Jul 182021

Hey guys. Well, this isn’t exactly a selfie. But I wanna show you the kind of indignity I’m subjected to around here.

photo of Ernie's rear end with tail with 2 eyes taped on it so that it looks like an elephant

The mom saw this on Instagram and thought it would be fun to try on me. She has a weird sense of humor. It’s suppose to be an elephant…but I don’t see it…do you??

Y’know…she better watch out or someday she’s gonna find some paper eyes taped to her butt and that picture plastered on the internets for the whole world to see. Just sayin’…

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  32 Responses to “Easy E’s Not Exactly a Selfie on Sunday”

  1. The indignity of it Ernie! I have to admit it is funny though.

  2. You do make a pretty cute elephant Ernie, butt maybe run next time!

  3. You poor kitty. That is so wrong. And yet funny. 🙂

  4. Yes I do and now my own mom has ideas!!!

  5. Of course we can’t see an elephant, Ernie. Wink, wink!

  6. Poor Ernie. That is just plain not right. We do see the elephant, though. 😉

  7. Mee deerest Ernie yore Meowmy DOES have a weerd sense of humour….Meowmyss’ are a bit fraggle-rocked from Covid mee thinkss!
    Wee actuallee LIKE this Selfie~~2 eyess on yore tushie an yore lovelee tail makess a grate trunk!
    Butt you allwayss bee our hansum Ernie man cat!!!!!!
    ***purrhapss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  8. I don’t even know what an ephalent is? so I don’t see it either,xx Titch

  9. Hopefully things get back to normal next Sunday. Don’t swallow the eyes!

  10. I think the eyes need to be larger!

  11. My human couldn’t ever do that to me, because the moment she touches me anywhere in that area, I stand up and ask for pets! Hmm… I think she may be taking this as a challenge.

  12. It made our Lady chuckle.

  13. Ernie as long as no peanut eating goes on we will be fine! MOL

  14. Poor Ernie ! Humans have such weird ideas sometimes… We can see the elephant, though. Purrs

  15. OMC…we’re not laughing….really we aren’t. Yes, we see the elephant!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  16. Really, Ernie, some humans have no respect for a kitty’s Dignity!
    You do have a beautiful tail, however.

  17. I hear you Ernie. Mum is laughing :/
    I hope she does not get any ideas either!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  18. * Helpless giggles *

    Sorry Ernie, do it’s really terrible. You are a victim * cough cough….*

  19. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  20. You poor baby! Maybe you should come hide out in Mudpie’s Summer Clubhouse after all…

  21. Aw this photo made me smile Ernie. Sorry.

  22. That is a cute back ended selfie!! LOL, LOL!

  23. Ha ha, make the eyes you tape to your mama’s …uh…derriere…..REALLY big, but I can’t seem to come up with what she’ll resemble. Maybe an anthro with eyes taped to her…uh…backend.

  24. Oh Ernie humans have the strangest sense of humor don’t you think? I do think taping eyes to your Mom’s butt might be sweet revenge though. GO FOR IT!

    Hugs, Teddy

  25. Ernie I’m loving Mom’s sense of humor. … and added bonus you can see her coming up from behind too. I once stuck a ‘superior softeness’ sticker n Angel Madi’s head . It was quite appropriate for her softness too
    Hugs Cecilia

  26. dood….we canna get past de eyez ta seez de elly phant….sorree buddee.. we gotta add mit, we cracked up 🙂 ♥♥

  27. This is just too funny! Wonder how your mom would feel if you put those eyes on her backside! MOL!

  28. OMG your Mom is HILARIOUS!! We think that is sooooo funny!!!!!!! Also, Roary says thank you so much for your kind words about his review!! xoxo

  29. We’re sure your revenge will be sweet, Big E! MOL

  30. Cutest elephant ever…

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