Jun 082009


Whatcha doing in there, Wally??

 We haven’t played in our tunnel in awhile, Ernie,
and I’m just checking it out…


Well lookie, Ernie!
A bunch of our toys that’s been missing are in here!

There’s the blue mousie and that red catnip thingey
and some other stuff…
So this is where all our toys disappear to!


I think they’re hiding from us in here, Ernie!!


  32 Responses to “ManCats – The Hiding Spot”

  1. That’s a really cool tunnel – it looks fun! We like that it’s got little pee-po holes so you can stick your head out and snoopervise whilst you’re hiding in there. S’funny your toys got in there – do you think ::somecat:: put them in there to hide them from you?

  2. Maybe Zoey? Just askin’, that’s all!

  3. It’s not a tunnel, it’s a black hole where the toys disappear to! Our toys disappear all the time and we don’t even have a cool tunnel like that…our Mommy needs to get us one. Ohhhhh Mommmmmyyyyyy! (The Mommy says, we’ve really gotta stop visiting blogs and seeing all the neat toys all the kitties have, or I’m gonna go bankrupt!)

    Purrs and hugs to you all!
    The Kitty Krew
    Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and Pixie, and Their Mommy

  4. Very funny 😉
    Kareltje is totaly crazy when he is in such a tunnel ^__^

  5. Hey, how did that stuff get in there? Maybe you guys have a ghost kitty?

  6. That’s a fantastic furto of you at the end of the tunnel Wally! Well done! And yes, it does look like a furry cool place for two cool cats to explore — as long as you don’t get stuck in there!

  7. We’re glad you found your hiding toys! Our toys would never hide in the tunnel because Deli runs through it at dangerous speeds at least once a day…I wonder where they DO hide, though…


  8. ahahahaha! Look at you, Wally! Way down the other end of that tunnel!

  9. Now that is a cool mancat tunnel! We should check ours for toys that have been MIA.

  10. That looks like a very cool tunnel you have there, now you have found all your toys you can play with them all over again.
    Hugs GJ xx

  11. Ebbby now an’ den youz haz ta check alla’ da hiding placez of those pesky toys! We hab lots under our fridge!

  12. I always find some really good lost toys in our tunnel too!

  13. Wow, what a pawsome tunnel! Looks like it stoled all your toys too!

  14. Our toys hide, too. That tube looks fun!

  15. Our mom puts all our toys in our cat cube to clean the place up. We think a tunnel would be a lot more fun.

    P.S. Mom says to say that she grew some of the plants from cuttings too (she even edited the post!) Plus she is lucky that her friend Mike let him use part of his greenhouse space in exchange for helping him – she wouldn’t try to do it without that (we like to eat plants too much!)

  16. Oh man, that’s extremely cool!! We don’t have a tunnel so we don’t know where all our toys go.

  17. hahah wally I loves your tunnel face! we love to play in our tunnel 🙂

  18. That’s a nice tunnel. And you reminded us how fun tunnels are so now we’re bugging mom to go get ours back out to play with!

  19. That tunnel looks nice and long! Maybe your toys were hiding in there!

  20. That is a great tunnel. It’s a good place for the toys to go and hide.

  21. You hit the jackpot! I am going to check out my tunnel, just in case there are any treasures in there.

  22. Dat is a super cool tunnel!

  23. that is sooo cute! target loves to hide inside pillow cases but it looks like I must get him a tunnel to play in. maybe Au will like it too…

  24. OOOH! What fun, what fun! I am definitely going to look into getting one of those tunnels! And thanks for the warning that things disappear in them, I will keep that in mind.

  25. That is a totally amazing tunnel. I’m getting depressed looking at other bloggies because it proves how deprived I am of the latest and greatest cat stuff! That tunnel…I could get lost in it…I could hide toys in it…I could take a nice little nap in it! You are lucky! I’m moving in with you…

  26. i wunder … wood i luv to havva tunnel like dat?
    da anser … yes. i wood.
    it lookz like sum fun!

  27. That is a really cool tunnel! It’s got toys inside and everything – pawesome!

  28. Oh wow, the “tunnel of toys”!

  29. Wow…what a cool tunnel…looks like a GREAT hideout!

  30. We had a similar tunnel, but it was shorter. We ended up letting the fosters take it over, because we were, ahem, a little too scared of the crinkle sound to play in it. You are clearly braver than us:)

    Mum bought us a track similar to your Turbo track yesterday. She can’t wait to get us down here to see what we think of it. She thinks Fui will play with it like Ernie does:)

  31. What a great tunnel you have there! Tunnels are good only if you have siblings to play with.

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