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Hi guys. Y’know…once upon a time, I had a cool feature here on the blog called “Easy E’s Tip of the Day.” I would share a tip, thought or some words of wisdom with all of you to help make life a little better. Well, somehow I forgot all about it…and when I looked back through old posts, I found it has been OVER 2 YEARS since I last did a Tip of the Day. What the fluff?!?! Well, I’m resurrecting it now. ‘Cuz I gotta good tip for you. And this one is good for those with or without fur…meaning you humans can benefit from it, too.

Ernie lying by vent

Do you like sitting in a sunpuddle? I know I do. But one of the problems with sitting in the sun is that you can get really hot…’specially when it’s like a million degrees outside like it’s been here lately. Well, here’s what I learned…and I’m passing my knowledge on to you. Find a sunpuddle that’s next to one of those vent thingies where the cold air blows out of. Sit there. You get the warmth of the sun along with the cold air blowing on you to keep you cool. Kinda the best of both worlds.

Like me right here…there’s no sweat on me!

This has been my Tip of the Day. Stay tuned for more Easy E’s Tips of the Day. I promise to be more consistent about sharing my tips and not wait 2 years to do it again. If you wanna read some of my previous tips, click HERE.

  39 Responses to “Easy E’s Tip of the Day”

  1. Beyond inspired, Ernie!
    You are wise beyond your years, handsome!

  2. That’s a great tip. You’re most smart. I love helpful tips. We all do. You’re a cutie pie too.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. Ernie! EXCELLENT tip! I try to do that when an area of sun and vent are available in one spot too. This time of year my priority is vent though I have to admit. Sun is swell but I get plenty of that outside when I go for a walk with my Mom and Dad. Glad you are going to keep giving us TIPS – we need all the help we can get!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Pawsome tip Ernie!!! We still love the sun, but don’t like to be too hot 😉
    Purrs, Georgia and Julie

  5. That is the best tip ever Ernie! You’re a furry smart kitty.

  6. Ernie, you have some very practical advice today, good job!

  7. Purrfect hot n’ cold tip today Ernie!

  8. That’s a wonderful tip, Ernie ! Too bad we don’t have vent thingies… Purrs

  9. Great tip Ernie! My Teddy thought it was a great idea and he also wanted you to know that he has the exact same scratching box with the goldfish. Have a great day.

  10. Great tip! Unfortunately, we don’t have any of those vents but we do have tiles which are good for cooling off after a snooze in a sun puddle.

  11. Excellent tip! Have a cool day!

  12. theo wants to know how you move the sun to be next to the air blowy thingy.

  13. That is an awesome tip, Ernie!

  14. Ernie…………OMCs you have the best of both worlds…You are handsome and smart and FUNNY
    and we ladies like that
    Well done….off to find a vent BUTT I am not at all looking for a sunpuddle. We have all the shades closed here to keep the puddles at bay. From noon-9 pm we have heat index of between 105-107
    Hugs cecilia

  15. A very fine tip , my handsome furriend.

  16. dood !!!!! eggz cell ant add vise !!!! we will try thiz later two day when de sunz goin thata way ~~~~~~

    thanx buddy !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  17. That’s a very good tip!!! Unfortunately for us, those vent things are on our ceiling!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  18. That is a most excellent tip of the day, Ernie, except that we don’t have those venty things! In fact, we don’t have AC! But our house is built into a slope so the ground floor stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Isn’t that fun?

    Tama and Genji

  19. That is a very good tip, Ernie. The only problem is we don’t have cold blowy vents though

  20. You are such a cutie. XO

  21. Brilliant tip, Ernie!!!

  22. great tip, Ernie! better not clue your folks in though, or you will have some competition for your cold air blowy vents! 😉

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  23. Ellie says thank you! We get so little sunlight in our house – unless one sits in the window – and her black furs get really hot! Our air vents are close to the ceiling – but one blows directly on Bear’s window. Maybe you can offer a future tip on how to get an annoying brother out of his window so a sun-deprived ladycat can enjoy her time in the cooled sun?

  24. 🙂 I love this tip, Ernie. Jimmy Fancy Feet sort of does this. He lies right under the ceiling fan in the middle of a hot sun puddle. MOL
    BTW you look handsome with your fur glistening in the sun like that.

  25. A sunpuddle combined with refreshing cool air!?!? Ernie you are a genius!!

  26. Ernie, this is a purrfect tip! I’m going to pass this tip on to Evan. He loves sun puddles, but it’s 90°F here, so simultaneously enjoying a sun puddle and an air vent is the way to do it. Purrs!

  27. Sunpuddles are a bit over-rated right now…but I don’t like the AC vent, it makes my old bones ache…so I just find a comfy spot and rest…to not make myself any hotter…but the hooligans run outside and romp like two crazies and then they come in and plop down on the cool kitchen floor. Neither one seems to have discovered the vent that would cool them down faster! Silly pups…

  28. That’s a great tip. Radiantly warm with a draft of cool.

  29. You are a wise sage, Ernie.

  30. My human says to tell you to be careful of the sun, as cats can get skin cancer. Black cats usually move out of the sunshine quicker, because their furs get hot quicker than pale cats. Be careful,!

  31. Excellent tip, Ernie! Sunpuddle + cool air blowy thing = epically pawsome! Yeah, you have to do these tips more often, pal. 🙂

  32. Best tip ever, Ernie. You’re such a smart kitty 😀 Cool Pawkisses for now ♥

  33. Mew mew mew Easy E aka Ernie that iss a wunderfull tip!! Yore a geeneus!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  34. You are SUCH a smart cat, Ernie! We look forward to more of your helpful tips!!

  35. Wonderful tip thank you handsome Ernie.x

  36. Great tip, Ernie. It looks like you found the perfect spot.

  37. Ah nice! Great tip!

  38. Now that is a great tip!

  39. That is so…well….cool!

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