Oct 162020

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair goes walking almost every day. On one of her walks this past week, she found this teeny tiny black and white feather.

Zoey with tiny black and white bird feather

She knows how much I like feathers…you might remember the giant goose one I had…so she gave this one to me, too. She’s not sure what bird it may have come from, but she suspects it might be from a downy woodpecker which is a small black and white bird. Here’s a picture of a downy woodpecker we got off the internets.

picture of downy woodpecker

Y’know…I think she might be right. Too bad the rest of the bird wasn’t attached to this feather. Now that woulda been fun!

While on her walks, she took some pictures of the beautiful fall colors. And I graciously told her that she could share her pictures with all of you today.

trees in fall colors

trees in fall colors

trees in fall colors

trees in fall colors

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the pretty fall colors! They’re almost as pretty as me.


  29 Responses to “A Former Feral, a Feather and Fall Colors”

  1. What a cool feather! Such gorgeous fall shots. We don’t have those fall colors here yet.

  2. it’s woody’s feather!

  3. Almost as pretty as you Zoey, is right! Mom bean says thanks for sharing, our trees are dropping their leaves and everything is going brown here.

    Neat feather, enjoy!

  4. As a once upon a time Michigander, I do remember well how beautiful autumn could be … these images are wonderful! We have little in the way of fall coloring yet …
    Yes: definitely a Downy feather, many of them are common at our feeders. Enjoy your little feather
    Zoey …

  5. Those fall leaves are almost as pretty as you are sweet Zoey!

  6. Beautiful kitty and I love the feather. Most unusual.

    I love all the fall colors. Most beautiful.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  7. Stunning photos and of course gorgeous Zoey.x

  8. Well they are pretty photos Zoey but as far as pretty goes – they can’t touch you with a ten foot pole! That woodpecker feather is VERY COOL. Would make a nice decoration on a girlie hat!

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. Sweetheart, nothing is as pretty as you re. XXX

  10. We just love your little feather and wow what colors. We dont have ours yet but hope soon

  11. That is a very cool feather! Most recently, my human found one from a crow.

  12. Zoey wow!!! Win Win for you and for us.
    What gorgeous photos of the colors in your city.
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. Well, it was a bonus then, Zoey, since we got to see pretty you AND pretty foliage! We are past peak foliage here, but there is still a lot of color around. What a pretty feather, that’s a fun find, and good job by Mom figuring out what kind of bird it came from.

  14. Zoey, what a lovely gift she gave to you!
    I too walk daily…sometimes a couple of times because I need a work break…and the colors are lovely right now.

  15. Mee-yow wow beeuteefull Autumm treess Zoey…yore rite! Allmost a beeuteefull as YOU are.
    LadyMew sayss this iss a Woodpeckur feather for sure…they have such kewl featherss don’t they???
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  16. That sure is beautiful there this time of year.

  17. That is a pretty feather, Zoey. The Fall colours are lovely, and so are you.

  18. I bet you would have enjoyed all the feathers and the bird. 🙂 Beautiful fall foliage. XO

  19. Beautiful photos! Vermont is known for its fall colors and I never take pictures! Shame I take it for granted. That’s a pawsome feather too.

  20. Pretty pics! Glad you got a new fevver Zoey.

  21. That is a unique looking feather! I hope next time the rest of the bird will come with the feather 🙂
    The autumn colors are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing xo

  22. I’d say she called it on who that feather belonged to, and you’re right- it is too bad the rest of that burd wasn’t attached to it. Our colors are starting to change magnificently out here, too!

  23. Our mom is living vicariously through the lady with the yellow hair. What beautiful scenery she sees on her walks. And you’re so lucky to have a woodpecker feather!

  24. You fall is beautiful.

  25. Very pretty Zoey!

  26. Your fall is much prettier than ours, Ernie and Zoey. We have only seen more than 50 shades of grey until now, but looking at your pictures and such a beautiful sign from heaven, we feel colourful as well 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you ♥

  27. That was thoughtful of your mom to bring you a feather. I think it’s best that the bird it came from stay outside. That woodpecker beak would hurt! You have beautiful Fall colors in your area.

  28. You’re lucky to get a feather, Zoey! Our mom used to find them for the old bros and sisters who were here before us but we haven’t seen a one. (She *says* she just hasn’t seen any.) Anyway, beautiful trees, beautiful feather, and very beautiful you!

  29. That’s a cool feather, Zoey! And yes, those fall color pics the yellow-haired lady took are almost as pretty as you (ALMOST)!

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