Jun 282020

Hey guys. Y’know, I like to get creative with my selfie and not do the typical ones you always see. So today for Selfie Sunday, I took one using my tunnel. I put the camera at one end…set the selfie-timer…and then sat at the other end.

Cat in his tunnel

And voila! Me looking through my tunnel! You can see a few of my toys that like to hide in there. I’ll get them out later.

Yeah, it may not be the best picture from a focus and exposure standpoint, but I think it came out kinda interesting. What do you think?

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  38 Responses to “Easy E’s Tunnel Selfie on Sunday”

  1. Great hiding spot
    You are a real panther, Ernie !
    Have a great Sunday

  2. That’s a super cool selfie!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. WOW! That’s a pawsome picture!
    You look like you’re ready to pounce too!
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  4. That is a very cool selfie.

  5. That’s a purrfect selfie Ernie! Furry artistic too.

  6. We love that wonderful selfie Ernie!

  7. What a cool selfie, Ernie ! It’s so creative ! Purrs

  8. Sweet purrfection!!! Mee has a mousie just like yoress named Binky! It was ‘angel’ Aunty Nylablue’ss….
    Sorry mee gotted carried away…yore tunnel selfie iss furry kewl Ernie!! Yore so talleneted.
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  9. I think this is the most creative self we have EVER seen….And we do NOT have tunnel vision!

  10. Absolutely a very creative idea and a purrfect Selfie of yourselfiePawkisses for a Happy Sunday

  11. Love the picture, in fact I’m quite jealous you have so many free range mice and what not all ready to be chased, MOL
    Have a great day

  12. That is a very innovative selfie, Ernie.

  13. I think it’s a GREAT Selfie – very “artsy” Ernie……of course now the whole world knows about your toy stash inside the tunnel but you can defend that tunnel I’m SURE.

    Hugs, Teddy

  14. That is a great selfie Ernie. You sure can play with the best of us

  15. That’s a wonderful selfie, very creative and unique! Have a wonderful week Ernie.

  16. We think that pic is awardie-worthy! Cool stashplace for some of your playtime pals, too…

  17. Ernie, you are so creative. Nice selfie!!!

  18. Uh-oh, Ernie…we know where you keep your special toy stash!

  19. Ernie, I love it. Wish I had thought of that. No one in my tunnel these days though.

  20. Oh Ernie, that is one terrific shot. Good job Mom. You all have a super day.

  21. WE think it is a great photo!

  22. We think that is very creative and very cool, Ernie! Good job!

  23. That’s a cool selfie, Ernie!

  24. What a great photo !

  25. Invention is as important as exactitude. People see the fun and the gorgeous cat not a touch of fuzzies or a bit of blur. You look amazing!!!

  26. Your tunnel makes the purrfect frame for your handsome face, Ernie. Looks like a good place to hide your toys so your mom thinks you lost them all. Then maybe she buys you new ones. Would you please let your mom know that we have lots of trouble commenting on your blog. More than half the time, we get one of those server stopped responding messages. After three tries she normally gives up. We have our paws crossed that this goes through today. Thanks for being a faithful hopper. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  27. You level up with the selfie today. Groovy!

  28. I love your selfies, Easy E, and think this one is marvelous!

  29. Hey, it looks like a real tunnel to me! You look pretty cool, too! – Tom x

  30. That is a unique and cool selfie, Ernie!
    Happy Sunday xo

  31. You look cool Ernie. Your tunnel is almost as nice as ours. mol


  32. I think it’s a creative, pawsome selfie!

  33. That’s funny that you bring your toys in there, Ernie.

  34. Wonderful, Ernie! It sure shows how long your tunnel really is:)
    Did ya run through it when your selfie was done??

  35. We just love your photo.x

  36. Great selfie Ernie!

  37. We love the tunnel you guys sent us a while back. What a great idea for a selfie.

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