Jun 012009

Hey, Wally…dontcha just love sitting in the window and
watching what goes on in the neighborhood?


Yeah, Ernie…hey look!
It’s our woofie neighbor, Tammy!!


Dontcha just love watching Tammy, Ernie?

Yeah, Wally…she sure is entertaining!
She barks at everything…and sometimes nothing!!

 And, Ernie…how ’bout how she chases
the evil squirrels but never catches them??
She’s a silly woofie!!!


  29 Responses to “ManCats – Our Neighbor”

  1. It’s fun to watch the woofies make fools of themselves, isn’t it?

  2. Those evil squirrels love torturing woofies! Great entertainment for you!

  3. Woofies are crazy! I bet you guys could catch that squirrel!!

  4. Happy Monday, guys! We have a woofie neighbor too, and he is really fun to watch. He never catches any squirrels either!

  5. Tammy has farnee triangle ears!

  6. You certainly have the window on the world, there Wally and Ernie! What a lovely view even with Tammy in the way! Well, I guess she does make it a little more interesting.

  7. That is a nice view you have. Tammy looks like a nice woofie!

  8. What we are wondering is, what is Tammy thinking looking up at U2???????? Does she like chasing kitties??? Does she want you to come out and p-l-a-y????? Hmmmmmmm, see thats why is safer being on the other side of the door….or window….or screen!!!!!!! Have a happy Monday=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  9. We hear the woofies, but never see them from our windows. You’re lucky to have a silly one to watch. Maybe one day she’ll catch a squirrel.

  10. Proof that Cats Rule! But we must admit she is cute! If nothing else, good entertainment value. teeheehee!

  11. Hey Ernie & Wally…looks like tammy is watching you!

  12. Silly Woolfie! Cats are not silly

  13. Silly woofies are furry fun to watch!!

  14. You two should give Tammy lessons on how to catch the evil squirrels. Now that would be a show!

  15. hahaha I guess the woofies get crazy looking you guys so comfortable inside your house! LOL
    I like to be at the window too! It’s really cool!

  16. Sometimes those woofies are so silly. Woofing at fresh air sometimes..

    Hugs GJ x

  17. Cute woofie. But even nicer window seat!

  18. That is a cute woofie! I bet you have a ton of fun watching (and making fun of) him!

  19. There is a little woofie who lives near me. Her name is Cookie. I think she is silly.

  20. We have many barking woofies around us, guys. They all bark for no reason at all sometimes!

  21. That woofie is watching you watching her. Does she bark at you too?

  22. Tammy must be very entertaining indeed! She has a bean name too, just like you three do:)

  23. Awww. Tammy’s a cutie. I love little frootbats.
    They are entertaining indeed!

  24. Tammy is cute for a woofie! We’ve got a neighbor yorkie woofie named Pebbles that barks at a whole lot of nothing! The little ones bark the most … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  25. She’s cute for a woofie.

  26. Tammy looks like she’d put on some great entertainment. Zoey, we loved your acrobatic efforts a couple of posts down:)

  27. You know those evil skwerls love to bait woofsters…ask Khyra! It’s fun to watch woofies chase them, isn’t it?

  28. Hi! We’d like to be Island Cats, too, since one of us is nicknamed Surfer Dude (that’s Brighton). And we live on a lake…but we don’t know where the islands are…

  29. We love watching silly woofies too. At a distance!

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