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Sep 162021

Hey guys. Today I’ve got some more random photos for you…just a little bit of this and that for your viewing pleasure.

Ernie lying on window seat

I was trying to take a snooze on the window seat…but someone kept taking pictures of me. Go away and let a cat sleep!

Ernie lying on the mom's feet

Well, if I can’t sleep on the window seat, how ’bout on the mom’s feet instead? I don’t know why I like sleeping on her feet, but I do. She better not even think of moving!

Ernie looking out window in the sunroom

In the sunroom doing a little river watching.

Ernie lying in his heated bed

In my heated bed…but the heat’s been turned off for now. It’s still summer…at least for a few more days.

Y’know…if it seems like all you see of me are pictures of me sleeping or lying around…it’s because that’s what I do most of the time. A cat can’t get enough sleep…am I right??

Last of all…you guys know that we get some cool visitors in our yard. Ducks and geese and swans and deer and the occasional muskrat. But this past week there were a couple of really interesting ones.

Two wild turkeys

Wild turkeys! Now this isn’t the best picture because it was taken from inside the house and from a distance. But check out these crazy birds! I wonder if they’ll stick around until November. You know what comes then…don’tcha? Gobble gobble!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of random photos!


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  1. Sometimes you just dont want the camera around! We cats need some peace.

  2. Those are some great random pictures. We had a cat, Vinny, That liked lying on feet.

  3. Hey Ernie – know what? I like to sleep on my Mom’s feet too…..I just like to be close to her and if we lie on their feet they’re trapped right? I have a lot of nap photos too – it’s what we do when we’re happy and relaxed….no wonder we have a lot of photos of snooze time. Know what else? I think your wild turkeys are sure a lot prettier than the turkey buzzards that land in our yard sometimes! They are UGLY with a capital U!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. I love to see wild turkeys! Thanks Ernie for thinking if that. Mom said I sleep 22 hrs a day, I hoe that is an exaggeration,

  5. Greetings, Ernmeister! Anything with you in it is most certainly for my viewing pleasure, mrroowwwwrrr! Say, I wonder if those wild turkeys are related to the ones in our yard. Dad says there must’ve been a turkey fight nearby because when he was mowing yesterday he came upon a pile of turkey feathers. Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with us sleeping as much as we do.

  6. Great photos Ernie. You never get bored looking out your window.

  7. Ernie, we’ve plugged in Sweetie’s heated beddy…then unplugged it again.
    Repeat a few times, and it’s unplugged now.
    Ahh, Michigan weather!

  8. OMC…wild turkeys. Aside from being a good bourbon, they are delicious, as mama found out when her brother brought one to fix for TG dinner years ago….
    Mama doesn’t like the idea of killing anything and saves SPIDERS and ANTS and more….but oh, that wild turkey was delish! With cornbread dressing….slurp. And Ernie, don’t let ANYONE tell you that cats have to DO something. DO NOT LISTEN TO GOSSIP. And other anthro’s opinion of us is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Happy dreams.

  9. Mum always is about with the flashy box to disturb my naps.

  10. Great photos! We hate getting our naps interrupted. Those turkeys are HUGE!

    The Florida Furkids

  11. Great series of randomness!

    Those turkeys!! I love to hear them chortle to eachother…they can be noisy! We have lots of them around here, but only in the other yards or fields, since they avoid our fenced in yard…Hmmm, we would have fun giving them case…they run most of the time and only fly if they find it necessary!

  12. Looking good Ernie and so are those amazing turkey birds!

  13. We love your photos, Ernie. We think our mom needs to get some random photos of us and post them!

  14. I love random photos. So you like sleeping on your moms feet? I had a pup that a friend had that loved to sleep on my feet. Always amazed all of us.

    Yes the turkey’s always know what to do in November and December. They are smart that way.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  15. Love the pictures of you Ernie, even though getting the photos taken may not always be pleasing to you, the kitty. And wow at the turkeys strolling by!

  16. My cats are always snoozing too. 🙂 XO

  17. Mudpie sleeps on my feet a lot too. I think it’s her way of holding me down! LOL

  18. Nice seeing these casuals of you, Ernie! I’ve always wondered what wild turkeys taste like, compared to, well, regular turkeys.

  19. Toetallee kewl fotoss Ernie…yore so fotogenick mee frend!
    BellaSita read sumthin on line last nite that CATSS are actually inter deemenshunal dwellerss an that wee are not allwayss asleep butt vissitin other realmss….
    Mew mew mew……wee nevurr tell rite???
    Them Wild Turkeyss; are furry tasty umm nice lookin…. 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita

  20. Great photos, Ernie ! Those wild turkeys are amazing visitors ! Purrs

  21. I’m so glad that your peep did though…and we got a couple of those here too! Kozmo says ge we old love to try to get one of those through the cat door!

  22. I like that your mom has the camera handy so she can snap you in your natural habitat, doing what you do, catting!

  23. Lying around and looking out the windows does take the best part of a day.

  24. It doesn’t matter where you sleep, the flashy box is never far away.

  25. Those were some randomly excellent photos, Ernie! We think the turkeys are smart. I remember once seeing a whole flock of them walking around in someone’s yard — two days AFTER Thanksgiving. It’s like they waited until the coast was clear.

  26. Wild turkeys!! that is so cool! Love the collection of this and that!

  27. Those birds will be heading into hiding pretty soon, or they should be!
    Ernie, you’ve got a good life of napping in between your wildlife watching! ♥

  28. Sawyer loves to sleep on our mom’s feet. He’s the only one of us who does that. We get lots of wild animals around our house…but never turkeys. Very cool! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

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