May 252020

Hi guys. And Happy Memorial Day to those of you in the U.S. of A.!

Usually on Memorial Day all I can think about is barbecue because…you know…it is the official start of barbecue season. But this year Memorial Day feels just a little bit different…because of that stupid virus thing. Memorial Day is a day we remember and honor all the brave men and women that gave their lives protecting our country so we can be free. But we should also remember and honor the health care workers and first responders that have risked their lives dealing with Covid-19. 

Ernie with American flag

So when you’re celebrating this holiday…which isn’t as easy when you gotta social distance and stuff like that…take some time to remember all those brave men and women. They all are true heroes!

Happy Barbecue Day! Rats! I just couldn’t make it through my speech without mentioning barbecue again! But since I did, here’s a tip for you humans. Make sure you take your mask off before you eat your barbecue…you don’t wanna get sauce all over it.

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  1. Sure do agree with you about Memorial Day this year should include the COVID 19 victims who were hoping others.

    BTW we posted all our links to previous memorial shows…beloved Wally was in the one last year.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Happy Memorial Day! Good tip about the mask and BBQ sauce!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We’ll never forget those who gave everything for our freedoms.

  4. Happy Memorial day to all. Good day to be thankful for all of our freedoms. Have a wonderful day.

  5. We owe so much to those heroes, I don’t think they would mind if you enjoy your BBQ, that is why they sacrifice so much – so enjoy Ernie!

  6. We will always remember our heroes each and every day.

  7. I know, it’s a strange holiday this year, isn’t it? I hope you will enjoy as much as you can.

  8. Happy Memorial Day Ernie. It means a lot to Mom…she always remembers.

  9. I agree we should remember all heroes. Great mask advice too 🙂

  10. Well said. We’re not having a BBQ today, but we are tomorrow. Burgers.

    Have a purrfect Memorial Day. My best to your mom. ♥

  11. Ernie, Happy Memorial Day to you and your family.

  12. Happy Memorial Day ! Purrs

  13. That is an excellent tip for barbecue, Ernie 🙂
    Happy Memorial Day!

  14. Mew mew mew guud tip Ernie!!
    Happy Meowmorial Day to you an Zoey an yore Pawentss!
    LadyMew went lookin thru Viet Nam soldierss who were MIA/POW’ss. An shee found THE man shee wondered ’bout since shee was a teeny boppurr…..his name was Lou-tenantt Commander Rodney Chapman an hee was Pie-lot of a KA-3B that went on a nite mission Febbyary 18th, 1969 an nevurr reeterned! Hee was thott to have gone down in North Vietnam Gulf of Tonkin….
    LadyMew rote his furamillee for from 1968 until 1971 or 72….shee has long since lost bracelet she wore with his name on it an a MIA Star on it….butt shee nevurr furgot him….
    Mee got all sad when shee meowed this story to mee….butt then mee was proud of her fore carin ’bout a man shee nevurr met who gave his Life to fite fore Freedom!!!
    Ernie you look hansum inn yore foto…..
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  15. MOL about the mask! Happy Memorial Day!

  16. Very nice thoughts Ernie. Our health care workers are amazing and heroic.

  17. I do enjoy this site very much, but must point out that one would not say congratulations at a funeral. Keeping that thought in mind, it is inappropriate to say Happy Memorial Day. Remember Memorial Day would be in keeping with the sentiment of the day. Always remember those who gave all.
    I am retired Navy, as was my father, as well as several family members in various services. I am very fortunate in that I served in peacetime, and never lost a family member to any conflicts or wars.

    • You’re right…Memorial Day really isn’t a happy holiday given its meaning. It’s a day of remembering and reflecting. Thank you for your service to our country. As we said…those that served to keep us free are true heroes!

  18. Honoring our heros.

  19. We need a new barbecue here! No matter – we understand the real meaning of the day.

  20. Hahaha. The Boy wanted to try dining out. He asked if I thought we’d need masks. I gave him THE LOOK and he quickly realized how useless that would be 🙂

  21. It is different this year because of the virus but in our hearts it’s the same – we remember our heroes – the ones now and the ones then……always. That’s a great photo of you with the flag Ernie!

    Hugs, Teddy

  22. We hope you had a wonderful Day, Ernie. We had all special Anniversary Days, like 75 years of Furreedom, this year and some more occassions, and will celebrate Extra good next year 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday 🙂

  23. Ernie that is a most handsome photo of you and Our Grand Old Lady

  24. Happy Memorial day to you all!!!

  25. Wonderful post, Ernie. We are so grateful for all of our heroes.

  26. Hope your Memorial Day celebration was spectacular, Ernie. It sure was a little different than in years past, wasn’t it?

  27. Hope that BBQ was yummy! We had some chili Lime Chicken…

    And yes the events of today are for sure worth saluting those who have to deal with t up front. Petcretary is a health care worker, too, but so far her facility is virus free, even after a short scare…Phew!

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