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Jul 152021

Hi guys! How’s your week going? Good I hope. And if it’s not…the weekend is almost here!

Today I have some more random photos for you…just stuff that’s been going on around here lately on the island.

Ernie sitting looking out the door

Here’s me in the sunroom watching the birdies fly around. They get really close to the house sometimes. This year, the mom thwarted the swallows and wouldn’t let them build a nest on our deck like they did last year by blocking the area where they like to nest. Let me tell you…those swallows got a little mad about that.

Ernie sleeping on his cat tree

Me snoozing on my mini-cat tree. I like that it has a hole in the top so my paws can dangle.

Ernie sniffing a pile of his fur

I’ve been shedding a lot lately…probably because it’s been so hot…so the mom gave me a good combing with the Zoom Groom the other day. Look at this big pile of fur that came off of me…and that was only after a couple of minutes!

Ernie sleeping in a sun puddle

We been getting a lot of rain lately…so yesterday when Mr. Sun finally decided to show his face…I made sure to take full advantage of it by snoozing in a sunpuddle. I have such a rough life…MOL!

Two deer standing in the woods

The mom encountered this good-looking couple the other day on her walk. The 3 of them just stopped and stared at each other for a while.

Male deer standing in the woods

At first, Mr. Deer didn’t move a muscle.

Female deer standing in the woods

After about 5 minutes of staring, they finally started walking away…but not without the missus giving the mom one final look. Is that a stink eye she’s giving her?

I hope you enjoyed this edition of random photos!


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  1. Ernie, it’s always good to see you chillaxin’!
    Not sure about the vicious deer; maybe they were sizing your mom up for a future snack…we don’t trust those ruminants!

  2. You look wonderful Ernie, all spiffed up with your brushing and chillin’ in the sunshine, enjoy sweetie. Those deer are beautiful, and I do think that is a stink eye from Mrs. Deer – oh well.

  3. A lovely day with lovely sights and that deer wasn’t giving you the stink eye.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  4. Ernie, that WAS a stink eye if I ever saw one. Also, I love the Zoom groom. Takes it off me to. I love seeing what your mom sees on her walk around.

  5. You sure are a busy guy Ernie and those deer your Mom saw sure are cute ones!

  6. Random is good. You don’t want those messy swallows on the house. You should read them the riot act Ernie.

  7. Hey Ernie! Nice that you can do your dangling from your tree……sure don’t want anything interfering with that activity. What cool deer your Mom saw…….we have a herd that comes from the back woods to the front yard (to eat all our grass and some of Mom’s plants) almost every day. We figure they were here FIRST so they should be able to eat whatever they want. LOL

    Hugs, Teddy

  8. dood…..that WAZ de stink eye taht vizshuz deer gived yur mom…..vizshuz they iz…..deer..and hay we getz a good brushin with de zoom groom two !!!! itz like de best huh…heerz ta mor chillaxin anda grate weekend two ewe 🙂 ♥♥

  9. Those deer look cute, but don’t be fooled, they are vishus!!
    We have trouble with swallows too. They keep flying into the kitchen when the door is open. They are easy to get out though, they just sit in the window waiting to be picked up and put back out the door. Not like the sparrows. They come in and keep flapping and poop all over the windowsill.

  10. You sure are living the good life there, Ernie! ♥

  11. Hi Ernie! We enjoyed reading your random stuff today. We’re glad life is good.

  12. Deer are beautiful, but cats are the best. We let the swallows take over the bluebird box, they had 2 batches of babies. Every time they started to build,my hubby emptied it, but they persisted so I told him to let them be. They are pretty and at lots of mosquitos. XO

    • The swallows were building their nest on our deck and were making such a mess…pooping, etc…not to mention whenever the mom went out on the deck, they would dive bomb her because they felt the nest was being threatened. The mom couldn’t let that continue. We let them build a nest on another part of the house.

  13. Such beautiful scenery around you! Mudpie has been shedding like crazy too. I brush her a few times a day and there’s still always loose fur on her back.

  14. Always enjoy seeing your photos Ernie.

  15. WOW, Ernie, are you beautiful and silky after a brushing or WHAT? And we have never seen such healthy, elegant deer in our lives. Mama’s cousin has a ranch in Texas and LOTS OF DEER that have to be culled because otherwise there are too many and not enough food and they suffer, but Texas deer do NOT look like those beauties. What is their race? Amazingly lovely. What is your island’s name. Mama forgot and will go to look on Google but we’d love to know anything more about your island.

    • We live on the island of Grosse Ile. I don’t know what kind of deer we have here…but we have a lot of them!

  16. Grab those sun puddles while you can get them, Ernie!

  17. We’re so jealous of all your sunpuddles, Ernie! And the deer are pretty adorable.

  18. Ernie you are 100% having a good week. OMCs once I saved Angel Madi’s fur for about a year. Then sent it to a friend who spins yarn. To give Madi’s fur strength she added a bit of her dog’s fur to it. In the end had enough to use it in a small afghan for Madi…however, she didn’t like using it. OF COURSE she was a diva. I also had enough to use for 2 rows on a winter scarf
    Hugs and Happy weekend

  19. Mew me wmew mayee Missus Deer iss tryin to say “Don’t mess with mee Deer Man Hu’man!!”
    You nevurr know with Deer!!! They both a re lovelee tho’ aren
    But ERNIE you are even loveleer than Deer!! All yore hansum ftotoss…
    Wee have had sum wild weather here. Tornado missed us an went an blasted thru a part of Barrie only 2 hourss from here!
    Sun iss shinin today butt too *hot* to sit out till wee are inn shade!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  20. MOL def a stink eye 😉 Loved all da picsurs we has been getting lots of rain too but dis week da sun came out so I have been able to soak it up on my kitty perch by da window. We hope ya’ll has a pawesome weekend!

    Matilda (& Matt)

  21. Those are some excellent deer shots. Your pawsies are cute as they dangle.

  22. Wow, lok at Mr. ans Mrs. Deer! Being downtown we don’t see them anymore.

  23. Looks like you’re having a great summer. You probably dropped a pound after your combing was finished.

  24. Loved all the random photos. Mom and Dad have encountered a few deer when they have been searching for Sawyer. That just may be a deer stink eye your mom got. MOL! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy & Kizmet

  25. Careful of those vishus deers.

  26. Great photos showing that life in and around your house is pretty enjoyable.

  27. Oh, yeah, that was a stink eye, all right. We don’t have deer around here. We have a lot of ants, though. 😉

  28. Those are great pictures of you, Ernie, and I love that your mom was able to get good pictures of those deer.

  29. Life sure is good on the Island, eh Ernie? Glad you finally got some sun. It’s just been wicked hot here. We have deer in our backyard, too. Like the ones your mom saw, they sure are big. Even the babies!

  30. Greetings, Ernie! You wrote some interesting random stuff today, which we enjoyed reading. We are glad to hear the world is good.

  31. What a great capture of a young buck and doe!! I think they, while being very shy and cautious, are also quite curious about the things /peeps they see.

  32. loved the photos and those deer are sooo pretty!

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