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May 182020

Hi guys. I’ve got an update on the swallow situation for you. Unfortunately, it appears they’ve built their nest on top of the light again. They must have done it really quick. The mom said maybe she could get up there and remove it, but she thought that seemed a little cruel…besides she’s afraid she might get attacked. So it looks like another summer of dive-bombing birds and poop on the deck.

And the mourning doves that I showed you a couple of weeks ago have built a nest some place too…though we don’t know where yet. They’ve been hanging around on the deck a lot which usually is an indicator that their nest is close by. I hope they didn’t use the gutter like those ones last year. That nest didn’t make it.

But best of all…I’m happy to report that we now have baby swans! They showed up about a week or so ago.

baby swans

If you remember, a baby swan is called a cygnet. It’s gonna be fun watching them grow up.

Ernie snoozing

Whew! All this bird watching is exhausting! Time to get my snooze on.

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  1. I don’t care for the swallow nests at all. Dive bombing for sure and they are indeed messy.

    Love the swans. So precious.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to kitties. ♥

  2. Oh noes, Ernie…Trout Talkin’ Tabbies aren’t going to be happy with you!
    Your humans need to get hardhats to wear when they are outside; I’m looking for a cat-sized one for The PO’M, ’cause so much stuff is falling out of the sky these days.

  3. Those cygnets are cute!
    The wagtail that built her nest right inside the barn door has got 5 eggs. She doesn’t take any notice now when we go in there.

  4. Well you just have all kinds of wild life there. That is so much fun. I have never seen baby geese. Have a good day.

  5. Awww, those cygnets are so sweet! That was a very thorough bird report, you deserve a good nap Ernie!

  6. Ernie, you know exactly what pleases us including the eye candy YOU are.

  7. Wow! You sure have a lot going on!

  8. Oh Ernie I hope those little baby swans make it…..some critters treat them like floating snacks and it’s very sad. The resident geese at our pond down the street started with SEVEN and now are herding around TWO babies. Anyway, let’s hope no pooping/dive bombing BURDS are in residence or it will be a very icky deck season for you (but still beautiful to watch!).

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. Those baby swans are adorable. Ernie, you are very lucky to have so much beautiful nature around you.

  10. Ernie you need extra eyes to watch all of them.
    Hugs cecilia

  11. Wow, that’s a lot to keep track of! What fun!

  12. Bird TV is just the best! And cygnets are like the icing on the cake!

    Tama and Genji

  13. Wow, we share the same bird community except for the cygnets….SOOOO DARLING. But mama plays The Swan on the piano….thinking of you.

  14. I hope swallows will not give your pawrents a hard time. And hopefully mourning doves built their nest somewhere not too close to your home. The cygnets are sooo adorable 🙂 You have a fantastic bird TV!

  15. Mew mew mew those swallows are purrsistent Ernie an Zoey!!
    HURRAH fore Mourinin Dovess too!
    An THE Cygnetss are so cute!! Well dun Mistur an Missus Swan….
    Ernie mee wuud bee tired from all this birdie watchin!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  16. Such cute swans. That was sweet of your mom to leave the swallow nest.

  17. dood….deer cod…iz ewe havin a nite mare that ewe iz abe bull ta put outta yur mindz eye N ta print….coz frum wear we iz…it shirlee lookz like it !!!! 🙂 ♥♥

  18. Nope…. gotta be a little mean. There’s a lot of nesting spots out there and your porch doesn’t need to be one of them. I guess if you want to be bird friendly, you can let them nest this year and then block it off next year. At least the mourning doves aren’t going to attack you. We try to have a bird friendly yard (feeders, water), but we don’t allow nesting on the house. Bushes are ok.

  19. Aw the babies are adorable. Looks like you’re going to be kept busy this summer with all the birds. A few years ago I had robins build their nest just above the patio on the light. It was right next to the window, so Teddy was entertained too.

  20. so glad your Mom didn’t move the nest because the mother might not have come back……..we had mourning doves for 3 years straight that built a nest in my hanging planter. Each year she would return. I loved watching her and she never got scared. I came out on the balcony often and she would just watch me carefully. She would sit there sooooo long until the babies were born. The only annoying thing about them is that sound they constantly make…..

  21. How wonderful to see those wee ones, they are so cute Ernie!

  22. Mom bean says swallows can be a real nuisance. They had nests in the granary rafters when she was a kid growing up on a farm…about a bazillion naps ago.

    She’s never seen cygnets before (nor have we). They are cute!

    Enjoy your nap Ernie!

  23. Those babies are so cute! But tiring, I see, Ernie.

  24. All animals know they’re safe with your family!

  25. The robins built a nest in a day on our light fixture.

  26. Looks like you have some good Bird TV going on!

  27. the boyz get to look at rabbits and squirrels. nothing as cool as those birds.

  28. We love those little swans! You’ll have fun watching them grow, Ernie.

  29. The swans are very cute. It looks like you are going to have plenty of birds to watch this summer.

  30. Eight swans a swimming!!

    Hope they all can grow up to be beautiful like their parents…

    Your bird channel has a full schedule!

  31. Oh, Ernie how awwdorable <3 That must be so much fun to watch them. I think it's Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs…MOL…Great Selfie too of yourselfie 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie <3

  32. Wow, there’s a lot of bird action at your place, Ernie! Those cygnets are adorable!

  33. We feel oddly hungry!

  34. Looks like you’ve got lots of Birdie TV to watch!

  35. You have a great Bird TV Channel ! Those cygnets are so cute ! Purrs

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