Jun 202021

Hey guys! Can you guess where I took this week’s selfie? C’mon…guess! Nah…you’ll never guess right.

Ernie lying next to a guitar

I’m in the dad-guy’s office…or what he calls his office…it’s kinda an office/man-cave combo. This is where he keeps all his man stuff…and when he’s home, he spends a lot of time in here.

He lets me hang out in here, too. I like that because it’s pretty quiet…well, until he starts playing one of those guitar thingies. He calls it “playing”…I call it “time for me to find somewhere else to be.”

Wanna know why I chose to take my selfie in here? Because today is Father’s Day! And I wanna wish ALL the dads out there…’specially our dad-guy and all the other cat daddies…a Happy Father’s Day! Thanks for sharing your hearts and homes with your furry kids like me.

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  31 Responses to “Easy E’s Selfie on Father’s Day”

  1. Ernie you do look quite content there amongst the 6 strings. I love colors on the one behind you.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Looking good Ernie! Happy Father’s Day to your dad bean.

  3. Happy Father’s Day to your wonderful Dad! XO

  4. What a cool picture of you and the guitar, Ernie! Happy Father’s Day to all!

  5. Precious ERNIE! Yore THE sweetest man cat efurr!!!
    Happy PawPaw’ss Day to yore PawPaw….seein as hee plays gee-tar mee goin meow “ROCK ON!!!”
    An Ernie yore PawPaw day SElfie iss gorgeeus!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}}LadyMew

  6. It’s a man cave AND a mancat cave, right Ernie? Happy Father’s Day to your special dad, and all dads everywhere! XO

  7. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad Guy!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. You look fabulous in the Dad’s mancave Ernie and Happy Father’s Day to your Dad from all of us.

  9. Ernie you do a great Guitar Selfie. Happy Fathers Day friends

  10. I see mewsic in your Selfie, Ernie 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Father’s Day to your Dad. Hope you all have a wonderful day

  11. “He calls it “playing”…I call it “time for me to find somewhere else to be.””
    Sounds like me, when The Hubby puts basketball on TV…the squeak of the shoes makes me nutty, Ernie!
    Happy Pawther’s Day!

  12. A fine portrait and lovely tribute to your cat dad. Have a good day Ernie.

  13. Happy Father’s Day to your dad, Ernie. That is a super cool guitar. When are you going to learn to play? MOL! Thanks for hopping with us. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

  14. Wow, at first I though…what a lot of briefcases, he must be a busy imopawrtaant man!! LOL!!

    Guitars!! Wow, yes, having had one in our den that unfurbro-the-elder played…yup, lets vamoose to quieter venues!!

    Happy Father’s Day to your most special Dad!!

  15. Hey Ernie – nice spot to wish your Dad a Happy Father’s Day. I bet that’s his favorite place in the house where his instruments are………and of course it’s the best spot to catch him when he comes in the door so you can say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

    Hugs, Teddy

  16. Nice selfie, Ernie! Happy Father’s Day to your male human!

    P.S. When my human’s ex lived here, the music room was the place to be! And since Binga and Boodie were hard of hearing, they didn’t mind the noise.

  17. I hope your dad had a great Father’s Day, Ernie.

  18. Erns, I would love to hear you sing while your dad plays “one of those “guitar thingies.” Do you ever do that? Tummy tickles.

  19. Hope your dad had a purrfect Father’s Day!

  20. Ernie, not only does your Dad have the purrfect Man Cave/Office, he has the purrfect Ernie Cat to share his life with! We send your Cat Daddy Happy Cat Daddy Day Wishes! And we LOVE your selfie Ernie. Thanks for visiting us.

  21. That is a fancy guitar! Hope the human Dad had a nice day.

  22. Hey, we guessed right, Ernie! Closet it is and we like closets, all nice and quiet, unless Bridget’s
    after a mouse. Sorry you’re afflicted with pee pests too..sheesh, you’d think having crystals was some kind of magic, but noooo!! – Meow!

  23. That looks a lot like Cat Dad’s office – guitars everywhere! Well at least until the kitties discovered those cases make good scratching posts, now they’re all in a locked cabinet. You have MUCH better manners than our kitties Ernie. Happy Father’s Day!

  24. Oh I LOVE the cat daddy’s guitar!! Sooooooo cool! Happy belated Father’s Day to your Daddy!

  25. Hope Father’s Day was a great time. Might have been some music I reckon.

  26. The guitar looks mighty fine. Hope your dad had a wonderful time.

  27. Great photo Ernie.

  28. Nice tribute, Ernie!

    Tama and Benny

  29. Love the guitar…

  30. Looks like a perfect place to take a nap ^^

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