Dec 202020

Ernie singing "Deck the Halls"

I’m singing my favorite Christmas song.

What’s yours??

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  33 Responses to “Easy E’s Singing Selfie on Sunday”

  1. Wow, Ernie! That is one awesome pic! Very festive!

    Tama and Genji

  2. I hear you singing loud and clear, Ernie!

  3. We like your song!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Hey, we know that song, Ernie! 🙂

  5. Tis the season!

  6. Bravo Ernie, shout it on out!

  7. My human is singing …
    “all I want for Christmas
    is a pet-i-cure for June,
    those kitty claws are
    long and sharp
    my hands now sans
    blood from here to
    the moon”
    And I said to her, just
    get another bandaid and
    beside, your song makes
    no sense at all! It’s
    embarrassing, go visit
    another blog …

  8. I am like Zoolatry around here as Katie’s mom. Man, she skewers me like a hot dog on a spit over the campfire.

  9. Pawsome singing Ernie. My song would be I’m Dreaming Of A Catnip Christmas.x

  10. Ernie you have purrfect pitch and OMCs that hat…I love it
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Ernie, you are really belting that one out – what a fun carol – MOL! I love the hat.

  12. We like your song, it’s great!

  13. Sing it loud an proud Ernie!!!!
    Yore Selfie iss pawtastick just like you mee frend!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  14. I wish! Around here it’s usually copies of the Times crossword or bills, not the birdy kind, MOL
    Awesomst selfie this week, Ern!

  15. Mine is Oh come oh come all kibble to my dish And mama might even make me a knish. The tune is oh come oh come Emanuell…

  16. Too cool Ernie! Interactive decorations!

  17. Ernie I can hear your sining up here in the frozen wasteland. We’d like some nip too.


  18. Ernie! When we first saw the picture, we thought you might be as unhappy as Kozmo was when he had to wear the hat! We like your singing much better than his whining!
    Marv, J o Jo, Cinnamon and Barb(and Kozmo)

  19. That’s the purrfect Christmas song, Ernie!
    I’m sure Santa hears your song and brings you lots of catnip!

  20. You have a lovely voice. XO

  21. A real Christmas Carol for cats eh? Well I thought I heard you over here…….. 🙂

  22. That’s fabulous, Ernie!

  23. Sing it loud, Ernie!

  24. Gee Ernie, that works for me!!
    I love catnip 😉 MOL!!
    Purrs, Julie

  25. Good job with the song Ernie.

  26. Nobody sings here… perhaps that is just as well. Even if it is a bit quiet.

  27. May you have a blessed Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year! Enjoyed this post!

  28. Wonderful singing Ernie!

  29. You are in the spirit of the season, Ernie!

  30. Ernie that is our favorite too!

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