Nov 232020

Hi guys. We got some snow yesterday. First snow of the season. Well, not exactly…we’ve had some flurries in the past but this was the first time it snowed for most of the day and it stuck to the ground.

Ernie looking out the window at snow

Y’know…the best way to spend a snow day is to park my butt next to the fireplace and stay toasty warm.

Ernie laying in front of fire place

And that’s exactly what I did.


  35 Responses to “Best Way to Spend a Snow Day”

  1. Good choice Ernie, I’d be right there with you!

  2. Good plan!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Luckily, it snowed for hours but really didn’t make much accumulation, Ernie!
    And, this morning, it’s melting away!

  4. That is a great idea Ernie, enjoy your cozy nap!

  5. You’re one smart kitty and I would have done the same. What a lovely view you have from your window too.

    Have a purrfect day and week. My best to your mom. ♥

  6. You lucky boy, you have a fireplace! Saku has been known to sit on the heat vent thingies when he wants to warm up. MOL!

  7. Wow snow I should know but where do you live. We have snow up in the highlands of Scotland. I like snow especially when mom throws snowball’s for me but like you im right in front of the heater when we come in. You have such a lovely fire.x

  8. I sit right up against the hot air blowy things when it’s cold, snowy or windy out.

  9. We are glad to see that you are prepared for Winter!

  10. Mee-yow WOW!! Move on over Ernie! Mee comin to join you! It iss snowy an sleety an freezin here!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  11. We had a snowstorm a few weeks ago. It was enough to mess up traffic and by the end of the next day it was gone! Mum was happy. I would like the fireplace 😉
    Purrs, Julie

  12. Ernie what a WISE guy you are. Soaking up those heat waves. Now if you could just store them somewhere.
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. I wish I had a fireplace. 🙂

  14. Same here Ernie…we had a snow day. You look so cozy in front of the fire. Teddy didn’t want to get out of his bed yesterday.

  15. Alias was all kinds of excited when we got snow. I think it gets real old about the second or third time you see it.

  16. Good plan, Ernie ! Purrs

  17. dood…now all ya knead izza few fish anda fryin pan !! N we CRACKED UP at yur commint over at colehouse !! 🙂 ♥♥

  18. You’re absolutely right, ERnie!

    Tama and Genji

  19. Nothing better than how you planned your day!

  20. Good job Ernie and a grate place to park your butt. We may get for real snow on Tuesday.

  21. Smart kitty! You beat us…we haven’t had any snow stick to the ground yet.

  22. Superb plan if you ask us!

  23. Pretty snow and a cozy fire. You’ve got it made, Ernie.

  24. I think that’s a good plan, Ernie!

  25. You know the BEST spot is the WARM spot!

    Hugs, Teddy

  26. Agreed – from beside our fire.

  27. Oh my, snow! Brrrr!
    It’s the best to spend the snow day next to the fireplace 🙂 Stay warm xo

  28. Dang, you guys got snow, Ernie? Then yes, belly toasting by the fire is the way to go!

  29. Bast we need ta get TBT to start te fireplace again.

  30. Oh, that’s purrfect!

  31. You look nice and cozy!

  32. Holy cow! You got snow? We only got rain. And we only have a fake fireplace, so when it snows we may come spend the day with you!

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