Jul 192020

Hey guys. I’m hanging out on the top of my cube today. I like to nap here sometimes instead of inside the cube where it can get a bit stuffy. Especially when it’s hot.

Ernie lying on top of the cube

Yeah…that’s right…after going away for a couple of days, the hots are back in full force. And this time they brought the humids with them. They’re double trouble, that’s for sure. The poor cold air blowing thingy is working overtime again. Thank cod we have it…otherwise we’d be melting here!

Ernie up close

Here’s my selfie for today…I had to use the tripod and the selfie timer for this one. I think it came out okay…I look cool, calm and collected. What do you think?

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  24 Responses to “Easy E’s Top of the Cube Selfie on Sunday”

  1. Ernie, your selfie makes your eyes look amazing!
    Yep, it’s hot, humid, and downright icky; hopefully the storms coming will simply cool things off, and no one loses power or gets flooded; the two things that usually happen around here.

  2. That’s a terrific selfie Ernie, ya sure done good!

  3. Not as Hades here too this weekend, stay cool.

  4. You look fabulous on top of that cube Ernie! Stay cool kitty!

  5. Ernie we have the super hots here too – heat index 107 – that’s ridiculous!! I’m inside – I’ve been going outside as I usually do with Mom or Dad but I am NOT staying an hour like I usually do. I just go out….check for chipmunks, squirrels, etc……roll around in the dirt and head back inside. Stay cool Ernie!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. Yeah, you DO look cool, calm and collected, Ernie. That cold air blowy thing is working hard here, too. These hot and humids are rough!

  7. Hey, do you ever NOT look cool, calm and collected? Wish we could collect you here on day…

  8. Great selfie Ernie.

  9. It is good to have options where to hang out, Ernie. That is a great selfie.

  10. The hots and humids are here too Ernie…and our cold air blowy thingy is working OT also.

  11. You look cool in more ways than one, Ernie, cool cat that you are!!

  12. Looking pretty comfortable up there in spite of the heat.

  13. You look amazing, and a proud black furred member of the cat blogosphere!

  14. Very handsome selfies.

  15. Your such one beautiful black beauty Ernie.x

  16. Pawsome selfie! We’re SO over summer.

  17. Ernie, you took a fantastic selfie. I’m glad you have a/c to keep the hots under control.

  18. Lookin kewl an calm an collected! there eRnie…
    Guud thing you have A/C! Wee do not an onlee have 2 fanss…LadyMew has to cold shower at leest twice a day…mee just stayss inn bedroom; it iss kewler than rest of apartment…..
    It iss supposed to bee less hue-mid an hot this week; pawss crossed!!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  19. Cool selfie, Ernie! I’m glad you have A/C

  20. Ernie, that’s a very cool selfie! It’s hot and humid here, too. Our cold air blowing thing is working very hard 🙂

  21. Great selfie! We got hots here too.

  22. That’s a lovely selfie!

    Humid weather is horrible. We hope it cools for you.

  23. We just can’t imagine how life was in the hot humid summer weather before AC was invented…

    What a great Selfie, Ernie!

  24. Excellent Selfie, Ernie, you look great 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday ♥

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