Oct 112020

Hi guys. Yep…another upside down selfie from me today. I know you humans love this…I’m just giving you what you want. Am I right?

Ernie with his head upside down

Besides, with the way things are lately…the world looks much better from this angle.

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  31 Responses to “Another Easy E Upside Down Selfie on Sunday”

  1. Any image of you is what we want, Ernie…but the upside down ones are particularly squee-worthy!

  2. We love your upside-down selfie!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. That’s pretty darn cute Ernie!

  4. You are too cute Ernie! I love the upside down photos.

  5. Yep, your upside down selfie is purrrrrfect!

  6. You sure ARE right!

  7. We are sure it does look better from there!

  8. You’re right, Ernie! Give ’em what they want! 🙂

  9. Hey, Easie E, you look great upside down or rightside up!! Or halfway between….

  10. …and you look so cute from the upside down position, sweet Ernie ♥ Double Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday 🙂 ♥

  11. We need a better way to look at the world these days.

  12. Yore SO-O rite on both countss Ernie!! Wee ALL want to see yore upside down Selfiess an THE werld DOES look bettur from yore angle!!
    Hansum man cat yore tHE bestest!
    **purrss** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~

  13. That is an adorable selfie, Ernie!

  14. You are a wise man, Ernie (though we might even suggest putting blinders on when one looks at the world these days … at least for awhile) … though with some hope ‘n’ luck ‘n’ lots of effort on the part of many all will be right side up soon!

  15. Ernie we think you are looking for Halloween like our Toby is. Black cats rule this month of course

  16. Love your selfie Ernie!

  17. Yup, we love it, Ernie, and you are totally right!!!

  18. We love your upside down selfie, Ernie! I hope the world looks better…and actually gets better!

  19. Adorable selfie, Ernie. You are so right!

  20. You are right on both counts, Ernie.

  21. Ernie, you’re looking handsome as ever in your upside-down selfie.

  22. Agree. Upside down is often the best way in the world today!

    Have a good week!

  23. Very good point, Ernie!

  24. You are so handsome. XO

  25. I bet the world does look better that way! The humans might try your suggestion! – Tom, Bridget & Penny xoxoxo

  26. The world is upside down so that is the perfect way to look at it Ernie.

  27. Ernie, our mom always falls for that kind of a pose!

  28. We agree, Ernie! Better to stay safe! Purrs and hugs!

  29. Hey the whole world is upside down now Ernie – since you are upside down too does that mean you feel right side up if the world is upside down? Huh? Inquiring minds want to know. Made me dizzy just typing that…………..

    Hugs, Teddy

  30. Your upside down selfies are really cute!

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