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As most of you know, I volunteer at one of our local animal shelters. The shelter has had great success in finding homes for most of the animals that come through its doors. But there are always a few, and in particular those with special needs or health conditions, that makes them a little harder to place into loving homes. Fortunately, the shelter has developed some good relationships with other rescue groups and animal sanctuaries that are willing to take these special needs pets.

This was the case recently with one of the cats at the shelter. Jack was found as a stray and was brought to the shelter. All cats at the shelter are tested for FeLV, or feline leukemia, and FIV. Unfortunately, testing revealed Jack has FeLV which is an incurable disease. Because of this, finding him a home was difficult since FeLV can be transmitted to non-FeLV cats and, therefore, cats with FeLV should live as only cats or with other FeLV cats.

Froggie's Pond Logo

Jack had been at the shelter for several months with no adoption prospects in sight, when an opportunity came up for him to live at Froggie’s Pond, an animal sanctuary for FeLV and FIV cats. Located in Battle Creek, Michigan…about a 2-hour drive from the shelter…Froggie’s Pond provides a permanent home for stray cats that have been diagnosed with FeLV and FIV.

Froggie’s Pond was started in 2007 by Sara Huelsberger, a veterinary technician and her veterinarian husband, Ben. It’s located on the expansive property behind their veterinary clinic. You can read more about Froggie’s Pond and how it all began…all because of a stray cat named Froggie…by clicking HERE.

Jack needed a ride to his new home. So a couple of weeks ago, I volunteered to be his “Uber Driver” and take him to Froggie’s Pond. It was a beautiful fall day for the 2 hour drive. Jack was a pretty good traveler, only meowing a little bit the entire time.

Jack in the carrier

This was Jack in the carrier before we hit the road.

When I arrived at the vet clinic, I met with Sara and we took Jack into the back room and got him set up in a cage. Sara wanted him to relax for awhile and chill out before introducing him to one of the sanctuary rooms.

Jack in a cage at Froggie's Pond

This was Jack after we arrived at Froggie’s Pond…chilling in his cage.

After getting Jack situated, Sara took me on a tour of the sanctuary. The main building, where the FeLV cats live, consists of 6 large rooms, 3 on either side of a long hallway.

Froggie's Pond, hallway with rooms on either side

Each room is light and bright with lots of windows, and decked out with all the amenities a cat would ever need or want. Here are some photos of the various rooms along with their feline residents.

One of the cat rooms at Froggie's Pond

One of the cat rooms at Froggie's Pond

Close up of one of the feline residents

One of the cat rooms at Froggie's Pond

Some of the cat residents relaxing

One of the cat rooms at Froggie's Pond

Close up of one of the cat residents

Each room has access to a fenced-in and covered outside area so the cats can enjoy some fresh air when the weather permits.

Outside area

Cats outside

Outside area

There is a garage with an attached enclosed outdoor area that houses mostly FIV cats. These are some of the FIV cats enjoying the nice day.

Outside area for FIV cats

In addition to the cats, Froggie’s Pond is also the home of this miniature horse…whose name I forget. And a pig whose name I do remember…Lucille!

Mini horse at Froggie's Pond

Lucille the pig at Froggie's Pond

Sara said there are currently about 100 cats living at Froggie’s Pond. They really aren’t taking anymore cats so we were lucky to be able to get Jack in. She has 10 volunteers that help her and her husband take care of the cats. There are plans to build some additional rooms in the main building and perhaps even build a second building.

I have to say, I was impressed with the sanctuary and Sara’s dedication to caring for these special cats. She knew every cat by name. I have no doubt that Jack will be well taken care of and very happy in his new home at Froggie’s Pond. It’s heartwarming to me that there are sanctuaries like Froggie’s Pond willing to give cats a place to live who otherwise would not have that chance.

Froggie's Pond Logo

Froggie’s Pond relies solely on donations and fundraising events for monetary support. If you would like to donate to Froggie’s Pond, please visit their website by clicking HERE.

  45 Responses to “My Visit to Froggie’s Pond…a Cat Sanctuary”

  1. What a beautiful, loving place! Thanks for sharing this – sending purrs and prayers and POTP to all those lovely cats and the Superheroes who care for them – including you!

  2. there is good in this world… i love jack’s face.

  3. Cheers and paws up for Froggie’s Pond and the family who so lovingly runs it … cheers for you for finding it for Jack … and Happy Day that Jack has found a forever home.

  4. Love!

  5. What a wonderful place. We’re sure Jack will feel at home there and being surrounded by such lovely kitties, must him feel even more better. I also think I saw my relative in one 😉
    We hope Zoey is feeling better today. Still sending healing Pawkisses to her and to all the kitties at Froggie’s Pond and Purrayers for everyone to feel better soon <3 <3 <3

  6. ❤️Jack❤️

  7. Tears in my eyes at the kindness shown.

  8. WoW I am truly in awe of this place.
    Thank you for sharing their story
    Hugs cecilia

  9. I’m impressed. What a lovely place for them to enjoy life. Bless all those that take care of kitties.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  10. This is the first that I’m hearing about Froggie’s Pond, and I want to yell “THANK YOU!!” for helping these kitties! I will send a donation!

    • There’s another sanctuary for FeLV cats in the Ann Arbor area called Leuk’s Landing. I didn’t know about it or Froggie’s Pond until I started volunteering at the shelter.

  11. It looks like such a wonderful place. Kitties there look very content. Jack is very lucky to have found his home! Thank you to Sara and her husband, volunteers there, and you!

  12. Definitely looks like an amazing place!

  13. I have an FIV cat living with me. Raleigh is a timid fellow who interacts perfectly with the others who live here. I have no worries that he will give the others FIV, because it is so difficult to pass from one cat to another. If anyone wants a testimonial about having an FIV cat live with them, send them to me.

    I read about Zoey on the Cat Blogosphere site. I want to send her the best of luck in feeling better.

    • FIV-infected cats can live safely with other non-FIV cats. As you said, FIV is not easily transferred to other cats. Though many people are still reluctant to adopt a FIV cat. However, FeLV can be passed onto non-FeLV cats easier thus making it more difficult to find FeLV cats homes. Froggie’s Pond has chosen to give homes to both stray FIV and FeLV cats, though most of the cats there are FeLV cats.

  14. That looks like a wonderful place to live. I am glad these sweet kitties have such a nice place. How kind of you to give Jack a ride.

  15. What a wonderful place for the kitties. This would also be a great place to adopt a family of 2-3 adult cats who are already compatible living together.

  16. It’s good to see animals being cared for in such a wonderful place:)

  17. Oh what a wonderful place for special kitties like Jack………..bless their hearts for running the sanctuary with so many kitties (and a pony and pig!). I hope some people come to the sanctuary to adopt these kitties if they can. Otherwise they will live in a happy place with company forever. That’s so nice.

    Hugs, Teddy

    • Sara told me that the cats aren’t really available for adoption because then Froggie’s Pond would have to meet various state laws and inspections in order to do so.

  18. What a wonderful place ! We’re glad that Jack found that great place for special kitties like him ! Purrs

  19. That’s pawsum. We’re so happy he has a furever home. And we’re continuin’ purrayers fur Zoey. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  20. What a great organization. I loved how all the spaces had plenty of enrichment options and beds for the cats. Nice work!!

  21. We are always awed with stories like this, and we’re happy that Jack will have a good home and friends there.

  22. Thank you and Froggie’s Pond for all you do to help kitties! Purrs to Jack and also to Zoey.

  23. What a wonderful shelter !

  24. What a beautiful place! Sara and her husband sound like amazing people. Thank YOU for playing a part in Jack’s happily ever after.

  25. Incredible! We’re so happy that Jack fround a home where he will have lots of furriends and will have lots of beans to love on him too. Purrs!

  26. Such a wonderful place and I’m so glad you got to take Jack there and I’m so glad there are places like this to help those who really need it.

  27. What a truly special place and wonderful of you to be a chauffeur! My neighbor has been feeding a lovely stray that she finally caught and took to the vet and was sadly diagnosed with Feline HIV – even though she has two cats who don’t have the disease she fell in love with the stray (who she named George)and now he lives in a lovely room in her house cause she couldn’t stand the thought of putting him down! He is so friendly! I go to visit him sometimes- he is very lucky he found her!

    • If her cat has feline HIV, that is FIV which is not easily transmitted to other cats. It’s only transmitted through deep bites. The FIV cat can live with other non-FIV cats without issue and doesn’t need to live in a separate room.

  28. Jack has landed in Paradise!!! What a wonderful place Froggies Pond is Sue. And you are a wonderful Uber Driver too!
    {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

  29. Hey!! That is the vet that we go to! Small world! He is wonderful, and so is Froggies Pond!

    I donate lots of things to them, or to some of the other rescue groups they deal with, from where Dalton came from among them.
    Every year they also have a huge garage sale to help fund this shelter.
    Hah! We are going there on Oct 29th, so I will mention that I red about Jack:)

  30. Angels on Earth. May their tribe increase. Thank you for sharing your time.

  31. What a cool sanctuary! Thanks for the tour – and for helping out Jack!

  32. Wow, that looks like a great place for kitties! It is wonderful to see such a positive thing. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Jack is such a cutie and we are so glad he was able to go to this wonderful place. Thanks to you and all who helped to get him there. ♥

  34. KUDOS to you and to the owners of that sanctuary! You were so kind to drive Jack the 2 hr drive. I am beyond impressed with that sanctuary! It is GORGEOUS! I can’t donate today, but I am going to come back and try and donate as soon as I can. Your photos are incredible too, LOVED THIS!

  35. WOW! What an amazing place! So many gorgeous kitties!

  36. You know our mom loves cat sanctuaries, and this one is just fantastic! We’re so happy Jack found the purrfect place for him.

  37. What a great place. Sounds like Jack was lucky to get in. Hope he does well there.

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