Nov 142021

Hey guys. Y’know…I’m like a feline barometer. I can tell when the weather is changing because I start to seek out warm comfy places to nap. Like here in my KatKabin®. It’s rare that you’d find me in here during the summer months…but when fall and winter roll around…you should check here first when looking for me.

Close up of Ernie in his Kat Kabin

We had some nice weather last week…lots of sunshine and warmer…at least warmer for this time of year. But everything changed this weekend. It got cloudy and colder…and today we’re having rain and SNOW! Yuck!

I sure hope that white stuff doesn’t plan to stick around. Otherwise…I might never come outta here!

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  33 Responses to “Easy E’s Selfie in the KatKabin”

  1. We also hate cold weather, Ernie. When it makes its appearance, We like to curl up under the duvet on the bed. That’s warmer than any cat cabin We know of.

  2. Ernie, we have a little while before snow comes to visit, but rain…oh MY!

  3. Looks like a comfy place Ernie. No wonder you don’t want to come out on cold snowy days. I don’t like those days either.

  4. Fortunately that white stuff hasn’t landed in my yard yet……I will be staying INSIDE when that happens. I was out this morning though in 29 degree frosty weather with my poor shivering Mom. I can’t resist fresh air even if it gives my nose icicles!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. It’s cold here too Ernie. The mom bean has the warm air thingy blowing and I’ve been napping in any cozy spot I can find. Purrhaps I need to suggest she find me a KatKabin of my own.

  6. You’re very smart to find that cozy and warm place to sleep.

  7. Ah yes, Ernie, we saw on a big map that Michie-Ganders might have a wholabunch of snow falling down on them, so stay there where it is warm and cozeeee!

  8. That look like a comfy spot. Nice selfie. XO

  9. Snow – oh no! Keep warm and cozy Ernie!

  10. Nice cozy selfie!

    It got colder here, too, Ernie. But we don’t have snow just yet.

  11. It was ridiculously warm here too! But it’ll start to cool off again in a couple days, at least cool for California!

  12. It has turned very mild here, Ernie. There is supposed to be a freeze coming at the end of the month though Keep warm and snuggly in your KatKabin.

  13. It’s getting colder here too. Stay warm, Ernie ! Purrs

  14. Ernie, why didn’t the weather get yucky on Monday, rather than the last day of our weekend?
    Oh well, The Hubby has been watching TV, and my stack of books to read isn’t going to reduce by itself!
    Lucky I got outside to the woods in the park yesterday; it was a real treat!

  15. Ernie, you look like you’re in a space capsule. Are you sure you didn’t just come back with Mr. Shatner and his crew? Don’t hold out on us! Meow!

  16. Ernie you sure do look comfy and cozy!!

  17. Hope you got a little snowshovel in there in case you got to dig yourself out next month!

  18. You look terrific in there Ernie, but snow, oh no, too early!!!

  19. Keeping warm is good for the winter months. We have summer here and we are SO glad to get some of those rays!

  20. Mudpie is the same way with her KatKabin!

  21. We cats are smart!
    Even mum says so. She says “if you want to find the warmest place in the house, get a cat!”
    Yup, we always find the warm spots 😉
    Purrs, Julie

  22. Kozmo says he is starting to turn into a feline barometer! We know if it is going to be cold and damp by where he chooses to nap too! Mom says it is good to have a cat in the house for that very reason! You look terrific in you Cat House and we hope you and your family have a marvellously happy week!

  23. You look so cute!

    It’s quite mild for autumn here in England.

  24. I know how you feel, Ernie. It is cold here this morning and I have to do work outside.

  25. Looks very cozy. We don’t get da white stuff down here buts it does get cold and Mama says I turn into crazy town when dat happens but eventually I calm down and find a cozy spot to sleep 😉

    Matilda & Matt

  26. Mee-yow mee hearss ya’ Ernie…Last week started guud an went downhill quiklee!
    Rain an wet snow an UCKY! an chilley!
    Yore lookin mitey fien Ernie 😉
    ***nose kissess*** BEllaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

  27. We also hope the white stuff stays away.

  28. Yeah, I change my napping places with the seasons too. Stay warm.

  29. That’s so true about the season. Odin suddenly sleeping in his KatKabin too!

  30. we got a dusting of snow over the weekend too… thankfully not enough to test out our new snow shovel.

  31. I’m glad you’re cozy in your KatKabin. It looks like someplace to go and maybe abducted by aliens.

  32. We had that snow here, too…ack!
    Today was nice and sunny! Much better…hope it lasts.

    That looks like a cozy spot, Ernie, no wonder you enjoy it when its cold outside.

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