Finally Friday

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Nov 012019

Whew! It’s been quite the week…and I’m sure glad it’s finally Friday and the weekend is almost here. Aren’t you?

Halloween has come and gone. We didn’t have hardly any of those noisy trick-or-treaters around here. The rain and cold weather kept them away, I guess. That’s fine with me.

Zoey in her cabana

I know you’re all wondering how I’m feeling. Well, I’m doing a little better. I’m eating more…though not enough as far as the lady with the yellow hair is concerned. And I’ll only eat junk food now…not the healthy stuff…but she says any food is better than no food. I just wish she’d stop checking on me every 5 minutes. A cat can’t get any rest with her around. I’m going to hide out in my cabana all weekend, eat some more junk food and hope that she doesn’t bother me too much.

Thanks for all the purrs, prayers and good thoughts. I’d appreciate it if you’d keep them coming.

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  1. Continued positive thoughts from Minnesota…

  2. mom agrees – some food is better than no food.

  3. Zoey, dear love, absolutely we will. XXXXX

  4. Zoey, we humans get all kinds of crazypants when the kitties won’t eat! Here’s hoping this episode is over quickly for you. Neither Manny nor CB ate this morning, which made The Hubby wacked out, and they both have diarrhea. I’m sure that he’s opened a couple of new cans of food, plus kibble, plus tuna can juice…whatever he can, to tempt his boys into eating. I think it’s just a bug, but you know we’ll be hovering around them until they are back to 100% normal!

  5. Zoey we will continue purring for you dear girl………glad you’re eating but it would be BEST if you felt perky and ate better. However, my Mom says like the lady with yellow hair, eating SOMETHING is better than NOTHING!!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Yes any food is better than no food at all. Continued prayers.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

    • Zoey, we continue to purr and pray and send Aloha to you. Eat what ever you can to get strength and feel better. Rest up in your cabana. Love from island cat Zipper and hi mom.

  7. Glad you are eating a little better even if it’s junk food. I agree it’s better than no food.
    Continued purrs for you xo

  8. I’m glad you had a quiet Halloween. Not too bad here, maybe 8 groups of kids for a total of about 20 beggars. I hope you enjoy your quiet cabana time. i’m sure your mom is using all her tricks to tempt you to eat, but you’ll probably do that at your own pace. I’ll continue to send all my extra purrs your way. Here are some now: purrrr, purrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrr, purrrrr, purrrrrrrrr

  9. We are glad you had a quiet Halloween, and it looks like you’re all set up for the weekend, Zoey! You look pretty good, we think, but we know your Mom is still really worried. We will continue to send POTP and hope you get to eating even better soon. ♥

  10. Yes you are right that it is nice to be a Friday with fright night over, a brand new month, and this weekend brand new time (ugh!) but what do you care about clocks anyway? You do what you want when you want! Happy weekend!

  11. We’re happy to hear you are feeling better. We’ll keep purring and praying for you.

    The Florida Furkids

  12. We have your back, Zoey! Sening lots of purrs your way.

  13. zoey…we haz been off line fora few N sum N we iz sorree ta lurn ya had sum knot sew good dayz…we send de blessingz oh st francis two ewe N hope yur feelin 10000000000000000000 purrcent better soooper soon ~~ 🙂 ♥♥♥

  14. Zoey thank you so much for this update! Cody and I have been thinking of you and were wondering how you are doing. I agree with you, as long as you are eating, eat what you want! Cody sure knows how you feel, I hover around him constantly too when he isn’t feeling well. So glad you are doing much better, sending lots of love from both of us!

  15. I am glad you are doing a bit better Zoey, but you do need to try and eat more. I am sending you good thoughts.

  16. I lost a cat to pancreatitis years ago. Looking back, I’ve always suspected it was because she ate so many treats. She’d rather eat them than regular cat food. If you have the same bad habit, you should cut down on those treats! See if some poached chicken or meat baby food will spark your appetite.

  17. We have that with Harvey. Stage 3 kidney and bo amount of persuasion will make him eat Royal Canin Special Renal food.

    Maybe you can show him how it’s done eh? If I can say Zoey east her healthy food, you can too. Maybe?

  18. I am praying for you to feel better. XO

  19. We’ll keep purring for you, sweet girl. Be nice to your mom…she keeps checking on you because she loves you so much!

  20. Mew mew mew mee Lady with sorta yellow-white hair does THE same thing Zoey! Mee sumtimess has trubbell when mee goess to use litterbox an shee will hovurr ’round askin mee if mee iss Okay? What can shee do fore mee? Iss mee feelin all rite???
    At leest our Meowyss’ REELLY love us…..
    An of course mee sendin more POTP an LadyMew sends white lite of healin to you!
    Wee love you Zoey!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

  21. We love you sweet Zoey and we are all still sending purrs and prayers your way. Oh, I totally agree, junk food is better than no food…and better that some foods.

  22. Junk food and naps? Sounds like a good weekend.

  23. Zoey,we are sending more purrayers and POTP for you ! We agree that eating is better than not eating, even if you are not eating healthy ! Purrs !

  24. Zoey, you look quite comfy in your cabana. We’re glad to hear you’re eating–it’s sounds like you’re on our mom’s diet plan!! Continued purrs to you.

  25. junk food is for sure better than no food, Zoey. you need to eat lots more so tLwtYH will leave you in peace 🙂 enjoy your cabana weekend. we’ll keep you in our purrs and prayers.

    minie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  26. TW and Pop are the same way. If I don’t eat until I burst, they think it’s not enough. Has the lady with the yellow hair tried buying FF Savory Centers. TW had a coupon and bought a box cos she figured if I didn’t eat them, she could give them to the TNR. Long story short, they’re all I want to eat now. They’re like crack for cats.

  27. We are still pawyering here for you, too, Zoey.
    And adding a new load of POTP.

    Pipo is into the junk food too, but at almost 15, *she* and our vet agree, junk is better than no food. He eats a mixture of various canned foods, the best being disdained so he likes the FF and the Proplan the best. And some dry food for snacking on.

    Just eat and your lady will be happy we think:)

  28. You look quite comfortable in your cabana. When Leia became ill, I used baby food to coax her to eat. Fancy feast broth toppers were also helpful, but the Gerber’s really worked.

  29. Sending prayers. Any food is better than no food. 🙂

  30. Good to hear that you’re feeling better. Halloween was a bit of a wash out here too. Lots of rain and wind. The power went out over night and the cats weren’t too happy sleeping in the complete dark and no heat.

  31. Zoey, we are so glad to hear you’re eating more. Junk food IS better than nothing, sweet girl. Keep up the good work, okay?

  32. Sending hugs,purrs and prayers. We love you.x

  33. We had about 75 tricks-or-treaters come to our door. I was ready for them early, but when they didn’t show up by my dinner time, I told Dad and the doggy to be the door greeter after that so I could nest on Mom’s warm lap.

    Sweet Zoey, Mom and I are thinking of you and hope that you get your regular appetite back so you can get strong and fully recover. Kisses and hugs.

  34. Glad you’re eating something, even if it is junk food. Hugs!

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