Aug 122021

Hey guys! Nah, I’m not gonna start singing Christmas carols…though I bet this post title gives you an earworm.

Ernie staring out window

Do you wanna know what I was staring at outside so intensely? If you thought it was the geese…or the swans…or the ducks…or Alfred, the blue heron…you’d be WRONG!

Here…let me show you…

Baby deer sitting in yard

It’s a baby deer! Sorry ’bout the crappy picture…it was taken from a distance.

The baby was sitting right smack in the middle of our yard all by itself. Mama and baby have been hanging around the past few days, but this was the first time I’d seen the baby all alone. The mom told me that the mama usually doesn’t go far away and always comes back for its baby.

Baby deer standing in yard

Yeah, that’s true. In fact, the baby ran off right after posing so nicely for this picture. I bet it saw its mama in the next yard.

Y’know…it’s never a dull moment here on our island.


  35 Responses to “Do You See What I See?”

  1. OH I love seeing the dear spotted babies, Ernie.

  2. You have no end of fabulous wildlife and waterfowl and STUFF to keep an eye on there Ernie. Lucky you….never a dull moment! Thanks for the Christmas ear worm…..I think.

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Ernie, my sister who lives in another part of Metro Detroit recently found a fawn in her flower bed!
    It was well camouflaged, and she knew to leave it alone, and even made sure the neighbor’s dogs didn’t bother the baby.
    She almost cried when the mama deer showed up to take her fawn away, but she took NO photos, in an effort to keep everything peaceful.
    Please let your mom and dad know that I read their comments about The PO’M, and that they touched us deeply. Wished they could have met the round one, but then you’d have been jealous, Ernie, so maybe not!

  4. I love the photos Ernie. So cute. You are so lucky with what you see out your window.

  5. That’s even better than BirdTV!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. wow that’s exciting. we live close to a zoo so i’ve always expected one day i’ll come home and there will be an excused monkey or giraffe in our backyard…

  7. We cats here are afraid of deer. Don’t ask me why. Haven’t seen any in a few years now however. Maybe you can be friends with the little deer.

  8. That is way cool! That fawn is so young, it still has its camoflauge spots!!

    Whenever I see deer close to our yard, It reminds me of the time when my toddler when asked what kind of animal he was seeing outside said a Kangaroo!! LOL! I think we had just read a book about kangaroos and the ears must have seemed similar!

  9. Very cool sighting. Mom & Dad sometimes see deer on their walk by the river, but the deer never come to our yard for us to be able to check them out.

  10. That’s a really pretty neighbor you’ve got there Ernie!

  11. Mee-yow WOW WOW WOW!!!!!
    Ernie that iss one purrty Deer!!! Mee thott mee had it guud havin Mindy an Bindy Bunnyss’ here.
    You hit THE Motherload havin a Deer fore a frend! PAWSUM! Seeereuslee!
    ***purrss*** BellaDahrma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  12. dood….thanx bee ta cod ewe did knot hafta seez burd oh any kind, tho frum wear we iz… that deer lookz vizshuz…and thatz just az crazed ….may bee himz a rudolph wanna bee …..

    then when foggy Christmas eve….santa came ta say ♫♫♪♪♫♫♪♫

    ear werm back at cha buddy 🙂 ♥3

  13. What a little cutie!

  14. What a cute visitor ! Purrs

  15. Your island is a wonderful place!! ♥

  16. You are lucky to have beautiful deer to watch.XO

  17. Oh how fun. I would have watched out the window to see this precious baby too. Adorable.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  18. What a beautiful baby!

  19. Wow, Ernie, what a beautiful deer! I bet you had fun watching!

  20. What a treat to see these critters right in your yard. As for the “crappy” picture, dad used that same excuse for his bear photo in our neighbor post. Enjoy your island, Ernie!

  21. Hi Ernie! Baby deer TV is the best. We had wild turkey TV yesterday. Very exciting.

  22. You have such cool things to watch out the window!

  23. Awwww you and the deer are admiring each other from afar.
    Hugs Cecilia

  24. That really is an awesome thing to see in your own yard.

  25. Wow! great visitors today! I love to see deer in my yard! Have a nice weekend! Mya

  26. Oh, you live in a veritable paradise of loveliness and to have animals, too, to watch from your window…a wonderful life! Nature is the best!

  27. Make sure you have Vishus Deer spray handy.

  28. Oh wow! Our Mama deer has 2 fawns this year. One is bold and curious and the other is very timid. I Marv, have been up close and personal with the bold one. He walked right over and sniffed me! Mom says that she is tired of them eating all our flowers. But I think pretty things like fawns should eat pretty things.

  29. We can see why you were looking out there so intensely, Ernie! We have baby deer in our yard, and you’re right …. they are never very far from their mama.

  30. Whoa! What a treat! We have deer in our concrete jungle. In fact neighbors are up in arms cos they’re cutting down the woods near a park a few towns down where lots of deer live.

  31. Wow! That’s a cute guest on the lawn!

  32. That was a sweet little deer. It didn’t even look vishus!

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