Jul 112021

Hey guys! Today starts Shark Week…an annual event on the Discovery Channel where they feature documentaries, movies, and shows all about sharks. When Shark Week began back in 1988, its main purpose was to focus on conservation efforts and clear up many of the common misconceptions about sharks…and it’s become very popular over the years.

Ernie with his shark

So in honor of Shark Week, I decided to regale (now there’s another big word for you!) all of you with another selfie of me and my friend Sharky.

Yeah, we’re friends again…having kissed and made up after our last disagreement. Of course, we didn’t really kiss…those teeth of his would get in the way!

Happy Shark Week, everybuddy!

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  30 Responses to “Easy E’s Shark Selfie for Shark Week”

  1. Happy Shark Week, Ernie and Sharky!

  2. Ernie, I cannot believe that you’d stay mad at anyone or anything for very long…you are too sweet!
    Tell you Mom that I looked at your island yesterday; The Hubby surprised me by driving us to the nearby fair, but we didn’t buy anything, and spent more time at the waterfront looking at the island and Canada than at the fair!
    It was a spur of the moment thing, or I would have tipped her off that we were in the ‘hood.
    It’s time we met up for a coffee or lunch, dontcha think, Ernie? I can get her out of the house for that!

  3. Happy Shark Week, Ernie and Sharky! We are glad the two of you are friends again … just in time to watch Shark Week together! 🙂

  4. Shark week is so cool! We’re glad you’re friends again just in time.

  5. Very nice selfie. I forgot it was shark week. XO

  6. You look gorgeous today Ernie, and Happy Shark Week right back atcha. I have a friend that wears Shark Week t-shirts every year when this week rolls around.

  7. You look very handsome with your shark pal Ernie!

  8. HSharky, I didn’t;t know you were a friend of Ernie’s…and yeah, those teeth would def get in the way of a kiss and make up.

  9. Gosh, wish I could just write that all over again. My claws got in the way! Sorry Ernie.

  10. Looks like you and Sharky get along very well–on land at least!

  11. Nice that you and your pal Sharky are friends again – I know I wouldn’t want a shark for an enemy!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  12. Ernie you are one lucky kitty to have such a cool shark toy!!!!! Plus, you have the purrfect expression on your face for shark week too! Lots of love from mom and I, “Roary”

  13. A wonderful selfie to celebrate shark week. I’m glad you’ve made up with your pal.

    ERNIE!! ERNIE!!!!
    What a Dye-namick Duo you are!
    Wee hope youss’ enjoy “Shark Week” on Tee V. Wee not get rite chanelle….***sighss***
    Butt wee CAN watsh Sharkey Cam on Pee C 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  15. Ernie you have a really great Selfie and so does Sharkie! Wonderful! We watch that every year and they are amazing creatures

  16. Great selfie! Sharky looks cute but you’re cuter of course!

  17. You look cute there, and I admire your shark hugely. I like blue!

  18. Glad you and Sharky are friends again. Great photo!

  19. Adorable photo! I’m so glad you made up 🙂

  20. Nice selfie, Ernie! We’ve never paid much attention to shark week over here.

  21. Enjoy the fun on TV with all of the shark stuff! They still make me shudder, LOL!

    Love your selfie!!

  22. So happy you have put Kissing A Shark at the BOTTOM of your to-do list.

  23. it’s a very good idea to be friends with a shark rather than enemies.

  24. We don’t think we’ve ever watched any programs during Shark Week. Mom Paula is too busy watching Netflix series lately! She says she’s moving to Disney+ next.

  25. Happy Shark Week, Ernie!! We love meeting your friend Sharky and hope you enjoy a wonderful week of shark tv. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photo of you two. Have a great week.

  26. Ernie, we are so happy to meet your friend Sharky. It’s going to be such a fun week watching sharks on tv. Thanks for sharing your wonderful selfie. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

  27. You could show him your teeth, Ernie!

  28. dood…..just make sure ya all wayz stayz on hiz good side, matterz knot if de side iz yur left side….
    ore yur rite 🙂 ♥♥

  29. It’s good to see you and Sharky hanging out peacefully, Ernie! 🙂

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