May 292009

Check out my acrobatic moves!!

 I give you “The Flip!”

(I do this really fast…and about 10 times in a row…)


In to position…


Beginning my move…


Through the hole…


And up again…


Ta da!!

 You can applaud now!!!


  46 Responses to “Formerly Feral – The Acrobat!”

  1. That is very impressive! I think you need to post a video of you doing this several times in a row.

  2. Wow Zoey! You are a really talented acrocat!

  3. Wow very clever moves there..

    I am impressed..

    Hugs GJ xx

  4. Really nice work, Zoey! That is a great flip!

  5. We give you 10s across the board, Zoey!!

  6. Wow Zoey…that was GREAT!

  7. That looks like a good work-out.

  8. That is very impressive Zoey!! You could charge green papers to watch that!

  9. ::clap:: ::clap:: ::clap:: Bravo! I’m taking notes too…

  10. You are very agile and clever Zoey. The only time I end up under my cat tree like that is when I have had too much nip. Sometimes I roll off the edge and have to hang on upside down.

  11. YAY! You go, Zoey! I know I could never move like that. You’re truly talented!

  12. Applauding loudly! Go Zoey! (We need a toy like that too!)

  13. Wow Zoey! That was incredible. I do something similar on my cat tree. I don’t have any holes like that so I just go in circles sideways on the middle platform around the pole. My girl calls it my “poledance”. I don’t know whay she means but I call it fun!

  14. That is a great flip!

  15. Pretty talented! You should be American Catdol!

  16. We meant to say on American Catdol….our typist is slipping today!

  17. Tah Dah!!! That was very good. I am applauding.

  18. Wow, that is quite a flip Zoey! I can’t believe you are so good at that, with the hanging upside-down part -that looks really hard! You could almost start your own circus!

  19. Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!!!! Wonderful performance!!! We love it!!!
    Mrs. OZ

  20. ::CLAP::CLAP::CLAP::CLAP::!!
    Well done, very well done!

  21. :::golf clap:::
    I would like to see it in high speed. 😉

  22. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! That was pawsome!

  23. Zoey, you are very talented! I think you could be a Circus cat!

  24. Wow! You are a kitty of circus =)

    Jas & Gi

  25. That’s amazing, Zoey!

  26. wow Miss Zoey that is how you keep your lithe, svelte little boddeh *wolf.. oops cat whistle* heheh

  27. *** Clapping and Cheers*** You are very talented Zoey. We like the flip, such a cool move.


    Great show Zoey! What a talent!

    Have a great weekend up on the Island!

  29. Yud win da catolympics fer sure!! Pawsome !!!!

  30. ::Claps paws with delight::

  31. wow, very athletic! We are impressed. Come over to our blog to pick up the award we are giving you!

    purrs, from all of us.

  32. ::applause:: That was wonderful! Again! Again!

  33. Wow Zoey! You should be in the circus!!

  34. Woo Hoo! That is an awesome acrobatic trick! ::applause:: ::applause::

  35. That has to be great for your tummy muscles. Your beans will have to make a movie of you doing that.

  36. Clap…Clap…Clap !!!!!!!!
    Wonderful acrobatics !
    Bravo Walli!
    purrs and love from Brazil

  37. Zoey, that was fabulous, I am clapping and clapping! Can I teleport up to the Island and try it with you?
    Purrs, headbutts and a kissie too,

  38. Zoey, you are so talented and acrobatic, maybe you can join a circus and make lots of money, or better yet, the Cirque de Soleil!

  39. IMPRESSIVE! 🙂 And quite cute, might we add.

  40. LOVE IT! Your eyes say it all, Zoey! You GO!

  41. PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!! WOOT!!!! WOOT!!!!!
    You are set for the kitty Olympics Zoey!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia and Tillie

  42. Clap, Clap, Clap! Excellent flip, Zoey 😀

  43. ::clap,clap,clap:: Zoey, that’s cool! And you do that lotsa times in a row? Don’t you get dizzy? Shew, I would!

  44. I tagged you for the International Bloggers Community Award. Info on my site!

  45. ::applauding::

    I want to see a video!

  46. That deserves a 10!

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