Dec 262021

Hey guys! Did you all have a Merry Christmas? I sure did. In the morning, I finally got to open my Secret Paws present. Wowwee! What fun stuff I got! Thank you to my Secret Paws this year…my good friends, Mudpie and Melissa.

Ernie sitting in a box

Today is Boxing Day. Now I don’t know exactly what Boxing Day is but I’m sure it’s a day that’s just for us kitties. Because you all know how much we love boxes! To celebrate, I’m hanging out in the box my Secret Paws presents came in. Purrsonally, if you ask me, the box is almost as much fun as the presents.

Close up of Ernie sitting in a box

I even took my selfie in here.

Stay tuned…because later this week I’m gonna show you all the fun Secret Paws presents I got…and not just this box!

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  28 Responses to “Easy E’s Boxing Day Selfie”

  1. You are doing Boxing Day right, Ernie.

  2. You know how to take a good Selfie and Boxing, Ernie. Well done! Pawkisses for a Happy Boxing Day✨

  3. I must be the exception cuz I am not much of a box kittie. Glad you like yours.

  4. You look awesome Ernie.

  5. Happy Boxing Day, Ernie! I can’t wait to see your presents!

  6. That looks like a fun box. I can’t wait to see wat your Secret Santa got you. XO

  7. Boxing Day was invented BY kitties, and FOR kitties, Ernie – and don’t you let anyone tell you different (mol)!

  8. Presents are nice and the boxes are always pawsome too.

  9. We LOVE Boxing Day too! Ernie, you look terrific in your box and we can’t wait to see all the swag you got from Mudpie this week. We are wishing you nothing but happiness this holiday season! And best wishes for the New Year from all of us.

  10. Very nice selfies! We wish our purrents would have a boxing day for us!

  11. Bettur than candy cane!!
    Bettur then a Jack inn THE Box!!
    Itt iss our MOST faverite ERNIE INN A BOX!!!!!
    Lookin mitey pawsum mee frend!!!
    Mee thinkss Boxin Day is JUST fore us Kittiess two…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

  12. Wow you got a whole box for Christmas? How amazing is this!!!

  13. Great selfie for Boxing Day!

  14. That is the perfect size box for you, Ernie.

  15. Love seeing you enjoying that box, Ernie! We sure had fun shopping for you 🙂

  16. That is THE purrfect box for you Ernie!

  17. Ernie, do you smell Mudpie in their? I seem to remember her sitting in there during the wrapping process.

  18. A good box like yours is worth its weight in gold…right…like Catnip gold, LOL!

    Your box even has built in pillows, now that is luxury!

  19. Looks like the perfect box for you Ernie…..know what? My Mom thinks I’m nuts because I don’t enjoy hopping in or resting in or playing in a box – doesn’t matter what size, I just don’t participate! She’s wondering if maybe in that first year before someone brought me to the shelter and I got my “happily ever after” with her and Dad, someone stuck me in a box thinking it was funny and left me there too long……anyway, I’m not a “box boy” but I do love seeing people enjoying them!

    Sending hugs, Teddy

  20. Great Boxing Day photo Ernie!

  21. Every box or bag that enters the house here, gets a cat inspection, Ernie!
    Da Boyz will jump into boxes, stick their noses into bags, and even start chewing on whatever they find.

  22. Oh, Ernie, we were waiting for your blog and hoping you would be boxed in on this day! And yes, the box is the biggy!

  23. Boxes are the best, aren’t they, Ernie? Dad made me a box toy with a string on it that’s, I don’t know, supposed to make me more playful, but I use it most as a scratching thing. At least I’m using it, right? Fantastic eye-popping selfie, by the way!

  24. Now THAT is how to do Boxing Day, Ernie!

  25. Ernie! Happy Boxing Day. I am always late these days. XX

  26. Looks like you epitomize Boxing Day in your photo!

  27. We’re not much for boxes but you look like you’re enjoying yours! Now that we think about it, maybe the ones we get aren’t the right size for us!

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