May 112020

Hey guys. I’ve just been sitting here…watching the goings-on on the river. Actually, I’ve been watching these birds flying around.

Ernie looking out window

The mom says they’re called swallows…and boy, are they something to see! They flit here and there and up and down…so fast it’s hard to keep track of them.

I’ve never seen one up close…because they never seem to land anywhere. But the mom found this picture of one on the internet to show me what they look like.


Last year, the swallows built a nest on top of a spot light on our deck. Here’s a picture of it. It was pretty high up…you can see one of the swallows sitting in it.

swallows nest

You wouldn’t think that nest being there would be a big deal…but it was. These birds are really territorial…and every time the mom or dad was outside on the deck, the swallows would dive bomb them. Not to mention they pooped all over the deck…the swallows that is…not the mom and dad. Heheheh.

The mom is afraid they’re gonna build a nest in the same spot again so she’s trying to figure out a way to stop them. But I dunno…they put on a good show and I sure don’t want it to end.

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  1. Oh dear, Ernie! That’s not much fun for your mom and dad, to be dive bombed or pooped upon!
    Wonder if covering those spotlights with some sort of wire cage would keep the swallows from nesting there? Or, I’ve seen fake hornets nests that some folks swear work…
    Then again, the dad is in the landscape/nursery business…he’s probably got plenty of ideas!
    (Glad he can open up his business again!)

  2. my parents used to have a swallows’ nest on their garage light. my dad put up with it for a few years but eventually had enough with the pooping and attacks…

  3. What a darling little bird, I didn’t know they were so fierce! Have fun watching sweetie.

  4. They are cute…..but the poop thing might be just a bit too irritating! She could do something simple to discourage the nests like maybe aluminum pie pan around each of the lights???? Bird TV is good though!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. You can mylar ribbon at the hardware store. Tie some of that up there with really long tails. The flapping ribbons keep the birds away. We have to do that with the porch light to keep the birds from nesting there and pooping all over the porch.

  6. Any birds are fun to watch! They nest on light fixtures like that because, up near a ceiling, they are safe from predators who often attack from the top, and predators like rodents and snakes, who can’t climb up there. I “fixed” my mother’s porch lights years ago by wedging a plastic container in there so it blocked the entire space.

  7. Swallows are beautiful and fun to watch for sure!
    Though, getting attached and poop all over the deck are no fun… I hope your pawrents will be able to discourage them from building the nest there again.

  8. Those swallows must be lots of fun to watch! We get them around our apartment a lot too. I’m sorry to hear that they were such rude house guests last year. Right now we have a robin’s nest that we are all watching very closely.

  9. Ernie, my Teddy says he’d like to join you to watch the show. Just hope they choose another area for their nest next time.

  10. Swallows can take over your house in a minute. They dive bomb you to keep you away from their nest. Been there and done that.

    You have such a beautiful view.

    Have a purrfect day and week. My best to your mom. ♥

  11. I think that’s very special to have a birdie in the house, Ernie and Zoey. Enjoy the view! Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead. Stay Safe Healty and Yourselfie 🙂 <3

  12. You have a great view and superb birdie TV!

  13. OH Ernie. You made me laff! Really. Still am.

  14. That’s definitely some entertaining tv!

  15. Mee has seen Swallowss Ernie an they are feerce littel birdiess! They DO dive bomm an they do poop alot too! How can anybirdie so cute an small make such a mess??
    Not sure what yore Pawentss can due….mee hopess they find a solution that werkss fore all an you can still watch THE birdiess!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

  16. I like swallows. Sometimes they steal the bluebird house before they get to it.

  17. We get a lot of swallows but they usually build their nests in the barns and field shelters.
    We have had good warm weather so the porch door and kitchen door have been open all day every day.
    Two swallows are determined they want to build their nest in my kitchen and keep flying in. I shout and they go out. They don’t try to attack me, but they did use to have fun dive bombing Eric and Flynn.

  18. Glad you clarified about the poop! MOL

  19. That would be a fun show Ernie but our Mom wouldn’t like to be dive bombed either!

  20. WE sure are glad that the Mom and Dad aren’t pooping on the deck. It must be great fun to have the swallows around. Have a terrific week.

  21. Those swallows sound kind of mean!

  22. Swallows eat tons of nasty (to humans) mosquitoes, so we would be honored to have them pick our den for a nest…maybe put a protective covering on the floor to catch all the birdie poops?

    We have phoebes here right now and sometimes we see lots of Purple Martins., and Great Flycatchers. All good bug catchers. King birds are fun to watch as they flit about hinting for their meals of flying bugs.

    Enjoy your bird TV, Ernie!

    • We don’t want them to go away, we don’t think they would. We just don’t want them building their nest where they did last year. Maybe they’ll find another spot.

  23. Such a cute little bird! We hope they find a new and safe place for their nest.

  24. dood….did we land on yur blog just now… ore a horrorz moovee on de tee vee….we due knot even haz tee vee hooked up… sew one oh R houz holdz iz in BIG trubull…..

  25. Birds are fun to watch. Providing nesting spots is nice, but I agree your porch light is not the best spot for them. You don’t want all that bird poop and possible bird mites up against the house. Pumpkin’s mylar strip suggestion might work. You could also put a piece of wire mesh up in that corner to block the birds from using it. And if that light gets hot, you may not want flammable nest materials on top of it. If they haven’t already laid eggs, you might want to be a homewrecker and make them nest someplace else. 🙁

  26. Mum recommends a bit of steel wool to take up the space where they might build a nest.

  27. i love swallows! They are so fast it must be hard to keep a close eye on them!

  28. Ernie, we sure hope you don’t have another poop deck!

  29. We really like swallows, but that pooping and dive bombing sounds kinda scary!

  30. I’ll bet it’s a good show to watch them poop on your peeps.

  31. I love your view, Ernie. That reminds me of mockingbirds. They are very territorial and I often see them chasing away larger birds like crows and even ospreys. My wife had a cat once that was attacked constantly by a mockingbird. Even Chris was harassed while he was inside looking out the window.

  32. Dat sounds like some pawesome bird TV. Those birds sound like da Mockingbirds we has in our front & back yard. They always build there nests in da trees or on top of the light pole and then dive bomb anything & efurything that comes near them.

  33. We don’t mind the birds so much. We do bark at the squirrels a lot.

  34. Tell your mom to let them build their nest. You deserve the entertainment. Poops can always be cleaned up. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  35. We used to have swallows and the related purple martins. But they stopped being around 5-10 years ago (who notices an absence at first?). But we started getting more goldfinches about the same time. And we saw our fist Indigo Bunting last week. And our first Coopers Hawk 2 Summers ago. More of several kinds of woodpeckers but fewer nuthaches…

    Some slight change in the climate, landscape, or predators. It has been warmer Winters, taller trees and less underbrush, so things change.

    We enjoy watching all birds (well, not that hawk) so change is OK, but we miss a few.

  36. I’m sorry but the pooping on the deck (not Mom and Dad but the birds) made me crack up!!!! For a few years I had mourning doves that made a nest in my hanging planter come back approx 3 years in a row. I didn’t have the heart to remove the planter til they stopped coming. Then, I had other birds make a nest on a ladder we have hanging on the wall. They also came back about 3 years. Now, everyone stopped coming, but you are right, that poop sure makes a mess! Thankfully none of them dive-bombed me though!

  37. burd poop iz da worst!

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