Dec 272020

Hi guys! Did you all have a good Christmas? I sure did.

Guess what Santa Paws brought me. This new bed! And you know what the best thing about this bed is? It’s heated! And not like one of those beds that you have to lie on to get heated. This is an honest-to-goodness-plug-it-in-and-it-gets-warm heated bed!

Ernie in his new heated bed

I’ll let you in on a little secret. It took me a little time to get used to this bed. I just sniffed it at first and wouldn’t get in it. You know how it is with new stuff. I mean…can you really trust it? But once I discovered that it was warm in there, I LOVE snoozing in it.

Ernie's up close selfie from inside the bed

I took my selfie while lying here. I certainly have no intention of getting up.

Ernie sleeping in his new heated bed

Now if you don’t mind…I’ve got some warm snoozing to do. Thanks, Santa Paws, for my new bed! It’s just what I wanted!

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  35 Responses to “Easy E’s Warm Selfie on Sunday”

  1. Wow….that’s a fabulous gift!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. That is a lovely new bed. Maybe you could get your meals brought to it so you don’t have to leave it’s warmth.

  3. I wish I had one!

  4. Wowza! Not only is that heated bed GORGEOUS it looks so comfy! You look so handsome in it Ernie!!! It matches you purrfectly! Love, Roary (oh and Mom LOVED your comment about Amazon!)

  5. Ernie that is one fabulous bed……precisely what you deserve – head to toesie warms! Love the material…..and fits you PURRRFECTLY too! Santa is a good guy.

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. OOH! Santa totally hooked you up, Ernie! You must have been REALLY nice this year!

  7. Santa Paws really hit the nail on the head with your prezzie this year! If WE had a heated bed like that, We would neffur get out of it (mol)!

  8. That looks wonderful Ernie and you look most happy!!!

  9. Looks like a wonderful present Ernie. Glad you are getting a lot of enjoyment out of it.

  10. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    That looks like it would be so comfy and cozy!!!
    No wonder you don’t want to come out 😉
    Purrs, Julie

  11. That is a beautiful new bed and it fits you purrfectly Ernie, enjoy!

  12. I love my heated beddie too. Mine plugs in as well but doesn’t heat up til I get in. Except it took me months before I started to use my bed. You were quick.

  13. What a cool heated bed ! It looks so comfy ! Enjoy it, Ernie ! Purrs

  14. Wow, a heated bed! That is such an awesome gift!! I think Harley would like one of those.

  15. Oh what a great present you got Ernie! Happy snoozing!

  16. I’m so glad you liked it. You are right, one must be very careful about new things.

  17. Marvelous! You look so cozy and comfy in it, Ernie!

  18. Absoloot purrfection Ernie!!! That bed lookss so cozy! An heeted!! Score LARGE mee frend!!
    Mee let you nappy now…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

  19. What an awesome gift! I guess we’ll know just where to find you this winter, Ernie!!

  20. Sounds super cosy.

  21. You’re very lucky, Ernie! That looks like a wonderfully cozy bed!

    Tama and Genji

  22. I am glad Santa was so good to you. XO

  23. WOW that bed is AMAZING!!! Mudpie would like to know if there’s room in there for her too? She promises to keep her paws to herself!

  24. Wow, that’s a fantastic cozy bed. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay cuddled up in it.

  25. . Ernie, you look totally comfie! No wonder you don’t wanna get out! And the leopard print is fabulishious with your furs.
    Queen Penelope LOVED her heated beds! She never wanted to get out of them either! She would even ask (yelling with her siamese voice at the top of her lungs) to have it turned on in the summer
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb

  26. You must’ve been extra kind and nice this year to score this pawsome present. Happy New Year!

  27. What an awesome gift, Ernie!

  28. Such a purrfect present Ernie. Hugs and Purrs mom and Spike.x

  29. OMC! That bed is da bomb! Santa Paws was good to you.

  30. Now THAT is a bed I could ‘erm…. Get into!

    Good Christmas then Ernie eh? 🙂

  31. Oh, that is the best thing ever!!

    Love how you allowed a moment for a nice selfie!

  32. Wonderful gift Ernie!

  33. Ernie, you and Sweetie…snoozing away in your heated beddys!

  34. Ernie we have a heated bed, not that nice, but we all love it and call dibs daily

  35. Wowy, a heated bed custom sized just for you?! What a grrr-eat purresent you got! Mom bought sisfur Myrnie a pink bed last year, but she won’t use it. I tried it out, too, but I don’t care for it either. But if it were heated, then I just might take another try at it. Winks.

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