Oct 242021

Hey guys. Here’s another upside down selfie for your viewing pleasure today.

Close up of Ernie with his head upside down

If you think taking a selfie with your eyes closed is hard, you should try it when you’re a little topsy-turvy. But you know me. I don’t shy away from a challenge.

Hey…I got some good news to share with all of you. Remember Tamara, the kitty that I featured in my Remember Me Thursday post a few weeks ago? Well, after spending nearly 6 months in the shelter, she finally found her forever home! Yippee!! It wasn’t easy for a cat like Tamara…being a senior with health issues. Most people looking to adopt passed her by. But finally she found her hero. Yeah…the mom says the shelter doesn’t call people “adopters” but rather “heroes” because they really are heroes for giving these cats and dogs homes. If you’re on Facebook and wanna see Tamara’s Hero Photo, you can click HERE.

I wish Tamara a happy life in her new home!

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  32 Responses to “Another Upside Down Selfie from Easy E”

  1. We are furry happy that Tamara found her fur-ever home.
    And We love your Topsy Turvy art!

  2. Ernie, you are one talented and handsome dude! And yay for Tamara!

  3. I am very happy for Tamara and her heroes.
    That is a great topsy turvy selfie, Ernie.

  4. Ernie, you are as handsome as ever and I sure WILL be over to see Tamara!

  5. That is wonderful news and an adorable selfie. XO

  6. Hooray for Tamara!!

    Your upside-downy is purr-fect!

  7. We love that selfie Ernie and that is wonderful news for sweet Tamara!

  8. We like your selfie and your telling us about Tamara and the shelter calling adopters heroes.
    All three of us here know who our hero is!!

  9. Oh Ernie, you are such a hard worker, and we are so happy for Tamara!

  10. Hurrah for Tamara and her heroes — and for you and your Mom too Ernie.

  11. Nice selfie and YAY for Tamara!!!

  12. That is such great news about Tamara!

    Great selfie, Ernie!

    Tama and Benny

  13. Beeuteefull Uppyside Down Selfie hansum Ernie!
    **apawss apawss** for Tamara findin a mew furr ever home!! GRATE mewss!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita

  14. This is awesome news, Ernie. Tamara now has a frever home.

  15. Ernie! You look terrific! You are so talented! And terrific news for Tamara and her hero! We are so glad that she got a forever home.

  16. Fab news and I love your selfie!

  17. Congratulations Tamara, and thank you hero adopter who took her home.

    You do look pretty cool yourself Ernie!

  18. That is a cute selfie, Ernie! And paws up for Tamara!

  19. Great upside down selfie Ernie – you’ve got that perfected! Also thanks for sharing Tamara’s HAPPY story. Seniors have it tough and she certainly had it doubly rough. Bless the lady who adopted her for taking on sweet Tamara and giving her a wonderful home and life. Makes me happy.

    Love, Teddy

  20. Pawtatstic news about Tamara! And a great selfie to go with it.

  21. So happy for Tamara! That’s a great selfie Ernie.

  22. that’s wonderful news about Tamara…

  23. Love your selfie and that’s great news about Tamara!

  24. Lucky tamara! Great selfie upside down!

  25. You’re so talented and photogenic that you could take a great selfie in any position. Great news for Tamara finding her forever home.

  26. We love your selfie, Ernie, and we’re glad for Tamara ! Purrs

  27. dood…..we send de best oh fishez and manee manee manee happee gotcha dayz two yur gal pal tamara….how kewl iz it de shelterz callz ther peepulz…. heer roez :!!!! 🙂 ♥♥3

    and yur lookin good dood, ceeling cat even said sew

  28. Cool selfie, Ernie! You are very clever.

    We’re glad Tamara found a home. That is very good news!

  29. So happy for Tamara. Upside down looks good on you.

  30. Do you like belly rubs, Ernie?! I don’t remember ever asking your Mom that. If I were her, I don’t know that I could keep my paws away from that belly.

  31. Yay for Tamara!!! ♥

  32. Adopters ARE heroes. Your mom is right. Good thing you had your eyes open to take that upside down selfie.

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