Feb 282021

Hi guys. Not much going on here today…it’s just another boring day on the Island. So I’ll be getting my easy on. What are you doing today?

Ernie lying on the couch

Hey! Here’s an update on the miracle dog the mom told you about the other day. He continues to recuperate from his outside ordeal and is doing really well according to the veterinarian. His owner has been identified. But that person decided to give up ownership of Miracle. So the shelter is going to be looking for a new home for him. Many people have already said they want to adopt him and he shouldn’t have any problem finding a good home. He really is one lucky dog.

And now for my selfie…

Ernie up close

Wow! I think my ears grew! 

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  47 Responses to “Easy E’s Big Ear Selfie on Sunday”

  1. Nice (and handsome) selfie, Ernie! We’re just chilling today, too.

    Great news about that dog. We hope he finds his loving forever home real soon.

  2. You look so fabulous Ernie! Thanks for the update pupdate, Miracle sure deserves a new and special forever home.

  3. Very nice selfie, Ernie. Miracle deserves a great home after that ordeal. I hope he finds it!

  4. Very handsome easy and selfie. I am glad the miracle dog is doing well. XO

  5. You look very handsome. That blue suits you.

  6. Gorgeous selfie of you Ernie! I’m glad the dog is recovering! I hope he gets a nice new home soon!

  7. You look amazing Ernie. Handsome and those beautiful eyes.

    That dog was so lucky and I am glad it is safe.

  8. Earnie! You look terrific! Ummm, we are not too sure about the ears though…They look pretty normal. Thanks for the update on Miracle. We hope you and your Peeps have a totally AWESOME week!

  9. Hey Ernie! Thanks for the update in Miracle Dog. Sounds like the owner probably dumped him in the first place…

    We love your selfies. That shade of blue really suits you!

    Tama and Genji

  10. Hello handsome Ernie 😉 Ooooo la la!

    That was such a happy ending or this doggie. Hope he gets a family that wants to keep him safe and love him!!
    Purrs, Julie

  11. I am glad that the dog will be getting a new home. It seems that he will be much better off away from his original one.
    That is a great selfie.

  12. Mee-yow WOW Ernie yore lookin mitey chillax’ed there! An yore earss are lovelee….liek tHE rest of you!!!
    Smokin Selfie mee frend!
    An HURRAH that Miracle will get a propurr mew home! BEST mewss this week!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  13. You look fabulous Ernie! Thanks for the update on the dog, he deserves the best home ever, brave little thing.

  14. You take great selfies, Ernie!

  15. Good news about miracle dog. Superior selfie today, Ernie. Thanks for hopping with us. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

  16. You look fab, Ernie!
    It’s good to know that the doggo will be cared for.

  17. Ernie you look wonderful! Great selfie.

  18. Nice selfie, Ernie! And tell your human thank you for the update on the rescued dog.

  19. Purrfect selfie and many thanks for the update.

  20. Purrfect selfie and many thanks for the update!

  21. Oh, we are so glad that doggy is doing well. We sure hope he gets the best new home ever!

    Loved seeing you today, Ernie,and yes its a gloomy day once again, though it started out sunny here…sheesh, why did the sunbeams have to go into hiding…

  22. Ernie, you’re as handsome as ever!

  23. Thanks for Miracle’s update, Ernie! Bigger ears make for better hearing, haha!

  24. That first picture of you, Ernie, is absolutely beautiful and downright perfect! I really enjoyed your cameo during the Council meeting Sunday 🙂

  25. Ernie, I’m chillin too. Messing with Mom to get more attention. She said she is remembering to call to get my nails done as I am puncturing her over and over.

  26. A happy ending for “Miracle” … and Mr Ernie, just a milimeter more and you’d be sporting “froot-bats”, those handsome big boy ears are good listening ears we suspect …

  27. Hello, handsome Ernie! It’s always so nice to see you. And we are so glad the miracle pup is recovering and that he’ll go to a good home soon enough.

  28. We love your ears big or small and that’s a fact!

  29. OMG I think your ears DID grow! Looks like the dog’s “bad” luck in the end turned into very good luck as he gets a warm new safe happy home!

  30. The better to hear with Ernie and big ears are better than a big tush or nose.
    Hugs Cecilia

  31. Lovely selfie!

    Good news about the doggie. Hope he finds his forever very soon x

  32. yeah we all chilled too.

  33. Mom bean is just all over your handsome selfie Ernie. Looking good. We had an easy Sunday too, lots of napping and occasionally yelling at the mom bean to feed us. Just a regular day, MOL!

  34. Glad Miracle will be OK and find a new home.

  35. We’re glad that Miracle will have a chance to have a good life in a new home….he deserves it!! Ernie your ears look just fine…..”the better to hear with” right??

    Hugs, Teddy

  36. Hurray for Miracle. And you are looking good.

  37. Beautiful selfie Ernie. Glad to hear the good news about the dog.

  38. Your ears look just the right size for you. Great news about so many people interested in adopting the doggy.

  39. We’re not convinced your ears have grown, Ernie but they ARE furry impurressive!
    Good to hear the woofie has a chance of a truly loving furever home and family. Keep us posted.

  40. Hi handsome Ernie!!!! We are so happy about “The Miracle Dog” but I keep wondering, where were his owners?

  41. Ooops, I just read your post again. That person is disgusting…….how could they let that happen? I am glad they gave him up though, but how could that person live with themselves????

  42. Hi Ernie and Mom, I wanted to say thank you for being such good friends to Spitty and me. He loved you guys and so do I! I’m pretty sure he’s looked up Wally and Zoey by now to get the scoops on life Beyond the Bridge 😉 As much as he loved Wally, I think he is probably spending more time with Zoey, MOL. She was such a pretty girl cat!

    We are grateful for your friendship and one of these days I hope there will be a new kitty to carry on the blog tradition, Maybe I, the Human, will get with the posting program yet! XOXOXO

  43. Ernie yoo always take nice selfies. *bats flirty whiskers* I’m so happy Miracle dog was rescued by determined hoomons, and also he will get the proper Forever Home he deserves. I so love happy ever afters…

  44. You’re right today is a ho hum day. We’ll join you and have a nap.


  45. Sheesh Ernie! It sure does look like your ears got stretched or photo-manipulated! No matter, you’re still a beautiful specimen of a mancat.

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