy Mew Year! Love, Dori

  27. I respect your right to say no Ernie but boy i bet you look great in a top hat!

  28. You could come here, Ernie–we finally got our mom trained.

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