Oct 042020

Hi guys! The weather here has definitely gotten cooler the last few days. So much so that the mom finally broke down and turned on the hot air blowing thingy. She’s always reluctant to turn it on because she says it really does mean summer is over and you-know-what is coming (that bad word beginning with an S).

Ernie in front of the fireplace

This cool weather also got something else turned on. The fireplace! We had our first fire of the season the other day…and to celebrate, I took a selfie in front of it. Yeah, I’ve been parking myself in front of the fire every time it’s on. I may not like the colder weather…but I sure like the fire!

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  39 Responses to “Easy E’s Selfie in Front of the First Fire of the Season”

  1. I’m guessing you mean “W.” I don’t exactly like winter but I think I would look forward to a fire in the fireplace.

  2. Great place to take a great selfie!! We had a couple “cool” days here with window wiffin’ but the A/C is back on.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. That looks like a comfy place ! Great selfie ! Purrs

  4. Stay warm and stay out of any snow that may come your way Ernie!

  5. Toasty furs sure feel good and we love your selfie Ernie!

  6. Mum had to turn on the furnace too. It is a bit chilly in the evenings
    and I do not like to be cold either 😉
    Purrs, Julie

  7. We hear ya, Ernie. We’re not fans of cold weather, but enjoy some good time in front of the fireplace. 🙂

    Stay warm, and hey … nice selfie!

  8. Well, we are in the dark about the bad word beginning with S. Sleet, Snow, Sneezes, Snoozes? Plus Safari will not let us comment to you again. Cannot figure this out.

  9. A most cosy selfie, Ernie! Definitely love a good fire myself. Alas, our woodburner is coming out as we now have aircon, plus it helps save the planet. Still, I do feel I will need some sort of flame at winter, so maybe I will just use a candle 🙂

  10. That looks so very Easy Ernie. What a nice place to take a comfy snooze

  11. Ernie, your entire face says you’re happy! Were’s your sisfur?

  12. Oh Ernie, I don’t even want to think about the ‘s’ word or the ‘w’ word yet!
    Seems like I just finished getting my warm-weather clothes unpacked and hung…and now I may have to reverse that, which makes me slightly grumpy.
    One good thing about working remotely; you only have to look presentable from the shoulders up!

  13. Mee-yow WOW ERnie yore so hansum…mee allmost *swooned*….
    LadyMe iss ‘oh-inn an ah-inn’ alot while shee typess fore mee….
    Iss cold ehre too an wee have heet on…it is like sumone terned off THE Sun an terned on THE chilley!!
    Gloomy an rainy here again today…wish mee had a fireplace like yoress!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  14. Fires are the best, and you sure look cozy and toasty, Ernie! ♥

  15. That is a fabulous photo of you, Ernie!

    Our #1 is still holding out o turning on the heating, but she suspects it’s just a matter of days now!

    Tama and Genji

  16. It’s gotten much cooler here as well. We got area heaters out. You look very comfy and content in front of the fire, Ernie 🙂 Stay warm and have a great new week!

  17. That is one contented face, Ernie!
    Tom, Bridget & Penny xxx

  18. Our peeps have not had to turn the heat on yet, although it is cooler. They keep the house cool in the winter cause they are cheap.

  19. Super epic photo there Ernie and yep, you look cosy!

  20. You look so comfy Ernie. The best place to be on a cold day. Great selfie.

  21. Nice selfie and I love the fireplace.

  22. What a lovely place to curl up, Ernie! Wish we could join you.
    Mickey, Rufus, and orange Ernie (yes, extra fine extra toes)

  23. You look so happy and cozy!

  24. Erns, did I ever tell you that you look like the chat noir that Mom and Dad feed at my front porch each evening? The only difference is that he has a scar on his nose that he got last year from a rose thorn or a cat fight. Tummy tickles.

  25. I turned ours a couple of weeks ago and then it got warm enough to turn the air conditioner again. We’ll probably get a blizzard soon. That’s 2020.

  26. Nice to have a fire to snuggle up to in the cooler weather.

  27. Ernie, you look very comfy. I hope the S doesn’t come soon, but when it does, I’m sure your fireplace will keep you warm.

  28. It’s been so awful here that when my human saw “first fire of the season,” she thought, “Oh no! Are they having wildfires there too?” 🙁

  29. You look really nice and warm!

  30. Dad says we will have our first fire of the season tonight – I can’t wait. You sure do have a prime spot in front of your fireplace Ernie – lucky you.

    Hugs, Teddy

  31. Looking good Ernie! We need one of those!!

  32. dood…due knot forgetz yur fryin pan anda side order oh fish now that de inn door grill iz on !!! 🙂 ♥♥

  33. You look so cozy, Ernie!

  34. e have GOT to get TBT to make a nice small warm fire in the fireplace. Laz says he has never seen one!

  35. We don’t want the S..nor the W…Ernie, but when it looks as cosy as you in front of the fireplace, we can manage both 😉 Extra Pawkisses to the both of you 🙂 ♥

  36. Ernie, you are one lucky cat. We wish we had a nice warm place like that to curl up. We do have some floors that are heated, and we enjoy those when they are on. Thanks for hopping. This is a super handsome selfie. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  37. I hope it doesn’t get that cold here even though the peeps have all the windows open and the pollen *achoo* has been terrible.

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