May 202021

Hey guys. I thought I’d share some random photos with all of you today…of stuff going on around here on the island lately.

Ernie sleeping in a sun puddle

Me doing what I do best…sleeping in a sunpuddle.

Close up of Ernie's claws

Claws of Doom. After this…guess who got a pawdicure??

Ernie lying on bed

The mom tried to get all creative and artsy with this one…taking a picture of me on the bed through the mirror. It didn’t turn out very good if you ask me…since I kinda look like a black blob lying there.

A family of geese

Guess what! We’ve got some baby geese! This family showed up about a week ago. There’s TEN babies! I think that’s the biggest family of geese we’ve had. You should see mom and dad try to keep this group corralled. It’s worse that herding cats!

And speaking of babies…

A family of swans

The baby swans are finally here! The five cygnets (you remember that’s what baby swans are called, right?) made their first appearance a few days ago. I know this isn’t the best picture of them…but they haven’t come close yet and the mom had to use the zoom to take this.

photo of a muskrat

And finally, this guy was in our lawn yesterday. Can you guess what it is? It’s a muskrat. We don’t normally see them in the grass…usually they’re either on shore near or in the water. You should see them swim! They can move fast!  But there was something in the grass that really had this one’s attention. I wonder what it was.

I hope you enjoyed these random photos!


  34 Responses to “Random Things on Thursday”

  1. I remember years ago, probably early 70s not long after we were married, the river near us became inundated with muskrats. They are not native in the UK so must have escaped from somewhere. They were killing all the fish and other small animals. It went quiet after a while so I would think they were culled being an alien species.
    It is nice to see all the babies. I hope they all thrive.

    • We’ve never had problems with the muskrats here. We see the geese chase them sometimes but that’s about it.

  2. I like all the random shots!
    We get ducks in our yard that like the seed mum puts out.
    We are looking forward to seeing baby ducks soon 🙂
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Great photos I’ve never heard of a Muskrat.

  4. Seems like there’s a lot to se on your island Ernie! You live in a beautiful place with so many cool animals.

  5. So that’s what a muscrat looks like! That Captain & Tennille song is now earworming – MOL! You look beautiful as always Ernie.

  6. dood…we think ya look most handsum….and de muskratz prettee kewl two…..honest lee…de other partz oh thiz post… part oh which we due not speek….we shall knot speek of ~~~~ 😉 ♥♥

  7. Ernie what really pretty random you have going on.
    Muskrat love by Captain and Tonelle will be in my head all day
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Claws of doom is right. Yikes.

    Love the shot of you on the bed. I think it turned out just fine.

    Aw on all the spring critters you have. Fun to watch.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  9. Great photos Ernie.

  10. Ernie…you can post those any day. Mom and I loved them.

  11. We love to see what’s going on in your world, Ernie! You have such a nice spot there for your home. ♥

  12. Great photos of you, the babies and the muskrat! Mom bean saw a muskrat at the pond last year but it was furry shy.

  13. Ernie, you are just too handsome not to share you with the world!
    We’ve only seen muskrats in the water or at the very edge, so this image is pretty cool!

  14. Ernie! What wonderful murder mittens! Too bad you got a pawdicure! And look at all those babies…I bet they are terrific at keeping you entertained. We LOVE the shot of you on the bed. We often look like blobs too! And last but not least – a Muskrat! We are lucky, we have a beaver that is terrific to watch! I bet the Muskrat is too! Thanks for the newsy post! We LOVE seeing what you get to see!

  15. Those were fun ones Ernie and those claw are sure something pal.

  16. The swans are beautiful. I like the photo of you on the bed, the mirror makes a nice frame. XO

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a muskrat! He’s a cutie. Great photos!

  18. Furabuluss post an fotoss’ Ernie!
    Ernie yore lookin mitey hansum an happy inn yore sunpuddell foto! An mee likess THE mirror foto…you lookk dark an mistyereuss….
    An THE Geese an Swanss with their Goslingss an Cygnetss are so adoorabell.
    An Muskrat iss furry cute two!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  19. Impressive claws Ernie and cute pictures! I enjoyed seeing the geese and swans and the muskrat too!

  20. Somepawtimes random pics are just great. Every post doesnt hafta have a theme.

    Head in the sunpuddle was great! Its the 2nd most impawtant place to us (tummy first MOL).

    We have never seen those ducks or or any musk-rats. We saw geese once, and the little geese look VERY interesting.

  21. How cool that you have baby bird TV at your house, Ernie! And now my human is going to give me a pawdicure too.

  22. Lots to see at your den, Ernie!! Maybe the muskrat was after a big worm??

  23. WOW, those claws are intimidating. Do you use them often on your anthros when they don’t serve dinner? And does that muskrat ramble, haha, And do those little geese honk? And what a paradise you live in, you lucky black blob.

  24. Looks like a lot of fun going on Ernie with lots of ducks to keep an eye on. Now if you get those murder mitts taken care of things will be peachy. What a great view

  25. Hey Erne! Terrific photos even the black blob one – you look like you are mighty comfy on that bed and posing quite nicely for the Mom! WOW on that herd of geese…..we’ve seen a Mom and Dad herding SIX but that’s the most. We see them coming and going from the pond two houses down………sadly most years the “line” gets shorter and shorter due to snakes/turtles, etc. snacking on the little ones. The swans are way cool… sure have some GREAT scenery Ernie!

    Hugs, Teddy

  26. You have so much wildlife to watch, love it! And wow, those claws…

  27. You look quite good on the bed and careful with those claws! You have a lot of nice friends to watch outside in your garden.

  28. Ha ha, Ernie the black blob! I think you’re one handsome black blob. Anyway, that’s quite the collection of critters. We’ve got several geese families around here, too. Someone’s even posted signs along the major road nearby warning drivers to be careful. Your sun puddle snoozy picture is the best, Ernie. Have yourself a nice relaxing weekend!

  29. Good job with that sleeping, Ernie! And we loved seeing all those babies and the muskrat!

  30. Random is good. Plus I noticed you chose to sit on the bed and not on your cat bed!

  31. love the muskrat! You and Frodo have the same claws of doom!

  32. The perfect sun puddle portrait!

    Late but hoping you have a Happy Thursday!!!

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