Nov 082019

Hi everybuddy. You see that white stuff out there? It seems like it showed up earlier this year…and I’m not ready for it! Oh sure, I’m an inside cat and I don’t have to really deal with it. But I don’t wanna look at it day after day. Not yet at least.

Zoey looking out window

I hope it’s not planning to stick around. (Editor’s note: It didn’t…but more is expected.)

Zoey sitting in window

Oh…here’s an update on how I’m feeling. I’m doing better…eating more…but I’m still eating the junk food and not the healthy stuff. The lady with the yellow hair keeps trying to sneak the healthy stuff in…but I’m on to her…and I turn my nose up to it. I’m still taking some medicines…some which taste terrible. But I get treats afterwards so that’s a fair trade off.

  35 Responses to “White Stuff…Already?”

  1. We’re glad to hear you’re doing better, Zoey. We were worried. We think that with all you have to put up with, the weather should obey your demands.

  2. I’m so glad I went back to Florida. No snow! And Zoey, I hope you continue to improve.

  3. I would never be ready for snow either. Not my cup of tea.

    I’m glad you’re doing better. I know your mom is happy about that too.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. Zoey, we are happy to hear that you are feeling better, and we are feeding Angel ‘junk’ food too, since she’ll it is and now barf it back up as much. May you continue to improve!
    About the white stuff and the COLD…BAH HUMBUG!

  5. Brrrrr sweet Zoey, it’s always way to early for snow down this way. Keep taking your medicine sweet girl, we’re sending tons of purrs your way.

  6. Zoey I’m glad you are inside and not having to be out in that COLD white stuff! Also happy that you are feeling better but hoping that you will decide to eat SOME good food along with your junk (!). Hang in there dear girl – I’m sending you a pile of POTP.

    Love, Teddy

  7. Yes we got some snow too. And I have some long road trips in the next few weeks around the state… ick.

    Hope the medicine helps…

  8. Zoey thank goodness you can see int but don’t have to touch it.
    Angel Madi was not into the ‘healthy’ food either. But as our vet said given the choice of not eating or eating. Eating was the winner since kitties can get even sicker when they don’t eat.
    I picked my battles and on top of that I could crush up her meds in the stinky goodness she adored.
    Hugs to you all

  9. Good news Zoey. Glad you are feeling better. And also glad you don’t have to put your paws in that white stuff. Have a great day.

  10. Yeah, the white stuff has shown up twice now. First one melted, the second one is still here.

  11. Zoey, I feel your pain…yucky medicine four times a day for me. The new tuna tasting one isn’t too bad, but the other one…yuck and double yuck. I sure hope we don’t see any of that darn white stuff anytime soon. Have a good weekend. Hugs, Sawyer

  12. OH, we wish you well, you sweet kitty. But SNOW???argggggh. Do NOT go out to play…
    Love from Loulou and family. And drink water if you can. That helps. Mama has to give me a squirt sometimes (not fun) but I drink it.

  13. It’s too soon for the white stuff! But we are expecting super cold days ahead. Brrr!
    I’m glad you are doing better, Zoey. I hope you will feel good enough to start eating healthy food, too. Purrs xo

  14. Glad you’re feeling better! And hope you continue down that good path! Goodness, so not ready for snow! Why did Fall miss us this year..?

  15. Here’s hoping your health continues to improve, and stay out of the cold and snow!

  16. Glad you’re feeling better. We had a bit of snow the past few days. It’s too early….I’m still trying to rake the leaves.

  17. Zoey I am so happy to read this! Love and smoochies.

  18. Oh gosh, snow already! It’s supposed to be near 90 here this weekend in California. Amazing how different our temps are!

  19. That is very good news you are doing better, Zoey.
    When we were on holiday last week we got a foot of snow in 3 hours. It was Norway in the Arctic Circle though.

  20. We got some of that white stuff too, but ours is still there (just a dusting). Honestly, I can take the white stuff but the temperatures didn’t get out of the 20’s today! That I can NOT take, it came on way too suddenly!
    Glad you are still doing some better, Zoey, but how about giving your Mom a break and eating just a little good stuff? 🙂

  21. I’m glad you are doing better. Chris is like you. It’s hard to get him to eat the healthy food.

  22. As long as you’re eating something is the main thing! We got nearly 3″ of snow last night. I’ll take that anyday after last week’s 4″ of rain!

  23. Glad to hear you are doing better, Zoey! Way too early for that yucky white stuff.

  24. You’re looking as beautiful as ever, Zoey! We’re glad you’re eating more, too.

  25. We had a little white stuff too. I am glad you are eating even if it is junk food, it is still calories. The vet was telling me the other day how a cat ate just treats for several months before he got back to regular food. XO

  26. I’m glad you are doing better, Zoey. I hope you go back to eating better food soon.

  27. Eeek! The white stuff is a 4-letter word. It’s freezing in these parts too. This week is the first time Pop turned on the heat.

  28. We’re not ready for the white stuff, Zoey, in fact we never are…MOL…Glad you’re feeling a little bit better, we hope your health will improve every day a big bit more. Healing Pawkisses especially for you and Warm Pawkisses to all of you 🙂

  29. Zoey we are so happy you are feeling better! We are with you about the white stuff, it’s crazy! But….watch it go up in the 70s for Dec and January lol

  30. it does seem early for the white stuff. Zoey, we are glad you are feeling better and eating more. yup, we know all about eating around the good food or medicines we don’t like and just eating the junk, tee hee! purrs,

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  31. Mew mew mew mee wuud bee THE same way off LadyMew tried to sneek food to mee….you look a lot bettur inn yore photoe Zoey so please do eat as much as pawsibbell OKay?? Wee want you here fore a long time!
    An wee gotted 2-3 incehss of snow here. It sorta meltss a bit an then more fallss…wee apposta get more next week too!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  32. Oh Bootyful Zoey, we’re glad to hear you’re feelin’ a bit better. We hate the wicked white stuffs too, so we feel fur ya’ girl. keep gettin’ better. We’re sendin’ hugs and purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  33. Ugh. Sorry about that white stuff, Zoey. We might be getting some of that mess here on Tuesday.

    We hope you keep feeling better and better, sweet girl. Keep up that eating, okay? XO

  34. OMC! Snow? In November? We dont wanna see that stuff even in January where it is a bit normal around here!

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