Jan 242020

Hi everybuddy. I missed Thankful Thursday…but I have something I want to tell you all that I’m very thankful for. HEAT. That’s right. The thing that keeps us warm. Let me tell you why.

Zoey in her hidey hole

This house has 2 hot air blowing thingies…one for the main floor and one for the upstairs. About a week ago, the hot air blowing thingy upstairs went kaput…it totally stopped working. Even though the lady with the yellow hair turned the downstairs one up higher, it didn’t heat the upstairs up enough…especially in the room I spend most of my time in…and it got really cold! I mean…refrigerator cold! Even though I have a fur coat, I spent most of my time trying to stay warm in my hidey hole like this or my cube or cabana.

For 3 whole days we had no heat upstairs. Icicles were starting to form! (Oh Zoey…you exaggerate. There were no icicles.) Then some strangers came in and made lots of noise. But y’know what? I didn’t mind…because they put a new hot air blowing thingy and we had heat again.

Now I know I started my life off as an outside cat and have experienced really cold weather…but that was a long time ago. Now I demand to be warm and toasty.

Heat…it’s a wonderful thing.

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  1. Brrrr! Winter is NOT the time to lose heat anywhere in your home! We’re glad it’s fixed now, Zoey, and that you can warm up.

  2. i think the biggest thing the boyz miss when i go missing is that i’m their number source of heat. especially for diego-san.

  3. We would not want to be without heat either Zoey! Glad it is all fixed even if you had to put up with strange beans.

  4. So glad the heat is fixed. It would be really bad to have to do without heat. You stay nice and warm Zoey. Have a great day.

  5. Zoey I know that was hard on you and Ernie and your parents too. Thank goodness it’s all fixed.

  6. I’m glad you got your warm and toasty back. It’s what you deserve.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

  7. Oh gosh, no heat upstairs? I’m glad it’s fixed now!

  8. Oh, that’s some warm news, Zoey, so glad you get heat again 🙂 Granny remembers those days when she was a little girl…icicles were really hanging inside of the house those days 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Warm Weekend

  9. Oh my, three days of no heat in this cold temperature! I’m sure icicles were going to really form if it was any longer! So glad it’s back now 🙂 Enjoy a warm and cozy weekend!

  10. Zoey, so glad to hear that you are now warm and cosy.

  11. Yes, yes, turn up the heat this winter, even if you wear furs….

  12. Even with all that fur it’s darned cold without the hot air blowing thingies! We’re glad it got fixed fast.

  13. Zoey I 100% agree the hot air thingie and the cold air thingie are two of my most favorite thingies.
    I’m glad you had your hidey hole.
    hugs Cecilia

  14. We have three separate heaters for our house! If one breaks down (a very rare occurrence), my human spends all her time in one of the other areas – and we do too.

  15. Oh I am DEFINITELY with you on this….I love being cozy warm.

    Hugs, Teddy

  16. Brrr, you poor kitty. Being cold is the worst. I’m glad you have a new heat blowy to keep you toasty warm. I bet it’s nice and warm and maybe even quieter than the old one.

  17. Zoey, we are happy that you didn’t freeze with all the Icicles forming around you. We are happy that you are nice and warm now. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.

  18. It is not good to be without heat in the winter, Zoey!

  19. It’s ok, beautiful Z, I totally believe there were icicles. I’m very glad the hots got fixed again.

  20. I totally understand Zoey; your coat, like my coat, might look warm, but when ice is on the walls and the floor and hanging from the lamp shades and you could lay a ham on its side and it will freeze within 2 hours to the rug, yea, …..I’m sorry you were put through that….remember this…. think retribution

    hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  21. We all like our comfforts and heat in the Winter is one of them!!!

  22. Of course you never want to go back to those old days of being cold, Zoey! We’re glad your chilly spell didn’t last TOO long, though we’re sure it was a long 3 days. Sometimes noisy strangers turn out to be a good thng!

  23. You’re nice and toasty! I”m always sleeping next to the radiator. We don’t have blowy things.

  24. I’m so glad your peeps got it fixed! Your house is too new to have things breaking down already!

  25. I’m so glad you got your heat back sweet Zoey, that cold is no fun, but you do look cute in your hidey hole!

  26. Glad you got your heat back now 🙂

  27. Thank goodness you didn’t freeze solid, Zoey!

  28. Icicles formed on your whiskers??????

    Someone needs to pay for that. You are lovely sweet Z.

  29. It is wunnerful that there are Repair Beins who can fix stuff that OUR Beins cant. Warmth is our “Preccisss”.

  30. We don’t like the cold in this house! That’s for sure!

  31. Three cheers for warm and toasty, I say. Here, when it drops to the 40’s or 50’s mom and dad bitch like a couple of whiny kids. I’d say they’re spoiled southerners for sure. Have a great weekend!

  32. Meow meow wee went a few dayss without heet an mee toetallee agreess with you Zoey!!!
    Mee was outise cat too an mee prefurrss to bee cozy an warm innside!
    HURRAH fore THE Heetin dugyss comin to fix THE blowy thing an makin yore place warm again!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

    Pee S: Here iss linky to mee bloggie ’bout why wee not have Hydrow:

  33. Heat, ahhh, for sure Zoey, we kitties love it, and so do my doggy brofurs!

    Those hot air blowy things are the best thing about wintertime:)

  34. Oh yeah, heat is a wonderful thing, for sure, Zoey. We are happy yours is back!

  35. I’m so glad that it was fixed. Cold hurts! Stay toasty warm now.

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