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Nov 182021

Hi guys! How’s it going? Today I have some more random photos for your viewing pleasure…just stuff that’s been going on around here lately on the island.

Ernie sleeping with his front legs touching his back ones looking like a pretzel

I call this my “pretzel” sleeping position because with the way I’m lying here…touching my front toesies to my back ones…I kinda look like a pretzel. What do you think?

Close up of Ernie's back feet

Speaking of toesies…check out these bad boys. Thank cod I just gave them a cleaning. I wouldn’t want to subject you to toejam.

Ernie sleeping with his head hanging over the side of the bed

Here I am enjoying a snooze in the early morning sun. The mom says all my blood is gonna rush to my head with it hanging like this.

Squirrel sitting on deck railing near bird feeder

The squirrels around here have been going “nuts” lately! A week or so ago, we caught this silly squirrel sitting on the deck railing. I think he was eye-balling the bird food and planning on making a meal out of it.

Ernie in his cube with just his tail hanging out

And here’s my tip for the day. When you hide somewhere, make sure you check that all your body parts are hiding, too. As you can see, my tail gave me away.

And with that…I say…THE END!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of random stuff!


  29 Responses to “More Random Stuff”

  1. We loved your edition of random stuff! You have a lovely view out your window, a bonus. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment re: Derry’s hunting prowess!

  2. Ernie, first, mom said she not heard that expression toejam since she was like 3 or 4; and my brothers said it. You made mom smile, and then she explained what you meant to me. I see MY toesies cleaner than a whistle too!
    That was an excellent tip you gave us I have not been careful about my tail either! That sucker sticks out like nobody’s business- and gives me away every time!

  3. It’s a squirrely time of year, Ernie!
    Some of us cat-loving humans just squee over cat toesies…what is that all about?

  4. Those are great pictures, Ernie. It looks like you have plenty of places where you can enjoy the sun, plus you have a great view outside. I wonder if cats enjoy beauty as much as humans.

  5. Cool random photos!! Good advice about the tailio!

  6. Wonderful photos Ernie! That squirrel looks like he is rubbing his hands together and saying ‘now how do I get at all that lovely seed’!

  7. Great photos Ernie. I bet the squirrels keep you entertained.

  8. Lovely random photos, Ernie. You got to watch those tailios, they have a mind of their own.

  9. Aw, so precious. You made me smile this afternoon.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  10. Very nice toesies. You are a cutie. XO

  11. Those were all fun ones Ernie and your squirrel friend looks pretty entertaining!

  12. Mom bean says there are squirrels here too Ernie. She’s nicknamed them all Hoover ‘cuz they sure vacuum up the bird food. I don’t get to see them because the sunny room has been too cold lately.

    Nice hidey hole…even if your tail gave you away.

  13. I love these pictures, Ernie!

  14. That was fun Ernie ! Thanks.

  15. Yeah, that tail tip is a big necessity around here!

  16. Good job being random Ernie. Even random can be entertaining – you proved that with this batch of randomness. Remember next time to tuck that tail in cuz nobody would have known you were in that cube if your tail had cooperated!

    Hugs, Teddy

  17. Love the toesie poses, and that last picture is a hoot!

  18. Ernie, Olive does that too where she hangs her head off the side of the bed or chair. I guess it must be comfy for you cats.

  19. Random photos are usually the best! As are these … and with just a touch o’ salt we’d be nibbling on that adorable pretzel!

  20. randomly adding up to you…

  21. Spur of the moment photos are the best. Catch you in average situations. Great pics.

  22. FAB FOTOS…er.. PHOTOS.
    LOVE the patty paws, thank you for washing first.
    LOVE the snooze…I often just tup over and land on the floor myself.
    LOVE that silly squirrel but then, all squirrels are nuts, right. You are so funny!

  23. Very good tip about hiding. We always seem to forget about everything behind our ears!

  24. **sighss** Ernie you have THE cutest toesiess! Yore pretzel foto iss furabuluss an yore hangin yore ehad foto…
    You allwayss take grate fotoss….
    An yore end foto iss heelareuss two…..
    Happy Weekend an **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita

  25. Great randomness, Ernie! We especially loved your stripey pretzel photo! XO

  26. make the cutest purretzel ever, Ernie that’s for sure and we had no idea that you were hiding in that box, not at all! We also want to Thank you for your Birthday wishes for Me and My Granny, they warmed our heart and brightened up our day Extra Pawkisses for you

  27. MOL Ernie….pretzels might be delish with a side of toe jam.

    You are a Fun-gi
    Hugs Cecilia

  28. Those are wonderful random stuff photos. You do look a bit like a pretzel. I really like the photo where you’re hanging off the bed.

  29. We missed your Random Stuff post. We have not been online forever! Mom has been remiss on visiting (But at least she got our posts up). Sigh. We LOVE your randomness Ernie! And thanks for the squirrel shot and the hiding tip! I always forget about my tail too!

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