May 262009



You never know where I might be hiding!!


 Hey, earlier today I was over at House Panthers!
Go see what I was up to…click HERE


  31 Responses to “Beware! It’s Toesday!”

  1. Careful!

  2. Wow Ernie! Those are a couple of great shots. I love the one at House Panthers — it’s so mysterious and your coat looks all sleek and shiny.

    Of course, this picture is mysterious, too, because we only sees your cute furont feets. I bet you didn’t know you were giving yourself away, there!

  3. Umm Ernie, you’re supposed to hide your toesies too. You’ve got great toesies though and we wouldn’t be able to see them if you hide them would we.

  4. Aren’t you scared that someone might step on you accidentally? I would be! Beware of human feet – they hurt!

  5. Our momma ♥’s youz extra toes. We ♥ the fact dat you yikes ta play hide an’ seek! Gamez iz fun!

  6. I like BOTH photos! Ernie, you’re adorable – your paws are the cutest!

  7. Love this picture of you, Ernie!

  8. We noes whose toesies those are! And they are Mom’s favorites too! Ernie!!!


  9. Omg watch out for your toes. My people would step on my toes for sure. But I love playing in paper bags too.

  10. Humans should walk carefully around you!

  11. Oh, those are grabbin’ toes if ever we saw some………tee hee=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  12. What a great photo!

  13. Under blankets is the best for a catnap…
    Purrs from Brazil
    Luna (and mommy Léia)

  14. That is a super hiding place!

  15. It’s very hard to hide those awesome paws!

  16. Your toesies are sooo cute, Ernie!!!

  17. look at dem feeeets!

    Fank yoo, fank yoo fur comin ta mai purfdeh partay!

  18. ahahha Ernie! Momma thought your toesies were little clubs, like from a card deck hahah she is silly…

  19. hehe, you’re doin a great job hiding!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  20. Adorable toes like that shouldn’t be covered up!

  21. That looks just a little bit frightening, Ernie.

  22. Watch out human toes!

  23. Ernie, you made my mom laugh so hard! I’m a little freaked out though…

  24. Hahahahahaha!!!!!
    Love that picture!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia and Tillie

  25. HAHAHAH! I LOVE it!! You go, Ernie! With that spread you can be playing piano!!


  26. You has very cute toesies der Ernie! I bet you luvs to attacks things goings by, I knows I do from under da bed hehehe

  27. Muahahaha! Fantastic hideplace.

  28. Thanks for stopping by my Confucius Cat blog. I’ve been exploring yours and I just love it. Your photos are so cute, particularly this one with the little black feet. Ha. I’ll be back! Confucius Cat aka Alley Mason

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