Oct 252020

When you got a big ol’ comfy bed to sleep on…

Ernie sleeping half-on, half-off on his cat bed

But you much prefer sleeping on just a small part of it…and even hanging off of it. There’s no explaining why us cats do what we do. Right?

And now for my selfie.

Up close picture of Ernie on his cat bed

At least I opened my eyes for it.

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  33 Responses to “Easy E’s Snoozing Selfie on Sunday”

  1. Oh Ernie, you big gorgeous mancat, that half on/half off picture is too much! But hey, when you find a comfortable position you go with it, right? And you’re so right- there’s no explaining why we do what we do. Ever. Have an awesome Sunday!

  2. That is a lovely selfie, Ernie.
    Flynn was the same. He had the whole sofa to himself but he would still be half hanging off. Whatever feels comfy, right?

  3. We suspect, Ernie, that you left that space for Wally…

    Beautiful selfie!

    Tama and Genji

  4. We never have to explain ourselves….we’re cats!! Great selfie.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Ernie, I left a comment above about your leaving space for Wally that Tama andGenji said…but it didn’t take. I think that was right. XX

  6. Yes I feel the same way Ernie. Sometimes you just have to let it all hang… off

  7. That looked darn comfy to us and your selfie is terrific Ernie!

  8. That looks like a very comfy bed. You can sleep on any or all of it. Just as you please.

  9. A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do. Right, Ernie?

    Nice selfie!

  10. We love your photo so handsome. Hugs and Purrs mom & Spike.x

  11. You do you Ernie, we thinks you’re purrfect!

  12. Boy, there is room on that big old comfy bed for me, too!

  13. I’m glad you opened your eyes for the photo Ernie, I just love your pretty eyes!

  14. Let it all hang out…or hang over…as the case may be, MOL!!

    But your selfie was great:)

  15. I love your selfie today, Ernie. And yeah, we cats can do what we want!

  16. We think you are so cute! Wonderful selfies!

  17. Those are great selfies. XO

  18. that is a cute photo of you, Ernie.

  19. Hey Ernie we don’t have to ‘splain anything to anyone – we are CATS – we do what we wanna do without having to say why. Napping is a personal thing anyway – nobody should be watching us or criticizing our technique. Yeah. So there. You look VERY comfy to me!

    Hugs, Teddy

  20. You sure look cozy and content!

  21. Yup. Who knows why you do the things you do…

  22. Oh Ernie, you are such a handsome panther. And your eyes are gorgeous.

  23. Definitely a handsome cat and you have FABulous eyes!

  24. Personally I think you look very comfy, and handsome! And yes, cats always do their own thing. 🙂

  25. Pawsome sleeping method Ernie. MOL!!
    Your selfie is SO handsome!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  26. Beautiful selfie Ernie. You sure do look comfy.

  27. A snoozie selfie is one of the best kind.

  28. Humans will never understand the way cats like to nap, Ernie!

  29. That’s one excellent Selfie, Ernie…and do I see a little curly raspberry coming out 😀 Extra Pawkisses ♥

  30. Humans will never understand how we cats can find comfort in any number of strange positions. They’re just jealous. Fabulous selfie, Ernie! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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