An Annoying Bird

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Oct 142021

Hey guys. I’ve got a bone to pick. Oh not with any of you…but with a pesky bird outside.

Ernie sitting on a chair looking annoyed

Y’see…our house has wood siding. And lately there’s been this pesky bird that is pecking away on the side of the house constantly for hours. OH MY COD. All that rat-a-tat-rat-a-tat-tatting keeps me awake. It’s SO loud and annoying!

The mom says it’s probably a woodpecker of some sort that’s searching for bugs that like to hide in the wood…and she’s gonna try to get it to stop. And she better! Because this cat needs his sleep.

This is one time I agree with those Trout Towne Tabbies…this is one basturd burd.


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  1. I can see that would be annoying. I would also be worried about the house. Hopefully, your mom can get the bird to move on. About ten years ago we had a mockingbird that would harass Chris while lying in the window.

  2. OH ERNIE! My mommy knows what you mean. This house was and still is really, covered in cedar shakes. Just now, there is siding over them because of this problem. Woodpeckers ate the very side of the house that mommy sleeps in. Whence was on midnights, and trying to sleep during the day, the woodpeckers were constantly pecking. If your parents ever tried to sleep with ear plugs you can ask them how long THAT took before they came out. Uncomfortable for the wearer while sleeping, believe me. IT was a miserable set of years. We live on the edge of a forest…plenty of birdies. are completely right!

  3. Those birdies can be very noisy!! We had one that did that on our gutters and it was super LOUD.

  4. Thanks for commenting on our birthday party today! And we know what you mean about woodpeckers because we live in Florida and they are everywhere. Sometimes one gets on the metal roof to the neighbor’s house and it sounds like a machine gun for hours

  5. i think it’s your job to prevent bird attacks against your house… it’s in the feline position description.

  6. A tiny little Downy ~ or a great big Pileated ~ beautiful but bothersome! Maybe Halloween bats will scare ’em away …

  7. I’m with you and I’m sure mom will take care of this noisy bird.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  8. Guud Greef what a loud an meen Birdie you has there Ernie!
    Mee Birdss are allwayss poelite an no rat-ta-tattin!! Wee sure hope Miss Sue can get that Birdie to move on….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BelllaSita.

    Pee S: A little Birdie meowed it was Miss Sue’ss Birfday yesterday so wee send Happy happy Birfday Wishess to her an all THE best fore THE coimn yeer!

  9. I know how noisy they can be Ernie. Sure hope your Mom can get them to stop. In the meantime you need to tuck your head under a pillow or find some ear plugs.

  10. Ernie we had the very same problem for many years. Finally we replaced all of the wood siding with
    Hardi Plank. It is a siding composite of cement. We did 2 sides of the house at a time. Starting with the most destroyed side. We also had carpenter bees drilling in our eaves had to replace them with Hardi plank too. Birds are for 100% good a testing a kitties last nerve.
    Hugs cecilia

  11. We have neighbors who kick out the jams, one’s who have little kids that SCREAM, and our street is so full of potholes, that any vehicle that squeaks (landscapers pulling a trailer) makes SO MUCH RACKET as they drive by, that the Eastside Cats can be fairly noisy sometimes…but not as bad as your situation, Ernie! Sorry, baby!

  12. Woodpeckers and screeching Blue Jays can be pretty annoying, we wish you a quiet and uninterrupted nap today Ernie.

  13. That sounds SO annoying!

  14. That is awful. Woodpeckers do a lot of damage.

  15. Yikes!!!
    That would drive me crazy too.
    I confess, I have never had an opportunity to chase a bird!
    Purrs, Julie

  16. That burd sure is a real pain Ernie. Hey, we were reading each others blogs at the same time.

  17. Woodpeckers can drive you NUTSO! We have stories … We wish you luck in getting rid of him! Thanks for stopping by Ernie! We love it when you do!

  18. Sounds very annoying. We had one for a few days pecking on the roof but he went away and never came back

  19. A bird like that might not bother me… but it would sure bug my human!

  20. THERE IS NOTHING MORE ANNOYING THAN A WOODPECKER’S…er…PECKING!!!! Hang in there, Ernie. Maybe you mama can file his beak, haha.

  21. No doubt that’s annoying, Ernie! Not too long ago dad had to figure a way to handle wood-boring bees on his boss’s house. The pest guy said it should be dealt with properly because it would draw the attention of said pesky tap tap tapping burds before they knew it.

  22. Hey, Mr. Ernie! #1 says that we sometimes get woodpeckers pecking at the trees, and we can hea them from the study. I’m going to keep an ear out, although it would have to be making a lot of noise, as I seem to be mostly deaf. Too bad.

    Your Fna Benny

  23. Yup, they used to try and find bugs in the corners of our wooden siding, but now its all covered in other non bird attracting material. Now they do a lot of their drilling and pecking on the telephone pole across the street! We have seen red squirrels trying to gnaw on the neighbor’s siding…that would do a lot more damage!

    Hope you can make your noisy intruder find a better place to drill.

  24. BURDS are annoying! Especially when they’re trying to eat your house! I hope your Mom was able to tell that dumb burd to go bother someone else…………

    Hugs, Teddy

  25. That woodpecker dude sounds super RUDE, Ernie. BAD woodpecker!

  26. How rude!! We hope your Mom can encourage Mr. Bird to go somewhere else for his snacks!

  27. We agree, Ernie. That’s a basturd bird!

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