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Jul 062020

You guys! Boy is it ever hot here! It’s been in the 90s for the past few days and they say the hots will be with us all week long. Oh I know that some of you get the 90s all the time. But for us, this is kinda unusual to be so hot for so many days in a row.

The mom has all the window blinds closed trying to keep the hot out and the cold in. But despite that, the cold air blowing thingy is still working overtime. She did leave the blinds up on one window so I could watch the sparrows. The window is right by where their nest is and they have really been putting on a show. The hots don’t seem to bother them much.

Cat napping

Y’know…besides watching those sparrows, there’s not much else to do when it’s this hot except nap…and try to stay cool. The mom says the less exertion, the less hot I’ll be. I can less exert…no problem.

Do you have the hots where you live too?

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  1. We’ve had the HOTS for quite a while already. You look pretty cool in your pretty bed!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. We are in the same boat, Ernie, and we do NOT HAVE CENTRAL A/C!
    This was not a problem…when I drove to a icy cold office every day; then, the warm house was quaint.
    The shoe is on the other foot now!

  3. It’s been in the high 90s here all week, but that’s normal here in the summer. I still don’t spend a lot of time outside. Kitties do it right.

    Have a fabulous day and week and I hope it cools down soon. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  4. One thing for sure Ernie, you’re always a cool dude!

  5. Fur sure, it’s like ten-days and counting!

  6. It’s been pretty humid here, Ernie. Keeping the blinds closed is a good idea!

  7. we’re legendary for how cold it gets here but i much prefer that over the hots. can always add a layer of clothing. i don’t know how you with fur coats survive the hots.

  8. I’ve not only got the hots I’ve got the trots.
    BUT I have medicine to fix that and I think it’s from a med I had to take to help my gums.
    Almost over now. Sorry to be so graphic, but it rhymed and I don’t have them any longer….

  9. We hasn’t got the same hots you’ve got Ernie, but it has been getting hots for us. (Does that sentence even make sense – we’ve hit the 80’s not the 90’s). When we kitties come in from the sunny room and stretch out on the linoleum to cool down, mom bean knows it is time to close up that room!

    Stay cool Ernie!

  10. It is really hot here too, Ernie. it isn’t any fun at all.Thank heavens that we do have air too but the it can’t keep up with this heat. Hope you can stay cool.

  11. Not going to be hot here but when it is we sleep in front of fans.

  12. Hope it cools down for you soon!

  13. Stay cool sweet Ernie, I think your Mom has good advice.

  14. We sure do have the hots. Thank God for a/c.

  15. Mee-yow wow wee sure DO have the *HOT* heet here Ernie an Zoey!
    LadyMew has our black-out drapess closed from 5 A Em til 3 Pee em dailee so wee can keep Sun an *heet* out…wee only have 2 fanss an no A/C so wee try to not ‘xert’ ourselvess much too….
    Where iss THE rain?? An THE North wind???
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  16. Ernie could you please send some our way so cold here.You’re looking great on your super comfy bed with your toys

  17. dood….SHAME on your mom for leevin de window blind open like that…..SHAME….. ~~~~~~
    🙂 ♥♥

  18. Florida here so yeah. But this week is very rainy. I’ll take warm damp over boiling heat any day..

  19. Yup, its hot at this end of the state, too…ugh.(Battle Creek area) Our grass is burning up, all brown and crunchy…

  20. Oh we have the hots here too and the humids. The cold air blowy thing is working and working.

  21. It is quite cool here around 60 but supposed to warm up towards the weekend.

  22. Do we ever have the hots, Ernie ! We are south of Cleveland, not that far from you. What gives ?

  23. We’re SO over summer already, and it’s only early July. We’ve already had at least 10 days over 90 this year, which is crazy in Vermont, with more predicted for days to come.

  24. Yep, that’s pretty much what it’s like here, except there’s no humidity to speak of. It’s so dry that my human’s sinuses feel like sandpaper.

  25. It’s hot here but not too hot. Still in 70s – 80s, though the temperature is expected to go up towards the weekend. Napping is the best way to spend hot days 🙂 Stay cool, Ernie!

  26. Ernie! We have the hots here, too. Our mom and dad closed all the curtains, too. And the cold-air-blowy thing is working overtime, for sure. Stay cool, and nap on!

  27. Ernie we have the hots here too…….over 90 for days on end with no rain. I’ve still managed to enjoy some outside time though – Mom and Dad aren’t happy that I insist on being out there since they have to be with me but we all sweat together. HAHA

    Stay cool Ernie!
    Love, Teddy

  28. Ernie we have had the 3H’s, heat, humidity and hazy!! the last two make the first too horrid.
    I know your area is not accustomed to this heat…I hate it for your. Thank goodness for the cold air box working.
    Hugs cecilia

  29. We are having a heat wave here too! But for some reason it hasn’t seemed to slow down Frodo! He still wants to go for his daily walks! I jsut want to stay in near the AC

  30. It’s hot here too, around 100. Our a/c is also working hard. Ugh!

  31. We had a the hots a few weeks ago, but now we’re almost furreezing. Shall we exchange some hot and cold, to get both a normal atmosphere, Ernie 😀 Cool Pawkisses for a cooler day

  32. We’re just at the beginning of it now, with several days expected. Looks like you’re doing a good job of staying quiet and cool, Ernie!

  33. Our air chiller is working lots too.

  34. Oh we sure do have the HOTS! 14 days in a row over 90F. It is so hot the deck gets over 120F and it hurts our paws to get down to the cool grass. So TBT bought us 2′ wide carpet strips to get to the stairs down to the lawn and to the shaded far parts of the deck shaded by flowerpots. Wow that sure makes a difference!

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