Sep 242020

Hey guys. Today is Remember Me Thursday®…a day to shine a light on those orphan pets in shelters and rescues who are waiting for their forever homes…and also to remember those that sadly never made it out. Started 8 years ago by the Helen Woodward Animal Center, Remember Me Thursday® is a day to get the entire world talking about the importance of pet adoption.

Remember Me Thursday graphic with Ernie
~This is the face of a happy rescued cat~

Y’know…I ended up in a shelter when the humans that first had me couldn’t keep me. So I know what it’s like to be stuck in a cage day after day. Lemme tell you…it’s lonely and scary and no fun at all. Sure, it’s better than being out on the streets fending for yourself, but it’s nothing like having a forever home. I was one of the lucky ones. I found my forever home. But there’re still so many wonderful animals sitting in shelters waiting to find theirs.

The shelter the mom volunteers with has a high adoption rate. The shelter volunteers work really hard to find good homes for all the animals that come through the shelter doors. But this isn’t true of all shelters. Did you know only 30% of pets in U.S. households come from shelters and rescues? And millions never even make it out. That’s why it’s so important to spread the word about the importance of pet adoption so more people will “see the light” and be inspired to adopt from shelter and rescues. It’s been proven that by bringing more awareness to orphan pets, adoptions from shelters and rescues increase, euthanasia decreases and puppy mill sales decrease.

As we’ve done in previous years for Remember Me Thursday®, we’re “shining the light” on a couple of the cats currently at the Wyandotte Animal Shelter, the one the mom volunteers with. These cats have issues that tend to make them overlooked by potential adopters.

Henrietta, one of the shelter cats #RememberMeThursday

This is Henrietta. She is one of 6 cats that ended up at the shelter due to a hoarding situation. Most of the other cats have found homes but Henrietta is still waiting for hers. She’s a senior cat…her age is estimated to be at least 10, maybe older, which doesn’t get her a lot of attention since people looking to adopt tend to choose younger cats. But Henrietta is very laid back and friendly…and she will make the purrfect companion for someone.

Marguerite, one of the shelter cats #RememberMeThursday

Meet Marguerite. She along with the other cats she lived with all ended up at the shelter when their owner passed away suddenly. It’s taken them a little time to adjust to shelter life, but they are finally showing their sweet personalities. At some point in Marguerite’s life, she suffered a broken leg that never healed properly so she walks with a limp. But that doesn’t stop her from wanting attention and enjoying head scritches.

So what can you do to support Remember Me Thursday® and cats like Henrietta and Marguerite? Adopting a shelter pet would be best but we know that’s not something everyone is in a position to do. But you can be a part of the Remember Me Thursday® Awareness Movement.

Today, tweet, tag, post and share on social media the life-saving significance of pet adoption. Did you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue? Post their photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share their adoption story. Use the hashtags #RememberMeThursday and #SeeTheLight.” Your story may inspire others to “see the light” about the importance of pet adoption.

You can also enter the fun Remember Me Thursday® contest and win one of 3 fabulous prize packages that include cash, food and toys for your favorite shelter or rescue. All you need to do is upload your pet’s photo to the Remember Me Thursday® contest page.

We want the whole world talking about pet adoption. Let’s make adoption from a shelter or rescue the FIRST option!

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We’re pawticipating in the special Remember Me Thursday® Blog Hop hosted by our friend Lola the Rescued Cat. Visit her blog to see who else is talking about pet adoption and join in!


  30 Responses to “Help Others “See The Light” About Pet Adoption #RememberMeThursday #SeeTheLight”

  1. Henrietta and Marguerite are adorable!
    Here’s hoping they find homes because of your post.
    Adopt, don’t shop…rescued is our favorite breed.

  2. Thank you for joining our hop and celebrating this important day. Our paws are crossed that Henrietta and Marguerite find their furrever homes soon.

  3. They both look lovely. It is sad that so many have to wait so long for their forever homes, and some never get them.

  4. There are so many stories and we all need to do our part to give homes to so many in need.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  5. I feel so badly for shelter cats. I am grateful they aren’t on the street. But I so wish they were adopted and I so wish people were responsible and spayed and neutered their pets.

  6. We send our purrs that both Henrietta and Marguerite find their furever homes soon. They’re both so pretty!

  7. We want happy endings for Henrietta and Marguerite, just like yours sweet Ernie!

  8. Thanks so much friends for joining in this wonderful initiative to get pets out of shelters and into homes. We had no idea that so few pets were from shelters. That is alarming. Marguerite looks so sweet and one of our Angels, P Girl, had a limp from damage to her leg when Dad adopted her. She had a limp and was one of the sweetest cats ever. Lets all keep doing our part!
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  9. Henrietta N Marguerite….ewe both bee gorgeouz gals and we troo lee hope yur foreverz peepulz come in two de shelter yet thiz week and givez ewe both that foreverz home ~~~~ ♥♥♥

  10. Ernie what a lovely post.
    Henrietta and Marguerite are beautiful ladies….I’m so sorry they lost their owner unexpectedly.
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. We hope both those girls looking for a home find one. Nothing would make us happier than if today would be a BANNER DAY for adoptions – we hope more animals than EVER before get adopted today. That would be a WIN/WIN.

    Hugs, Teddy

  12. I can sure relate to that shelter thing Ernie. I hope those sweet girls get their happy homes super soon. Adoptions are just the best and here’s to many, many more…and then some!

  13. Henrietta iss so lovelee…mee hopess sumone will ‘dopt her an give her a nice reetiremint place. An deer Maugerite….poor girl havin a broked leg an a limp. Butt shee iss beeuteefull so mee hopess sumone sees her beeutee an ‘doptss her too!
    Ernie mee ended up at a Sheltur aftur 4 yeerss on THE meens streetss of Wireton an then shoved inn a tiny room alone at sheltur…mee got ‘dopted twice an came back. No one cuud handle mee. Then LadyMew came to ‘spring’ mee an deespite mee odd an semi-feral wayss shee werked with mee an 2 yeerss later mee iss STILL HERE! In a furr ever home with a Hu’man who singss to mee an callss mee ‘baby girl’ (mee nevurr had a nickyna,e beefore!) an treetss mee like a Purrincess….Life iss guud. An mee purrayss it will bee fore many other 4 leggedss!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  14. Great post. We’re purring that those beautifies find purrfect homes soon.

    The Florida Furkids

  15. Loved reading your rescue story and we hope those kitties find their forever home!

  16. I hope these two cuties get forever homes soon. Thanks for spreading the word. I am glad you got a happy ending. XO

  17. This is such an important day. It’s up to all of us to spread the word about how amazing rescued pets are.

  18. I’d love to snatch up both gorgeous girls!

  19. Such a wonderful thing, to spotlight the need for shelter adoptions.
    So many,too many, potential pets are in shelters 🙁
    Purrs, Julie

  20. Henrietta and Marguerite are both beautiful and I hope they will find their forever homes. I hope more and more kitties find homes xo

  21. I hope these sweet ladies get their forever homes soon. And that today inspired many to adopt a shelter cat. xx

  22. Important post for today. Henrietta was my great granny’s name. I hope she doesn’t die in the shelter and makes it into a home. When I was first ‘dopted, I favored one paw from being stuck in a tiny cage.

  23. What lovely kitties you chose to highlight this year!

  24. Henrietta and Marguerite are so beautiful, and we hope their happily ever afters find them real soon. Good job on the post, Ernie. We’re shelter cats, too, and know there are so many awesomely adoptable cats in shelters.

  25. Thanks for sharing Ernie and Wes glad wes don’t lives closer…wes KNOWS Mom would have Henrietta here! As yous know Queen Nellie was unadoptable and it took almost 6 years before she would let anyone pet her!!Marv still pretty jumpy when it comes to humans! Mom says it is what makes us special!
    Thanks for sharing and wes LOVE the 2 you chose this year. Wes purraying they finds forever homes soon.
    Mave Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

  26. Henrietta is a beauty. And Marguerite is stunning! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous cats.

  27. They’re beautiful. Hope they find forever homes soon.

  28. What a wonderful rescue story, Ernie. We’re happy you found yourself a wonderful furrever home and we wish that for Henrietta and Marguerite too and also for every animal that are waiting for a furrever home. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ❤

  29. They both look adorable, and we hope they find a forever home very soon. We’re glad you found yours, Ernie ! Purrs

  30. We wish we could bring alll the animals looking for homes home.

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